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Happy Wednesday Friends!

I hope you each had a beautiful week and weekend!

We had a very busy week last week – Darla and Drew did manage to drag me to see the Minions at the movies and of course the show we had planned to see at 1:30 pm was completely full… so we had to wait an extra 30 minutes (which isn’t really that long — unless you are 4 years old!) to watch the 3D version of Minions…and I am not sure if it is just me but I seem to have trouble with 3D movies…perhaps my brain is just not wired properly? perhaps it is because I have to wear glasses for distance? I really do not know the reason – but I just can’t seem to find the ‘right’ spot to look at on the screen when the 3D movie is playing.

Occasionally I seem to find it and everything magically pops into place and perspective and the 3D image is clear and there are these lovely floating 3D images up close to me where I am sitting – this usually happens during the Credits when I am supposed to be looking at the only word on the screen…but during the movie, 9/10 I find the fuzzy image and my eyes desperately try to make it focus and they can’t – likely because the image my eyes seem drawn to is supposed to be fuzzy! Anyway – long story short – Darla and Drew enjoyed the movie and Mom left with a blinding headache and and a reinforced belief that 3D movies are just not for me!

We also enjoyed our first official Birthday Party event for Darla. She has had 6 birthdays – but we have never hosted a party for her; other than with just our immediate family. This year she was invited to a number of parties and I decided it was time for me to dive in and try this new adventure by arranging her first official birthday party.

In full-on Mom Mode, I jumped in and chose the venue (Bingeman’s) and date and time more than 2 months ago and planned and arranged – as I am sure all diligent parents do for their first events – to ensure her birthday memory would be forever perfect in her mind and not drive her into therapy 20 years from now.

We did have a few bumps along the road to this ‘perfect’ party – including the unplanned arrival of more than 500 day trippers to the day program at Bingeman’s – scheduled for the same time, place and duration as my daughter’s party…Bingeman’s managed the hiccup in a very professional manner. They helped make it a very happy and memorable day for us and Darla came home as happy as any 6 year old can – with lovely memories and plans for her next year’s event. I came home relieved – and exhausted – and happy that another event need not happen for 365 more days!

Busy week right? How was your week?

Welcome to our 102nd Link and Share Wednesday Party!!

Welcome to Link Party 102!

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Link Party 101 | Link and Share Wednesday the Most Clicked
 1. A Day Sailing – Doily (from book*) | Hip to Crochet
2. Doll Overalls & ShortsShannon Corcoran Family Traditions Crafts {free pattern}


*Book: Hook Luck; byClaire – link included in Hip to Crochet’s Post

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Link and Share Wednesday Party 102


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  1. I can’t do 3-d either – gives me a headache! Rest up for next year’s party 🙂