The Best Free Crochet Pattern Directories

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Whenever I need a crochet pattern I always look for what free patterns are available first – if I can’t find what I need – then I search for a premium pattern.

The BEST Free Crochet Pattern Directories Online

The BEST Free Crochet Pattern Directories

I firmly believe patterns should be available for purchase online – just like books, crochet hooks and yarn – patterns are a tool you need to have in order for you to make your project. Patterns can take a great deal of time and effort to create – to size and to have tested. I would like to encourage you to check around, compare the free and premium patterns you find available online – and then choose wisely before you begin your project. Sometimes you will get lucky and find the perfect pattern available for free – other times the perfect one is going to cost a little bit of money.

If you are hesitant to purchase a pattern – check to see if the Designer has any free patterns available first and take a look to see if you like the way they write their patterns. It will definitely help you decide if you would like to purchase a pattern from them.

Have fun finding free patterns!

All Free Crochet – I love AFC and their daily newsletters are filled with fantastic projects for you to try!

All Free Crochet Afghans  – Just like AFC – only focused on blankets and afghans.

Ravelry – is a beautiful community – not only is it one the best spots to find patterns (free and for sale) for crochet and knitting, it also allows you to create and update your own library of patterns, your own wips and finished projects, join groups with other crocheters and message one another personally through the online messaging system. If you have a pattern in your library and the Designer makes changes to it, or updates it, you are notified of the changes too!

Crochet Pattern Bonanza – I love this site – it does require free registration…you then have access to more than 1000 crochet patterns which you can download for free. I have been a member for more than 3-years now.

Make It Crochet 

Crochet At Play – this directory includes more than 33000 crochet patterns links

Antique Pattern Library – Crochet

Crochet Pattern Central – this directory includes more than 19000 crochet pattern links

Craft Freely – more than 19000 free pattern links

AllCrafts – has been around since 2000 and has a variety of free patterns available

Free Vintage Crochet

Antique Crochet Patterns

Crochetville – Online Community


Crochet Street – lots of crochet round ups here!


Top Crochet Patterns

My Picot

Crochet Square – shares free and premium pattern links daily


Don’t forget about the Yarn Companies either!  They are a fantastic source for free crochet patterns!

Yarn Companies Offering Free Crochet Patterns

Red Heart dot com

Lion Brand Yarns


Drops Design

Pierrot Yarns


Hopefully these will get you started!

Oh! and if you have found an image online of something you want the pattern for, try do a image search –

You can use one of these options:

Reverse Image Search with Google 

If you are using Chrome, or Firefox as your browser(s) online, simply right click on your ‘mouse’ while hovering over the image you want to search and then select “Search Google with this image”.



A Quick and Important Note!!

When you crochet it is SUPER important you understand about gauge. I know it is a dreadful word – but it really is important. I will give you a brief example – then say no more about it – if you find a crochet pattern for a hat – we can even use one of my patterns as an example…and the hat pattern indicates you need a 5.0 mm hook and worsted weight yarn – but you have DK Weight Yarn…and wish to use it instead – LOOK FOR ANOTHER PATTERN. I will not tell you to go up a hook size or down a hook size – seriously – look for another pattern using the yarn weight you wish to use. Patterns are based on maths – this means a certain number of stitches will equal a certain measurement. If you want your hat to look like the hat in the picture – and to fit the person it is intended to fit…you need to use the tools listed in the supplies list…and you definitely need to reach and maintain the stitches per inch indicated and rows per inch indicated as specified in the instructions.


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  1. Crochet Pattern central is a dead thing. you can find everything anywhere else and it has had the same pattern of the week since Rachael sold it 4 years ago.