My Crochet Bucket List – Deco Rose, Zinnia and Veined Leaf Projects

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I spent a few hours trying some patterns I saved on my Kobo Arc and in my Crochet Binder – ones I have wanted to crochet because they were so very lovely – all flowers that I could make into pretty brooches…

I should probably revise that…

I have WASTED a few hours trying some patterns…

I tried, then tried again, and again…

Two of the patterns have been deleted from my Crochet Bucket List – not because I figured them out and have something beautiful to share but because in frustration I ripped out all the progress I had made and then I hit “delete“…a third pattern was ripped from my crochet binder and shredded in the shredder…

…for the fourth I was unwilling to admit complete defeat and in desperation, I sent an email to the Designer asking for assistance.

It felt like such a wasted day –

I’m not one to give-up easily…

Just like when I start a book…even when I don’t particularly enjoy the story – I feel I must finish reading it –

As I sat there stewing over this…I remembered a pattern I had saved…and scrolled in my Arc for it.

And Viola!

Crochet Success.


The pattern is written by Wind Rose Fiber Studio.  I have a few saved from this blog –

The patterns I chose to try were Deco Rose and Veined Leaf.

Photo Credit: Wind Rose Fiber Studio

So simple and so pretty!

Quick and easy projects – the pattern was written in a simple and easy to understand manner – and it was complete.  I had no questions – and if I had – she had graciously provided video links for assistance.

Give this one a go – a super easy embellishment or brooch –

As I felt like I was on a roll – I decided to proceed to the second flower she had that was on my Crochet Bucket List

Zinnia Flower

Photo Credit – Wind Rose Fiber Studio

Another successful project!

This pattern was also very easy to follow – and a video was available for those that prefer video crochet learning –

Both patterns were written in US Crochet terms.  I used a 4.00 mm crochet hook and Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (worsted weight yarn).  I love how they turned out!  Both of these have been converted into brooches.


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