My Crochet “Bucket List” – Amigurumi BB Doll

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Recently I learned about Amigurumi BB’s Blog and I have fallen head-over-heels in love with her Designs.

If you visit my Facebook page you will likely remember me raving a time, or two (or more) about her patterns.

The first one I saw was the Amigurumi BB Doll and I knew I had to hook one of those for my daughter –

Here is the free pattern link:

Photo Credit: Amigurumi BB’s Blog
You can also queue it on Ravelry (if you Ravel):
The pattern is very easy to follow –
I had 2 minor questions (very minor!!)
1.  I questioned whether I was supposed to ‘close’ the head by weaving in the stitches, or if it needed to be left “open” to attach to the neck.  In the end I closed the head by weaving in the stitches before attaching it to the neck.
2.  The dress…I started crocheting without checking to make sure the magic ring and stitches fit easily over the neck of the doll.  I tend to crochet tightly so my loop and stitches were much smaller than my finished neck at first.  Luckily I noticed this when I was only a few rounds into the dress and ripped it out and began again, making sure to fit the first round over the neck for size – before continuing.
I used Worsted Weight yarn (Bernat Handicrafter Cotton) and a 4.00 mm hook to make this little baby doll for Darla.  She adores her and is very protective of her new “baby”.  Andrew is not allowed near the ‘baby’!


amigurumi bb doll
I added a little hair-band, blush (thanks for the tip Vanja!) and I took a piece of yarn and wove it through the top row of the dress, tied a knot and then crocheted a chain stitch down to the ends (just to add a bit of colour around the neck of the dress).

I’m certain I am going to receive some requests from my sisters and Mom for more of these for my nieces…

Vanja of  (Amigurumi BB’s) has a new version of this pattern available now on Ravelry that includes updates to the finished appearance/size/shape of the doll’s head.  Here is the link to the new version of the pattern (PDF download).



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