My Crochet Bucket List – Knot Hard To Do! Baby Booties Pattern

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Knot Hard to Do Baby Booties Pattern,

A Crochet Bucket List Project

This baby booties pattern made it to my bucket-list for only a few hours – before my sister mentioned how much she loved  it too –  so since baby Savannah is already one-month old I needed to hook these up quickly!

The pattern is very easy to follow – the instructions are clear and precise and Salena provides photographs to show how each round should look after it has been completed.

I found these photographs extremely helpful – as initially, I struggled to interpret how to work the slip stitch and ch-1 (or 2) stitches into the pattern.

I don’t often work with ss or ch-1 at the end/beginning of rounds so this was a little confusing for me at first – but once I realized I needed to count them (the ss and beginning ch1 or ch2) as stitches, yet skip over them when I ss at the end of each round, I was able to get the stitches in the rounds to add-up and the pattern to centre properly at the front of the booties.

Here is my attempt to explain how it should be hooked:
The ss at the end of the round goes in the first stitch of the round; which is not the chain-1 (or 2) but the stitch that follows the chain-1 (or 2) at the beginning of the round. So, you count the chain-1 (or 2) as a stitch but you don’t work into it. 
I hope that makes sense and assists others who try the pattern and are unfamiliar with ending/beginning rounds with slip stitches and chain stitches.
The pattern is 100% accurate – it was my interpretation that was off 😉
You can download your free copy of the pattern here.
Photo Credit: Salena Baca (Ravelry)
Here are links to two of Salena’s free patterns on Ravelry:
Photo Credit: Salena Baca (Ravelry)
Ribbed Headband
(12-24 mos, 2-5 yrs, 5-8 yrs,
Young Adult & Adult)


Photo Credit: Salena Baca (Ravelry)
Apple Hat (newborn, 3-6 mos, 6-12 mos)


If you are unfamiliar with Salena Baca (Baca Creations) – I encourage you to view her portfolio on Ravelry.  She is a fabulous crochet Designer and she is the Mastermind behind the Design Wars Challenges.

Photo Credit: Salena Baca (Design Wars Blog)

Design Wars is a Crochet Challenge – Design Wars 4  is scheduled to start on July 24, 2013.

The Challengers this time include:

Mamachee, Frayed Knot, Mad Mad Me, Playin’ Hooky, One & Two Co., Just Be Happy, Crazysocks, A Creative Being, Holland Designs and Baca Creations.

You can follow Design Wars on Facebook here.

You can subscribe to the Newsletter (includes coupon codes/promotions, sneak peeks, etc.) for Design Wars here.
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Design Wars is sponsored by Red Heart Yarns and runs quarterly.  It is filled with fun and engaging events – sales, giveaways and even a great prize-pack.  Creativity at its best!
If you love crochet – then you will love Design Wars 🙂
Happy Crocheting!
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  1. Thank you SO much for your clarification, it was driving me crazy that i couldn’t figure out how to make it line up!