Let’s Learn Some New Methods for Crochet Socks!

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Ready to sink your hook into crocheting socks? Explore these 12 patterns for beautiful socks using a variety of stitches and construction methods.  Read my review here and then enter for a chance to win your very own copy of this crochet sock book!

Cover - New Methods for Crochet Socks - Rohn Strong - Annie's Craft Store - Review by Oombawka Design

Title: New Methods for Crochet Socks
Available at: Annie’s Craft Store

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New Methods for Crochet Socks

With 12 beautiful sock designs to choose from, New Methods for Crochet Socks provides a great collection of sock patterns you can crochet. For the more advanced Sock Crocheter, tips from the Designer for customizing your socks based on different types of toes and heels have also been provided.

The book provides suggestions for interchanging different heel and toe construction methods depending on the type of sock you are making.

Heels that work well for Cuff-down socks
  • Single Crochet Heel Flap
  • Double/Single Crochet Heel Flap
  • Wedge Heel
Heels that work well for Toe-up socks
  • Short-row heel
Heels that work well for both Cuff-down and Toe-up socks
  • Afterthought heel
  • Afterthought Barn heel
Toes that work well for Cuff-down socks
  • Star Toe
  • Round Toe
Toes that work well for Toe-up socks
  • Short-Row Toe
Toes that work well for both Cuff-down and Toe-up socks
  • Barn Toe
  • Standard Dual
  • Wide Toe

Being new to crocheting socks I wish the book had included some reference to which heel, or toe method was used for each sock pattern included. This would help me to understand the different construction methods discussed at the beginning of the book. Once I’ve had more practice crocheting socks I plan on revisiting this section.

The sock designs included in New Methods for Crochet Socks use a variety of stitch patterns and techniques, including lace, color-work, stripes, cables and even Tunisian crochet. Each pattern includes written instructions to make 3 sizes [6-7, 7-8 and 8-9] of socks. The instructions easy-to-follow and they are written in U.S. Crochet term. Helpful stitch diagrams are included for the sock patterns and sock cuffs. Color charts are also provided for the patterns which need them. Each pattern uses a 3.75 mm (F) crochet hook and Super Fine [1] Yarn; except the Basic Sock, Side to Side Sock and Textured Toe-Up Patterns which use Fine [2] Yarn.

The following 12 sock patterns are included:

  • Basic Sock – EASY – Cuff-Down
  • Simple Stripes – INTERMEDIATE – Toe-Up
  • Offset Cables – INTERMEDIATE – Cuff-Down
  • Diamond Lace – INTERMEDIATE – Toe-Up
  • Falling Pineapple – EASY – Cuff-Down
  • Side to Side – EASY
  • Textured Toe-Up – EASY – Toe-Up
  • 3-Color Shell – INTERMEDIATE – Toe-Up
  • Tunisian Stripes – EXPERIENCED
  • Diamond Fair Isle – INTERMEDIATE – Cuff-Down
  • Feather & Fan – EASY – Toe-Up
  • Hidden Rib – INTERMEDIATE –  Cuff-Down

See the images of the included patterns below:

Stitch Guide

The Stitch Guide (p 35) includes the abbreviations used, yarn conversions, metric conversions chart and a stitch guide. It also includes written instructions and diagrams illustrating some of the stitches that are used in the patterns. You are also provided with a link to a more complete free resource online from Annie’s for further reference.

Check out their online Stitch Guide >HERE<

The sock designs included are lovely and use a variety of different stitches and techniques including colorwork, cables, lace and Tunisian. Tips have been included too at the beginning of the book for customizing the socks to different foot sizes and shapes. Different heel and toe construction methods have been touched on and recommendations are provided for interchanging toes and heels for different styles of socks.

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New Methods for Crochet Socks

I would like to thank Annie’s Craft Store for both the Review and Giveaway Copy of New Methods for Crochet Socks.

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  1. I’ve made slippers before but never socks. I need to buy some lightweight yarn one of these days. Some of these designs are really cute! Thank you. This book looks very encouraging.

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