Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet Pattern

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This post includes a free Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet Pattern. This pretty and delicate, vintage style lace bracelet works up in less than 10 minutes.

The bracelet is worked lengthwise, making it very easy to customize to any length.

Stitch the ends together for a cuff-style bracelet, or sew on a clasp or closure to add some extra detail to the bracelet. You can easily add beads or pearls to the edges by pre-stringing the beads (or pearls) on your thread before you begin and then sliding the bead into place after you ch 2 (before you slip stitch) at the end of each (or alternating) rows.

I would love to see the bracelets you make so please share them with me!

Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet Pattern

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Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet @OombawkaDesign


  • Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3 (colours used: Bridal White and Blue Hawaii)
  • 3.5 mm (E) Crochet Hook

Abbreviations Used: R – row, beg – begin,  sc – single crochet, ch – chain, st – stitch, sts – stitches, sl st – slip stitch

Finished Width: approximately 1/4″

Bride Bracelet @OombawkaDesign

Note: You may wish to mark the single crochet stitch with a stitch marker at first so you do not become confused as to where to make your stitch.

How to work into the slip stitch:Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet @OombawkaDesign


Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet Pattern

R1: Ch 2. Begin in the 2nd ch from the hook and work 1 sc. Ch 2. Work 1 sl st in the 2nd ch from the hook. Turn.

Ch 2 | Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet @OombawkaDesign

2 Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet @OombawkaDesign

Image 3 | Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet @OombawkaDesign

R2: Work 1 sc in the first st, ch 2, sl st to the 2nd ch from the hook, turn.

2 Work 1 sc | Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet @OombawkaDesign


R3: Repeat R2 until your bracelet reaches the desired length. See the bracelet size chart at the end of the post for average bracelet lengths. Finish off, leaving a tail to allow you to stitch the bracelet ends together. Weave in ends.

Bridal White | Lacy Bridal Party Bracelet @OombawkaDesign

Please note these are average bracelet sizes based on age. As people’s wrist and hand-sizes vary this is not an exact size – but an estimation.


  • 2-3 years: 5.0″
  • 4-5 years: 5.5″
  • 6-7 years: 6.0″
  • 8-9 years: 6.25″
  • 10-11 years: 6.5″
  • 12-13 years: 7″


  • Small 7.5″
  • Medium 8 ”
  • Large 8.5″

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  1. With the right yarn, this is so elegant and simple. It would look nice as an edging too!

  2. I can’t wait to make these. I have a cousin getting married in August, I’m not able to attend, but I’m going to make these for her in her wedding colors. I’ll post pics soon! Thank you so much, such a great idea.