My Crochet “Bucket List” – MLP Amigurumi Pony

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I love when I have requests from family (and friends) to make items that are on my Crochet Bucket List.
When my Mom asked me if I could make a My Little Pony for my niece, Adaira, I knew just which pattern I wanted to use.
Photo Credit: Knit One Awe Some
The free pattern is available from Knit One Awe Some.  She actually has 2-versions available – one for the Friendship is Magic ‘breed’ and one for the School-Age ‘breed’.  Her pattern is extremely detailed and includes many embellishment options.  The pattern is written in US Crochet Terms.
She includes instructions for the following options:
Friendship is Magic BreedNose – both male and female options
Wings – closed and open
Hat (Applejack’s)
Hair – multiple options are listed via links
School-Age BreedHorn
Wings – closed and open
Hair Bow (Apple Bloom’s)
Hair – multiple options are listed via links
If you want a crocheted My Little Pony but don’t crochet, she also provides a link to her Etsy shop and she does take custom orders.
This is Adaira’s finished

MLP Amigurumi Pony

MLP Amigurumi Pony
I used WW yarn (Crafter’s Choice) for the pony and a 4.00 mm hook.
As this pony is meant as a toy and not a ‘keepsake’ I used yarn for the hair (instead of the intricate cording technique outlined and used by Knit One Awe Some).
The yarn I used for the hair is called Cozy Wool by Loops & Threads (Michaels).  I simply cut lengths of yarn and folded it in half;   hooked my crochet hook through a crochet stitch in the finished pony and pulled the loop (formed by folding the yarn in half) through the stitch.  Next, I hooked the hook around the tails and pulled them through (like rug-hooking) the loop on my hook.  After I was done, I trimmed the lengths evenly.  Quick and effective!
I struggled slightly with the felt eyes and cutie mark.  I had never worked with felt before and simply gluing them to the pony did not work for me.  They just peeled off.
What I did was glue the cutie marks to the pony and then once they were dry, I used a sharp sewing needle and regular household thread to sew the felt to the crocheted pony.  It secured the cutie marks effectively and stabbed my poor finger a zillion times (note to self…next time wear a thimble!).  I used white cotton thread and a yarn needle to stitch the little stars around the felt cutie mark.
The eyes were a little tricky for me…I’m sure there is a fabulous YouTube video, or photo tutorial out there that explains how I am supposed to make felt eyes for amigurumi…I honestly didn’t take the time to check.
For my eyes, I looked up an image of a ML Pony online and then hand-sketched (I have VERY poor artistic sketching skills) an eye on a piece of white paper.
I cut that piece out and then placed it on the white felt.  I cut –out 2 eyes in white (using my template); next time I will make these in black – I think it might provide a nicer outline to the finished ‘eye’.
Next, I took the paper and cut-out the sections for the eye (the purple and black and white); into three.  I used those as templates to cut the pieces out of the purple, black and white felt (yes I duplicated the white part).  I wanted the eye to be ‘flat’ or ‘level’ when I attached it to the eye.
After I had the pieces, I assembled the three cut-outs (purple, black and white) on top of the first ‘eye’ cut-out (using it like a backing).  I then glued the three pieces to the backing and let them dry (for each eye).  Once the glue dried, I used a regular needle and thread in white (for the white section) and black (for the purple and black sections) to stitch the pieces together.
I took my solidly stuck together (there is no way you will fall-apart eye) and glued it to the pony’s head.  Once the glue dried (it does not adhere very well so be careful!) I used a regular needle and thread to sew the eye to the pony (stabbing myself a zillion times in the process…where was that thimble?).
I hope that explanation wasn’t too confusing!
I love the pattern – although I do wish it had a tutorial for the eyes and patches ;)Most importantly, Adaira loves her pony.
MLP Amigurumi Pony
Adaira and her ML Pony, June 2013



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