Let’s Learn a New Crochet Stitch Round Up 2014

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In 2014, Amy from The Stitchin’ Mommy and I started a Thursday Crochet Tutorial Event -“Let’s Learn a New Crochet Stitch!”

18 Free Crochet Stitch Tutorials

We have prepared photo tutorials for the following stitches:

  1. Granule Stitch
  2. Corner to Corner Shell Stitch (Right Handed Version)
  3. Corner to Corner Shell Stitch (Left Handed Version)
  4. Trinity Stitch
  5. Moss Stitch
  6. One Sided Front Loop Single Crochet
  7. Wattle Stitch
  8. Pebble Stitch
  9. Half Double V Stitch
  10. Crossed Double Crochet Stitch
  11. Tread Stitch
  12. Basket Weave Stitch
  13. Shell Stitch
  14. Third Dimension Stitch
  15. Chinese Puzzle Stitch
  16. Tipped Blocks Stitch
  17. Star Stitch (4 Pointed)
  18. Marguerite Stitch (5 Pointed Star Stitch)

and we have many more planned for 2015!

Each stitch tutorial includes instructions to crochet a 8 inch square, or block. You can use this to make an Afghan or you can crochet some lovely dishcloths!

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If you have a stitch you want included in the project please leave a comment below to let us know!!



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  1. I have never sèn such a well organized, comprehensive sight.
    Obviously I’ve signed up. I’m a detail oriented person and you meet my needs. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  2. Hi Pamela, I’ve added it to my list of stitches 🙂 I will try to get it up in the next few weeks 🙂

    All the best, Rhondda

  3. Hi grams6167! I believe when the term ‘tall dc stitch” is used it means to make the dc into the stitch in the row directly beneath the row you are working into. The standing double crochet stitch can be done in a couple different ways. Here’s a link to the tutorial I created to show you the way I do it: https://oombawkadesigncrochet.com/how-to-join-new-yarn-with-a-standing-double-crochet-stitch/

    I hope I responded to your message by email in June. I only just realized recently that when I answer by email rather than directly in my posts – it does not show up in my comments that I have responded! So now I try to always respond this way so I know which ones I have answered.

    If I didn’t respond to you sooner I do apologize!!

    All the best,

  4. I would like to make a Sultan Stitch baby blanket. Could u add this stitch to your library?

  5. Rhondda, you offer so much helpful and usefl information on your site. I really enjoy receiving your e mails. Have one question for youif you have time to answer. Do you know what a tall double crochet or a standing double crochet stitch is. I have come across these several times lately and I can’t find how to do them

    Thanks for your help. I really appreciate the Print Friendly key at the bottom of your patterns.

  6. Hi Rose,

    You are very welcome! Stay tuned as we are starting our Stitch Thursdays up again starting this week!

    All the best,

  7. Thank you so much for all the neat stitches. I can’t wait for the next ones and I think some of these lovely stitches will make beautiful scarves and I intend to make a lot of them. Again, thank you so much.

  8. You never cease to amaze me! Thanks for looking and finding all these great stitches!