Invisible Join Tutorial

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Using the invisible join technique is an easy way to make your finished crochet projects look more professional. Even if you are brand-new to crocheting, this step-by-step photo tutorial will show you how to master this finishing method.

When I first started crocheting I used to slip stitch join (sl st) for all of my projects. It is quick and easy and something we all learn to do when we are first crocheting. It is definitely an effective way to finish-off but it does not always give the project you just spent hours making look like you spent hours making it.

Invisible Join Tutorial

How to Make an Invisible Seamless Join

I personally find that using the invisible join method is the best way to finish my projects when I’m working in rounds or in a spiral; especially when I’m changing colors, crocheting amigurumi, or working on that very last round of my project.

One of my favorite times to use this project is to make a ‘hat’ for the first stitch of the round. For example, if you are following someone’s pattern and they begin with a 3 chain stitches and the instructions tell you that that ch-3 is counting as the first dc (double crochet) of the round, then this seamless join will make that chain 3 look like an actual stitch! This works very well for afghan squares. It makes the squares look more finished and the color changes neater.

When you want that nicely finished edge, or to make less obvious joins when working in rounds and changing colors, then invisible finish is the joining technique you want to use. It works for any pattern stitch, even for taller stitches.

If you are searching for how to join knit or crochet fabrics with the invisible seam stitch (mattress stitch), this is the tutorial you are looking for.

I’ve included a video tutorial where I have demonstrated the seamless join at the end of the post.

The video begins right at the Invisible Join part, so you won’t have to scroll to find it 🙂

Step-by-Step Invisible Join Tutorial

Step 1: After you complete the last stitch at the end of the round, cut the yarn (leaving a 6 to 8 inch tail of yarn). Next, pull up your crochet hook and pull the working loop on your hook all the way through.

Step 2: Thread your working yarn end through a tapestry needle. With the right side (RS) of your project facing you, insert your tapestry needle under both loops of the stitch, 2 stitches to the left of your final stitch. Pull through.

Step 3: Insert the needle in between the 2 front loop and back loop of the last stitch (in the center of the ‘v’ of the stitch) crocheted. Pull through.

Step 4: While pinching the top of the stitch you made using the invisible join method, weave in the yarn end securely on the wrong side of your work.

See how the invisible join stitch now looks like all the others?

It has replaced the one it was worked over top of, so if you were to work the next round, you would actually work into this new invisible join stitch, not the one hiding beneath it.

Finished Corner using the Invisible Join Method. The invisible join is also known as the invisible finish. It is a great way to give a professional look to your finished crochet projects.

The invisible join is also known as the invisible finish. It is a great way to give a professional look to your finished crochet projects. It is a quick and easy way to make your project look professional and you will wish you’d taken the time to try it sooner!

Get the free instructions for the single crochet (sc) stitch square in the photos here. The One Sided Front Loop Single Crochet Square is crocheted with Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 6.5 mm hook (K). The finished square measures 8 inches X 8 inches, but the stitch pattern looks pretty in projects like scarves and hats. The tutorial shows you how to carry yarn up the side of your project.

Invisible Join / Invisible Finish - finished corner

If you are new to crochet, you can always refer to my How to Crochet Guide and Crochet Stitches and Symbols for more information. For my crochet video tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorials! I like written with photos most of the time over videos, but sometimes videos can show the missing parts!

  2. Hi Debbie! I’m really happy to hear that the tutorial was helpful 🙂 I’m not sure how to add that feature to allow photos to be added in comments but I will look into it! Wishing you the very best, Rhondda

  3. I just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing this tutorial. It finishes off my work beautifully. It makes all the difference.
    Shame we can’t share photos so you can see your tutorial at work.

  4. Hi Sharon, yes that is correct 🙂 If you are working left-handed you would work steps 2 and 4 to the right of the last stitch you worked.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful tutorials. I look forward to crocheting lots of your patterns.

  6. This is just SO smart! Thank you for sharing your time and talents. I truly appreciate you.

  7. Perfect! Thank you for your kindness in teaching all these marvelous!

  8. Hi Karen, I believe I responded by email to you (I forget when I respond in gmail it doesn’t post on here too!). I prefer the 2 stitches because the invisible finish will replace the middle stitch (the one you skipped over). This way when I work the next round it is completely invisible instead of having the extra nub formed by working into the stitch immediately beside it. I believe when you work into the one immediately to the left of your stitch you have an extra joining bump left over from the join method. If I am mistaken please let me know 🙂 All the best, Rhondda

  9. If you use one stitch to the left you will be creating one extra loop in between the 2 stitches. If you work 2 stitches to the left you will replacing the middle stitch and working the stitch you create instead of the middle stitch which is hiding beneath it for a truly invisible finish 🙂 Both work – the one stitch to the left will give you 1 extra joining stitch. Hope this helps! Rhondda

  10. Hi, I have seen this technique used but only using one stitch to the left.
    Which works better? The one stitch way or your two stitch way? xo

  11. I printed the photo tutor for invisible join last week. I used this technique on a cowl I made. It’s great. Thank you for this post.

  12. Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I have been crocheting (daily) for approximately 18 months or so. I learn new things every day online. This is by far my favorite technique for finishing!!! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!!!

    Happy New Year and blessings to you and yours!!


  13. Hi Lisa! Thank you so very much for your lovely message 🙂 I’m so happy my tutorials have been helpful! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas too! Hugs! Rhondda

  14. Dear Rhondda,
    this is another precious hint – thank you. I cannot miss this opportunity to tell you, how grateful I am – you were the first crochet teacher I found on fb and I followed so many of your lessons, that I am now able to follow most of your patterns. Your explanations are clear, your tutiorials just perfect. I wish you and all your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a good start into the new year and will happily be one of your followers also in future. Sincere regards from your Viennese fan Lisa

  15. Hi Barb, Thank you! I’m happy you were able to find some helpful posts on my site 🙂 All the best, Rhondda

  16. I have looked high and low for a way to finish my stitch’s on many project’s. I must say congrats to you, this leaves a beautiful ending and it works wonderfully on any project I have finished! Your website has so many useful patterns and helpful tutorial’s that all I have to do, is to search here and enjoy. Please keep it coming!

  17. Can’t wait to try your new technique. Enjoy your website and looking forward to make the little purse for my grand daughter and the gift bag for me, thank you, Barb