Lemonade Newborn Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

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The Lemonade Newborn Baby Hat crochet pattern was originally published as My Handsome Prince Newborn Hat in 2014 but I have revised the written pattern slightly to make it easier to follow. I think you will prefer this version as the repeat sections to build height for the hat are the same instructions for each round – you will no longer need to remember which of the two repeat rounds you are working in order to make the pattern stitch turn out correctly.


If you would prefer a little more ‘ribbing’ at the edge of the hat, stop the repeat rounds after R15; R16: work 1 round of hdc and then work R17-R19 following the instructions of R19.

Height options:

For a hat height of 4.5 inches stop at R16 and then proceed to R18. This will give you a mid-ear length hat.

For a hat which will reach to the base of the earlobe – the hat needs to be approximately 5 inches in height. Complete the instructions as written below.

Lemonade Newborn Baby Hat Pattern

Lemonade Newborn Baby Hat Crochet Pattern


Please note, Anne Geddes Baby Yarn has been discontinued. Please substitute Red Heart Baby Hugs Light Yarn.

Difficulty Level


Finished Size

Newborn: Hat Height 5 inches; Hat width (when on a flat surface) 6.50 inches. The finished circumference of this hat is 13″ around and it will stretch approximately 1.5 –  2 inches to fit an average size Newborn Head

For a Mid Ear Length Hat of 4.5 inches stop at R16 and then proceed to R18 and continue the pattern.


12 sts (worked in pattern – this means you need to measure you gauge working rounds between R 8-17 ) = 3″; 12 rounds = 3″


US Terminology used

ch – chain
BPhdc – back post half double crochet
FPhdc – front post half double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
MR – magic ring
R – row/round
rem – remaining
rep – repeat
sk – skip
sl st – slip stitch
st/sts – stitch/stitches
* – Repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times indicated. This repeat will contain of multiple instructions.
() – Repeat the instructions between the parentheses the number of times indicated.
[] – at the end of the row – the total number of stitches

Helpful Tutorials

Invisible Join

Stitch Anatomy

Magic Ring

Video Tutorials


  • The hat is worked in continuous rounds (spirals). Do not need to slip stitch to join the rounds together.
  • Stitch Space – work the stitch into the space between the posts of the stitches. When you do this it will enclose the front loop, back loop and back bar of the half double crochet.

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Lemonade Newborn Baby Hat Crochet Pattern Instructions

Lemonade Newborn Hat Square Image

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R1: 10 hdc in magic ring. [10]

R2: 2 hdc in each st around. [20]

R3: *1 hdc in the next st, 2 hdc in the next st**. Rep from * to ** 10 times. [30]

R4: *1 hdc in each of the next 2 sts, 2 hdc in the next st**. Rep from * to ** 10 times. [40]

R5: *1 hdc in each of the next 3 sts, 2 hdc in the next st**. Rep from * to ** 9 times. (1 hdc in the next st, 2 hdc in the next st) 2 times. [51]

R6:  *sk the next st, 2 hdc in the next st, 1 hdc in the next st**. Rep from * to ** 17 times. [51]

R7: *2 hdc in the next st space, 1 hdc in the next st, skip the next st**. Rep from * to ** 17 times [51]

R8-17: repeat R7 [51]

R18: 1 hdc in each st around [51]

R19: *1 FPhdc in the next st, 1 BPhdc in the next st**. Rep from * to ** around; finish off with an invisible join and weave in ends [51]



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  1. Thanks so much for this pattern. I was just looking for a hat pattern using the #3 yarn. Also, a huge THANK YOU for the Print Friendly option…wish all patterns used this. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Carol, Yes the hooks are based on mm for the sizes. I live in Canada but we have the same hooks as the USA. The hat size is based on gauge so if you are reaching the specified gauge of 12 sts (in the pattern stitch) in 3 inches – or 4 stitches per inch then the finished hat will be 12.75 inches circumference (51 stitches divided by 4 sts per inch = 12.75 inches) and stretch up to 14 inches which is the average head size for a newborn. If the hat is smaller than 12.75 inches around at the forehead then your gauge is too tight and you have too many stitches per inch. I hope this helps! All the best, Rhondda

  3. Hello, I’ve had to to twice because it is too small, both with a 4.5 and 5.0 hooks. Are these United States hook sizes

  4. I’m so happy to hear it turned out the way you wanted!! Thank you for letting me know 🙂 Have a lovely week, Rhondda

  5. Hi! I just loved this pattern! It’s a gift for a rainbow baby so I swapped out colours but it worked up beautiful!

  6. Hi Wendy, Thank you SO much for your kind words and for trying some of my patterns! You totally just made my day 🙂 I am also working on my Yarn Stash (I’m terrible – especially when there is a sale!). If you have a specific weight yarn you need to use up let me know and I will check my stash and see if I can find something to make a pattern with 🙂 Have a lovely weekend, Rhondda

    I just had to write and tell you that I just completed my first Lemonade Baby Hat. I love the
    way it came out. I used the last of my Red Heart yarn left over from a baby blanket.
    Now I can make hats in smaller sizes for donation to near by hospital.

    I also made your soap bag on last letter from you. This I kept for myself and have a bar of
    lavender soap hanging in my shower. Next one making for my letter carrier, Betty.

    I have to use up all the yarn (bags) that I bought on sale last Fall at a JoAnn’s. I am ashamed of myself for over-buying. But with your creativity and getting my weekly
    news letters, you have inspired me.

    So I just had to give you some feed back.

    Wendy Barbas