50 Free Bathroom Crochet Patterns

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It’s time to crochet for the bathroom! These bathroom crochet patterns includes wash cloths, toilet seat covers, toilet paper roll covers, bath mats, bath mitts, make-up bags, tampon holders, ‘pad’ holders, tissue box covers, soap savers and MORE!

These items make fantastic gifts and great stash busters!

Also great projects for craft fairs!

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50 Free Bathroom Crochet Patterns. It's time to crochet for the bathroom! This collection of free patterns includes patterns for wash cloths, toilet seat covers, toilet paper roll covers, bath mats, bath mitts, make-up bags, tampon holders, 'pad' holders, tissue box covers, soap savers and MORE!

50 Free Bathroom Crochet Patterns

1. Pampering Picots Bath Mitt by Tamara Kelly

2. Crochet Fish Bath Mitt (with Star Stitch) by Kinga Erdem

3. Free Bath Pouf by Lauren Brown

4. Pampering Massage Soap Saver by Tamara Kelly

5. Scrubbie Dots by Doni Speigle

6. Flower Face Cleansing Pads / Scrubbies by Kara Gunza

7. Bird Decoration (Soap Dispenser Topper) by Sonea Delvon

8. Ribbed Soap Sleeve by Manda Nicole

9. Rose Face Cloth and Bath Puff by Kim Guzman

10. Baby Bunny Wash Cloth by Sara Sach

11. On the Go Makeup Bag by Corina Gray

12. Little Facecloths by Rhondda Mol

13. Pad Wallet V1 by Myshelle Cole

14. PFC83-Flowered Toilet Roll Cover by Patternsfor Designs

15. Shell Toilet Seat Cover by Rhelena

16. Soap Saver by Danyel Pink

17. Home-Made Bath-Mat by Good Needlework and Knitting

18. Toilet Paper Doll Cover by Lisa Hamblin

19. amikomo3-27 Toilet Rug by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

20. amikomo3-27 Toilet Paper Cover by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

21. amikomo3-27 Bathroom Slippers by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

22. Air Freshener Crochet Angel Cover by Teresa Richardson

23. Lion Baby Bath Wrap by Lion Brand Yarn

24. Julie’s Crochet Medallion Rug by Julie Reed

25. Fish Soap Holder by Workbasket Magazine

26.2 Strand Basket by Lily / Sugar’n Cream

27. Aloo Scrubber by Traci Heiner

28. Baby Washcloth by Kathy North

29. Mama and Tot Bath Mitts by Rhondda Mol

30. Catherine Wheel Tissue Box Cover by Kool Stitch

31. Crochet Cat Tissue Box Cover by Ana Yogui

32. Granny Panel Tissue Box Cover by *B*A*M! Crafts

33. DIY: Reusable Cotton Wool Pads by Lyndsey Haskell

34. Vanity Basket Trio by Julia Kroyan

35. Clamshell Facial Scrubbie Gift Set – Case by Barbara Bradford

36. Back scrubber by Lee Mathewson

37. Floral Face Scrubbie by Melinda Miller

38. Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths by Theresa Grant

39. Retro Owl Toilet Roll Cover by Rebecca J. Venton

40. Tampon Pouch by A.D. Whited

41. Make Up Bag #LC2429 by Nancy Nehring

42. Make-up Case by Lily / Sugar’n Cream

43. Tartan Plaid Wash Cloths by HappyBerry

44. 256 Cabled Soap Bags and Washcloths by Sandy Powers

45. Owl Cozy for Mason Jar Soap Dispenser by Yarn Twins

46. Softsoap Hand Soap Cover by Jaime Eads Maraia

47. Spa Soap Coat by Ellen Bloom

48. Quacky Lotion Topper by Karen Zakaria

49. Travel Cloth by Julieann Thornton

50. Foamies by Carey Huffman

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  1. Hi Casey, I apologize but I don’t quite understand what you are asking? Are you looking for shower curtain patterns? Thank you 🙂 R

  2. Maddie please help.me did a bath,showercrochet patterns for showers

  3. Good afternoon…I am looking for a toilet seat crochet pattern please…nothing fancy just plain n simple
    Many thanks

  4. I just love all the crochet patterns that you so generously share for free. This is very kind of you. I appreciate that you have put hours of work in making all of this and then placing the patterns for free. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.