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Let’s Get Crafting
Knitting & Crochet
Issue 72

The UK’s Favourite All-In-One Mag Pack


This is such a brilliant idea!

Lets Get Crafting | Review | OombawkaDesign

Let’s Get Crafting truly makes it easy to crochet (or knit) a project – combining the yarn, the hook (plus the knitting needles) and the pattern all in one convenient package. In fact, Issue 72 includes 15 different projects you can pick from to make with your yarn and hook (or yarn and needles). Projects are included for beginners too!

Lets Get Crafting Review | OombawkaDesign

The projects you can make with the Sunshine Yarn Kit included (6 balls: 1 Sky Blue, 1 Deckchair Blue, 1 Dolphin Blue, 1 Shell White, 1 Ocean Blue and 1 Sandy Yellow) are:

Yarn and Hooks and Needles with Kit |Lets Get Crafting | Review | OombawkaDesign


  • Handy Lanyard
  • Captain Bluebeard

Capt Bluebeard | Lets Get Crafting | Review | OombawkaDesign

  • Seaside Peg Bag
  • Homely Tea Cosy

Tea Cosy | Lets Get Crafting | Review | OombawkaDesign

  • Cornish Pinafore
  • Classic Ducky


  • Prince the Peacock

Peacock | Lets Get Crafting | Review | OombawkaDesign

  • Cute Weather Toys (3)

Weather | Lets Get Crafting | Review | OombawkaDesign

  • Summer Stunner
  • Sampler Blanket

blanket | Lets Get Crafting | Review | OombawkaDesign

  • Hippy Hat
  • Sweet Dreams (2)

Other Patterns Included are:


  • Charlie Bear
  • Cute in Cotton

I also really love how Let’s Get Crafting has an All About You section. It includes letters, pictures and messages from their Crafty Community, their 3 favourite Pinterest Favs, Top of the Blogs (this month featured http://www.keepcalmandcrochetonuk.wordpress.com), Best of the Web and Tweet Pics. This section gives you tons of possible resources from the Crafting Community!

You will also find Knit School with Elaine, a new series to teach you how to knit with clear step-by-step photo tutorials. This issue addressed Casting on methods including the Two-Needle Method, Long-Tail Thumb Method, Backward Loop Method and the Cable Cast On Method. The July 24th issue included a Beginner’s Guide to Knit and Purl Stitches. There is also a 2-page spread with the knitting basics (with diagrams) for: Slip Knot, Cast On, Knit Stitch (K), Purl Stitch(P), Knit Two Together (K2TOG), Make One (M1), Cast Off, Beginning a Seam and Mattress Stitch Joining.

Crocheter’s have not been left out either. The 2 page spread for Crochet School includes crochet basics with diagrams. Beginning with a Slip Knot & Chain (CH), Magic Ring, Double Crochet (DC), Half Treble (HTR), Treble (TR), Double Crochet Two Together (DC2TOG) and Treble Two Together (TR2TOG). The knitting and crochet abbreviations have also been included in this section.

All instructions included in Let’s Get Crafting – Knitting & Crochet are written in UK Crochet Terms.

You can check out next month’s issue here:

Let’s Get Crafting

This magazine is an excellent value for those living in the UK ! The best deal available at this time (and this is subject to change of course!) is £26.00 every 6 issues paid by Direct Debit. Currently this special price also includes a Harley Bear Kit!

Each Issue Includes:

  • Exclusive free knitting and crochet kits
  • Free Delivery to your door
  • New projects, great features & ideas and expert advice

Let’s Get Crafting is also available outside the UK for a higher price. Currently you can subscribe for: 20 issues for £ 266.00

You can also check out the Top Free Crochet Patterns available from their online site Top Crochet Patterns.com. You will also find inspiring articles, Crochet Videos, Giveaways and more.

I would like to thank Elaine Bennett (Editor of Let’s Get Crafting) for sending me a sample copy of Let’s Get Crafting to review! I honestly love the concept – the yarn the hook and the needles and the patterns – all in fantastic package! This would make a fantastic gift for any Knitter, or Crocheter! I wish it was available in the stores here in Canada too! I’m sure if I saw it on the shelf at Michaels I would be picking it up each time I went to by yarn!


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  1. Hi Sasha, I believe it was DK weight yarn I received with the magazine for this issue 🙂 I wish we had one like this in Canada too! Rhondda

  2. Thank you for your review. This is very interesting for me, as I have not seen a monthly publication here in USA that comes with all the supplies provided.

    What is the weight of the yarn? Thank you in advance!!