Is it Knit? 2 New Crochet Hat Patterns

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New Crochet Hat Patterns

Thanks to my fabulous pattern testers, the Is it Knit? Crochet Hat pattern is ready to be released –

I want to thank each of my Pattern Testers for their commitment to the process – for their attention to detail and their excellent feedback/suggestions.

2 New Crochet Hat Patterns -

2 New Crochet Hat Patterns!

I have 2 new crochet hat patterns using this stitch to be released in the near future – with more to come – here is a sneak peak at the upcoming patterns –

New Crochet hat Patterns -
The Beanie Pattern will be available in a full range of sizes.  The pattern is designed using Bernat Handicrafter Solids (it is a Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn).  The fabulous flower I have used on the hat was designed by Sharon K.  She has graciously agreed to allow me to share the pattern for the flower with you on my blog – the flower pattern will be part of my Waistcoat Stitch Tutorial next week – so stay tuned!  If you want to visit Sharon to say thank you – she is on Facebook at
 I will be providing one size for free on my blog with a tutorial of the stitch (photo tutorial and yes – I am working on a video – my first – I am SUPER nervous about the video!! so please be kind!!). Is it Knit? Basically Just a Crochet Beanie Pattern – Toddler Size with Photo and Video Tutorials for the Waistcoat Stitch.

new crochet hat patterns and a cowl pattern -
The Cowl Pattern will be available in various sizes; included is a version with a hood and drawstring closure (photographed) – I needed one that covered my ears with our lovely COLD and WINDY Canadian winters 😉

I will be looking for Pattern Testers over the next few days; however, I will be offering the test positions to my fabulous testers who recently completed the Is it Knit? Crochet Hat pattern first – if they are interested 🙂

For those who are interested, the Is it Knit? Crochet Hat pattern is now available for sale in my shops.

Here are the pattern links for you!

Is it Knit? Crochet Cowl Pattern – free pattern

PDF Version Is it Knit? Crochet Cowl Pattern

Is it Knit? Crochet Hat Pattern – premium pattern

Is it Knit? Basically Just a Crochet Beanie – premium pattern


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