LEGO Star Wars: Build Your Own Adventure

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LEGO Star Wars: Build Your Own Adventure

Title: LEGO Star Wars: Build Your Own Adventure
Published By: Dorling Kindersley, 2 August 2016
ISBN: 9781465450456
Pages: 80

LEGO Star Wars: Build Your Own Adventure

I never knew books like this existed! My son (and daughter) both love LEGO and are both beginning to read on their own. They also love looking at pictures of things they can make with LEGO blocks they already have on hand…they don’t need the exact same LEGO blocks as those in the pictures – they use their imagination and substitute what they have.

When I showed Andrew what DK (thanks Chris!) had sent me to review he was so excited! He told me I needed to “Review this book right now Mommy!” and he sat down waiting for me to open it and let him have it.

We worked on the assembly together – he is a ‘master builder’ after all…and only needed a little bit of help with one part.

LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure DK Reviews

With this Hardback book you receive:

  • Rebel Pilot Minifigure
  • Y-Wing Starfighter (exclusive)
  • 50 Building Ideas in the book

All you need to add is a little imagination and most children have plenty of that!

After building our Y-Wing Starfighter and allowing Drew a little freeplay flying time he was ready to sit down and ‘read’ the book with me. His Rebel Pilot and Starfighter had to participate of course and they flew through each page to look at the fun sets designed using LEGO while I read the Story pictured in the top-left bubbles of the pages. We also made sure we explored the pages to see what was going on in the sets.

The characters throughout the pages have small “speech bubbles” too and my two young readers have been sounding out the short sentences to discover what these characters are saying – all on their own!

It was a fantastic way to spend a few hours during his PD-Day from school on Friday and he and his sister have played LEGO every day since. They even asked for the book to check out some of the creative building plans. They’ve created some beds, chairs, tables and a hospital unit using our own extra LEGO pieces. They have also come up with a mental list of pieces they want to look for the next time we go to the LEGO store in St. Jacobs.

Even better, they both sat down to listen to the story again last evening and then set to playing along the same theme with the LEGO they had on hand. Who says reading can’t be fun? I love how creative they can be and how well they can apply their own ideas and imagination to build new things – AND create storylines of their own.

For any little Star Wars fans this will be a fun pick. Not only do they receive a interesting story and more than 50 building ideas to encourage their own imaginative play-time, they receive an exclusive LEGO Y-Wing Starfighter and Rebel Pilot Minifigure.  Add this one to your gift-giving list this year! It is sure to be a hit!

You may also want to check out some of these cool downloadable Activity Sheets available from DK for more LEGO Star Wars fun!


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  1. LEGOS….who doesn’t love them? It’s such a great way to be creative and use your imagination. Or you can follow along what looks to be wonderfully illustrated book to help with building ideas. How fun. I didn’t know if these types of books were around when my kids were young, but now I do. Thanks!

  2. Next to crocheting I also love Lego. I have quite a few sets at home. And I should say “we”, because my husband loves the Star Wars Lego. He collects the key chains and mini figures. So this book isn’t only for children 🙂