28 Super Cool Projects

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Book Review Affiliate Post28 projects you can make at home with materials you can easily get at the local store. Let’s keep those children busy this break!

Maker Lab - DKCanada - Book Review

Title: Maker Lab
Published By: Dorling Kindersley, 2016
Author: Jack Challoner
Photographer: Dave King
ISBN: 9781465451354


28 Super Cool Projects
Build • Invent • Create • Discover

I am always searching for fun hands-on activities for my children to try – and with March Break fast approaching (I cannot believe it is only 1 week away!) I was in need of some new and engaging activities for them to try.

My Book Choice

When DK Canada asked which book I’d like to review from the current selection I was happy to find Maker Lab. It includes 28 projects you can make at home with materials you can easily find at the local store. The book itself is beautifully designed. A hardback book with thick quality paper, lots of color, fun drawings and great photography. Each project includes a “What You Need” section which shows the supplies with a photograph and text (this is great for children who are starting to read as it helps them learn new words).

Wind Catcher - Maker Lab - DK Canada

The length of time it will take to complete the project is displayed beneath a drawing of a clock and the difficulty level of the project is shown with a gauge pointing to ‘green, yellow or red’ (easy, medium or hard).


If there are any ‘warnings’ they are also included in this area (i.e. “Hot Oven” for the Invisible Ink Project). With step-by-step written instructions and a photo for every step, your children will be able to assist you with the construction and assembly of the project. You will also find a “How It Works” section to add a little bit of knowledge to the project – in a fun way 🙂

Wind Catcher - Maker Lab - DK Canada

The 28 Super Cool Projects (and yes they are Super Cool! Drew and Darla have both agreed!) included are arranged into sections:


  • Sticky slime
  • Invisible ink
  • Baked Alaska
  • Monster marshmallows
  • Sugar crystal lollipops
  • Lemon battery


  • DNA model
  • Paper planes
  • Sensational speakers
  • Rubber band planets
  • Dazzling kaleidoscope
  • Balloon rocket car
  • Sturdy bridge
  • Dancing snake
  • Breathing machine


  • Density tower
  • Waterwheel
  • Soap-powered boat
  • Fabulous filter
  • Stunning stalactite
  • Bath fizzies
  • Icy orbs


  • Jungle in a bottle
  • Fantastic fossils
  • Shoe box plant
  • Beautiful sun prints
  • Erupting volcano
  • Wind catcher

Both Darla and Drew want to make a number of these projects – some of which I am going to get their Dad to help out with – like the Balloon Rocket Car! and yes…I have already let him know this is the plan 🙂

My Kids’ Top Picks

Here are Darla’s and Drew’s top 5 projects to make from the book:

  1. Sugar Crystal Lollipops
  2. Paper Planes
  3. Erupting Volcano
  4. Balloon Rocket Car
  5. Dazzling Kaleidoscope
Must Make March Break Project! Dazzling Kaleidoscope from Maker Lab @DKCanada Click to Tweet

My Picks

Here are my top 3 projects to make from the book:

  1. Shoe Box Plant (this looks like a fantastic way to start a sunflower!)
  2. Jungle in a Bottle
  3. Bath Fizzies

My husband wants to make the Balloon Rocket Car and Soap-powered boats and seems as excited as Drew about the project 🙂

With so many projects we want to try, Maker Lab will provide us with hours of family fun. Each activity is child-safe and uses supplies you can find around your home (or at the local store). Pick a project and invest less than 30 minutes of time to try something knew and fun with your children.  After you are done you can decide who had ‘more’ fun – you or them! Build, invent, create and discover with Maker Lab today!


Sticky Slime - Maker Lab - DK Canada

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  1. These look like some really fun projects for kids of all ages! And I think some adults would have fun with them as well 🙂 And categorized too…

  2. My 10 and 8 yr olds would really like this! Lots of fun things to make!