20 Free Crochet Patterns from Designer Marie Segares

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Marie Segares | Underground Crafter | Designer Spotlight

I would like to introduce you to the Crochet Designer and Blogger behind Underground Crafter, Marie Segares. Marie is a monthly Guest Post Contributor for Oombawka Design. For the past 6 months, Marie has shared a monthly post with us introducing a new charity and she has also designed a free pattern for us to crochet for the Cause. You can read more about these Featured Charities and check out her free patterns here: Charity Crochet and Underground Crafter.

Let’s Get To Know Marie A Little Bit Better!

My name is Marie Segares, and I’m the Proprietress of Underground Crafter.

Marie Segares The Underground Crafter

I learned to crochet from my maternal grandmother in 1984, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  She tried to teach me to knit, too, but that was far less successful. In 2010, I finally conquered my fear of knitting, and I haven’t looked back since. (Don’t tell the knitting, but crochet is still my favorite!).

I make hot process soap, quilt, sew, and embroider from time to time, too. I do more than my fair share of cooking and love to bake. I also host a weekly podcast on the business side of the yarn industry, the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show.

You may be wondering about the Underground Crafter name. I’m not part of a secret society of crafters (though that would be pretty cool), but I do crochet and knit underground quite a bit while commuting on New York City’s subway system.

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My Interview with Marie:

What type of crochet hook do you prefer to work with?

I crochet a lot, so I use comfort hooks to prevent hand strain. A few years ago, I used some birthday gift money to splurge on a set of Tulip Etimo crochet hooks, and these are my “go to” hooks. I also have specialized hooks. For instance, I use handmade tapered wooden hooks from Sistermaide on Etsy for projects with a lot of bullion stitches, I use a Knitter’s Pride Symfonie Dreamz interchangeable crochet hook set for most of my Tunisian crochet projects, and I use Denise crochet hooks for most of my double ended crochet projects. And I have so many other handmade and unique hooks that I just love to look at and use once in a while. I don’t think you can really have too many crochet hooks.

Where do you sit when you crochet?

I wish I could say I had some special rocking chair that I use to crochet, but a lot of my crocheting is done on the go on the subways, buses, and trains of New York. I often crochet in bed at night while watching streaming shows, or in a corner of the couch.

What would we find in your crochet tool-kit?

A child’s safety scissor, a gauge ruler, yarn needles, a pen, and locking stitch stitch markers. If I’m working on a new design, I’ll also write up or print out a draft of the pattern and mark it up as I work. If I remember, I also pack hand lotion and a little manicure kit to deal with hang nails and the like.

If you were to take the time to crochet something for yourself, what would it be?

By far, the crochet projects I use the most are cowls, scarves, and small shawls. I’m not much of a hat wearer – my hair is really thin so it always gets static-y or flattened. I try to keep myself in mind when I’m making design samples, which is why you may seen my favorite colors in a lot of my neckwear designs!

If you had the opportunity to provide one piece of advice to a new Crocheter, what would it be?

Stop ripping everything out! When I teach crochet, I always tell students not to rip out their mistakes. First, it’s great to look back at something you made a year ago and see how far you’ve come, but you also never learn how to correct mistakes (by increasing or decreasing, or other tricks) if you always rip everything out. I also think it can be really disheartening, since the more you rip out, the less you finish.

and now for a larger selection of free patterns from Marie!

20 Free Patterns from Underground Crafter!

5 Beautiful and Free Crochet Shawl


1. Ella’s Rhythm Shawl

Crochet Pattern: Ella’s Rhythm Shawl

2. Pineapples For Everyone Shawl

Crochet Pattern: Pineapples for Everyone Shawl

3. Little Bit of Bling Shawl

Crochet Pattern: A Little Bit of Bling Shawl

4. Quadrilateral – A Broomstick Lace Shawl Tutorial

Crochet Pattern: Quadrilateral, a broomstick lace shawl + Tutorial

5. Peacock Stitch Shawlette

Crochet Pattern: Peacock Stitch Shawlette

5 Free Patterns for Crochet neckware


Alpaca Caress Infinity Scarf

Crochet Pattern: Alpaca Caress Infinity Scarf

Valiant Stripes Scarf

Crochet Pattern: Valiant Stripes Scarf

Quick, Fast, In a Hurry Cowl

Crochet Pattern: Quick, Fast in a Hurry Cowl

Faux Fabric Circle Scarf

Free pattern: Faux Fabric Circle Scarf

Rippling Peacock Scarf

Crochet Pattern: Rippling Peacock Scarf

5 Free and Fabulous Patterns for Crochet Hats


An Unconventional Aviator

Crochet Pattern: An Unconventional Aviator

Faux Mistake Rib Watchmans Cap

Knit-Look Crochet Hat Pattern: Faux Mistake Rib Watchman’s Cap in 8 Sizes

Not Quite a Slouchy Hat

Crochet Pattern: Not Quite a Slouchy Hat in 4 sizes

Yakity Schmakity Hat in 3 Sizes

Crochet Pattern: Yakity Schmakity Hat in 3 sizes

Triangles Beanie

Tapestry Crochet Pattern: Triangles Beanie


Girls Night In – Napkin Rings and Wine Glass Charms

Crochet Pattern: Girls’ Night In Napkin Rings and Wine Glass “Charms”

Basketweave Mini Messenger Bag

Tunisian Crochet Pattern: Basketweave Mini Messenger Bag

Checkerboard in Primary Colors Blanket

Crochet Pattern: Checkerboard in Primary Colors Blanket in 6 Sizes

Chubby Sheep

Crochet Pattern: Chubby Sheep

Tadley’s Diagonal Blanket

Crochet Pattern: Tadley’s Diagonal Blanket

You can find and follow Marie on these sites:

Podcast: creativeyarnentrepreneur.com/show | iTunes | Stitcher

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