My Crochet “Bucket List” – Colorful Yarn Flower

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Colorful Yarn Flower

A few years ago I came across a very pretty flower pattern – I printed a copy of the pattern from the internet and stashed it in my ‘Pattern Binder’…I came across it again a few days ago and decided to give it a whirl.

This is a FREE pattern and it is called:

Colorful Yarn Flower
by Mimi of Crochetville

Photo Credit: Mimi, Crochetville


I love this flower.  It is very balanced and very ‘happy’ looking.
I used the yarn recommended, Red Heart Soft Yarn and a 5.50 mm hook and the flower did not work out for me.  I think my tension was too relaxed.
I switched to a 4.50 mm hook and gave it a second try and I had much better results.
I am not as happy with my flower as the ones in Mimi’s image (but I still love them!) – I am going to make some more in different types of yarn, until I get them exactly right!
Here is the flower using the 4.50 mm hook.


Mimi also had instructions for a Groovy flower at the bottom of the Colourful Yarn flower post.

Photo Credit: Mimi, Crochetville

It really is ‘groovy’!  It totally makes me think of the Austin Powers movies! I couldn’t resist hooking it up.  I used a 4.50 mm hook for this one too.  Here is my groovy flower:

I decided to make these flowers into brooches –



I think they may brighten up a certain someone’s day 🙂

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