Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies

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Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies includes instructions to help you crochet hats in any size using a crochet circle template and simple stitches.

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Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies - Annie's Craft Store

Title: Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies
Available at: Annie’s Craft Store
Designed by: Rohn Strong
Current Price: $8.99*

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Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies

Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies includes 8-patterns designed by Rohn Strong. This book is written in an easy-to-follow format and includes crochet circle diagrams that can help you reach the right hat size every time.

The instructions indicate that “Gauge is not important for these hats“. This is because you are working to a specific size circle (circumference) for the hat you are crocheting.

The benefit to making a hat this way, is that you can pick out any yarn and hook combination for the design you want to crochet. You are not being limited by the gauge set in place by the Designer because you are working toward a finished diameter/circumference rather than a specified number of stitches per inch.

However, it is best to keep in mind that although gauge is not ‘important’ for these hats, your own personal gauge must remain consistent from start to finish. If you begin to crochet more loosely the further you get in the pattern, the hat will end up too large around the forehead; if you crochet more tightly, the hat will end up being too tight by the time you finish the brim.

Every pattern begins with joined rounds worked in half double crochet. The instructions are written out to work with the Circles Diagrams and Measurements Chart that are provided on Page 3.

For example for the CROWN section of a hat, after you have been given the first few rounds of instructions, you will see instructions similar to this: Continue to crochet, increasing 8 stitches per round, until the crown measurement reaches the desired circumference when placed on the diagram.

Then you will be given the written instructions for the BODY section of the hat. You will find instructions similar to this: Repeat Rounds 2 and 3 until the length is 1 inch shorter than the desired length indicated in the measurements chart.

The final section is the BRIM section of the hat. The Brim section is written out in full.

The finished hat sizes are:

Baby | Circumference: 11 inches | Hat Height: 4 inches
Toddler | Circumference: 14 inches | Hat Height: 5 inches
Child/Teen | Circumference: 18 inches | Hat Height: 6 inches
Adult Small | Circumference: 20 inches | Hat Height: 7 inches
Adult Medium | Circumference: 22 inches | Hat Height: 8.5 inches
Adult Large | Circumference: 25 inches | Hat Height: 9 inches

Crochet Top-Down Beanie Patterns

  • Double Dip Beanie | EASY | Medium Weight Yarn [4] | 5 mm (H) crochet hook
  • Rocky Ridge Beanie | EASY | Medium Weight Yarn [4] | 5 mm (H) crochet hook
  • Slip Stitch Beanie | EASY | Medium Weight Yarn [4] | 5.5 mm (I) crochet hook
  • Starry Stripes Beanie | EASY | Medium Weight Yarn [4] | 5 mm (H) crochet hook
  • Happy Heart Beanie | EASY | Medium Weight Yarn [4] | 5 mm (H) crochet hook
  • Colorful Clusters Beanie | EASY | Medium Weight Yarn [4] | 5 mm (H) crochet hook
  • Blue Bay Beanie | EASY | Medium Weight Yarn [4] | 5 mm (H) crochet hook
  • Gray Gingham Beanie | EASY | Medium Weight Yarn [4] | 5 mm (H) and 4 mm (G) crochet hooks

Take a closer look at all the projects you can make here: Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies

The patterns are written in US crochet terms. The stitch counts are included in italics and in ( ) parentheses at the end of the pattern rounds.

The eBook is 26-pages in length and it includes full color images.

When a special stitch is used in a pattern it is included in the Special Stitches Section, following the Pattern Notes.

The Stitch Guide is located on page 24.

The Basic Top-Down Hat Circles Diagram and Measurements Chart are located on page 3.

Need more help with stitches? Check out their free online Stitch Guide here.

My favorite designs in Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies are:

  • Double Dip Beanie
  • Gray Gingham Beanie

Which designs are your favorites? You can see all the projects here.

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