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A few years ago, I fell in love with the custom-made clay handles made by Jennifer of Day by Day Crochet.

I am sure some of you are already very well acquainted with the stunning quality of her polymer clay work but for those of you who have not stumbled across her Facebook page yet, I’d like to introduce you to the very talented Jennifer, of Day by Day Crochet.

Day by Day Crochet | Guest Post | Review and Giveaway @OombawkaDesign

“My name is Jennifer Ellingwood and I’m a full time elementary music teacher at two elementary schools (16 years!) and during the summer I am one of the assistant directors of our high school marching band.

My husband was in the Navy until a few years ago when he got out to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering technology from Purdue University.

To help support his educational aspirations, I started crocheting items to sell which let me to make polymer clay stitch markers (I was unhappy with the cheap plastic ones from the craft store.)

Day by Day Crochet | Guest Post | Review and Giveaway @OombawkaDesi

The stitch markers led to buttons, which eventually led me to start applying clay to crochet hook handles. Before I knew it, I was up to my eyeballs in orders for hooks, buttons, and stitch markers!

I started Day by Day Crochet about 3 years ago, and this July will mark my 3rd year working with polymer clay, which has turned into a passion of mine. I do not have an Etsy account, yet, but it may be an option in the future.

At this time, I take orders by posting certain items on my page that I will take orders for and customers can message me about placing an order.

While I still do a few “sculpted” items, most of my hooks now are made with millifiori canes.

These “canes” are pictures and images that I sculpt out of clay and then roll into a long roll or log similar to the festive tube cookies that you can slice and the pumpkin or Christmas tree image is on every slice.

I take the slices of my clay cane and apply them to my designer crochet hooks.

While I have some standard hook designs with yarn balls, flowers, and such, I will always be coming up with many, many new designs, my head is bursting with ideas!”

You can check out Day by Day Crochet at my Facebook page .

Jennifer has generously agreed to donate one of her beautiful hand-made clay handled hooks to one of my lucky readers!

You get to choose the size of the hook and the style (Boye or Bates) and it will be made with this stunning handle as pictured below:

Guest Post| Day by Day Crochet | Review and Giveaway @OombawkaDesign

Just like the handle on my hook!


Day by Day Crochet | Guest Post | Review and Giveaway

I chose a size N-9.00 MM because they are difficult to find here in Canada and the one I purchased in the United States last year keeps falling apart…the bamboo handle it came with keeps sliding off no matter how many times I glue it back together!

I love my new 9.00 mm Ladybug Hook (yes I have a name for my pretty hook). Drew is obsessed with it too! He loves all things ladybug right now and is constantly trying to get his hands on my hook for himself.

This is the first polymer clay handled hook I have used – and it is surprisingly light! I honestly thought it would be much heavier but the handle barely adds any weight to the hook at all! The handle itself is so smooth – there are no ridges, bumps or rough edges to the finish on the handle. The colours are so vibrant and the design is flawless. You can barely see the overlap created by layering the canes on the handle.

It is gorgeous and I can’t wait to sit down and use it to design a pattern!

I believe it to be a very good alternative to using a standard crochet hook. With my hands I have to be careful which hooks I use – and I need something with a substantial handle in order to be able to crochet for longer periods of time. It helps me maintain a grip on the handle without having to close my hand too tightly.

I did ‘test-drive’ my hook and it works beautifully for both a knife-hold (my normal way to hold) and a pen-hold (the way I hold my hook when my hands are super sore). It sits easily in the space between the thumb and forefinger (the lower curve of the hand) making it very easy to crochet with.

I hope you take the time to visit Jennifer on her Facebook Page and maybe even click the lovely “like” button to have her posts added to your Facebook feed 🙂 This way you will see some of the one-of-a-kind products she develops and offers up for sale! When I purchased my hook I used paypal to pay – for those of you wondering how you will purchase a hook directly from her Facebook Page. She invoices you to the email you Private Message her and you can pay with Paypal.

This Giveaway is open Worldwide where allowed by Law.

Start Date: July 14, 2015, 12:00 am ET
End Date: July 20, 2015, 11:59 pm ET


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  1. Congrats to The lucky winner And thanks for The chance to win!

  2. Thank You so much for the chance to win one of these gorgeous hooks…my fingers are crossed, which makes it really hard to crochet 😉

    And…No I have never tried a Clay handled crochet hook before, I would love to have a try 🙂

  3. Thank You so much for the chance to win one of these gorgeous hooks…my fingers are crossed, which makes it really hard to crochet 😉

  4. Rhondda, i share your patterns all the time!! i think i am going to revamp my boards (was so hoping they would add the ability to have subcategories cause i have so many now as it is!) and give you your own board, lol 😀 love your stuff!! 🙂

  5. I actually have used a clay hook that I got from Mad Mad Me and I absolutely love it!

  6. I have never tried a clay handled crochet hook, but I think it would be delightful to work with.

  7. The only hooks I have are plain aluminum, which have sufficed until now. But as I am crocheting more (still pretty much a beginner), I would really like something more comfortable. I would enjoy trying one of these!

  8. I think you are my favorite crochet site, blog or otherwise! Your explanations are very clear, and the patterns are quite clever. Not to mention, the giveaways are fantastic (just wish I could win)!

  9. I love your blog! Thank you for posting so many wonderful crochet patterns!

  10. I’ve never tried any of these hooks but they are beautiful! I’d love to try one so I can gift them to my fellow hookers 🙂

  11. I have used clay handle hooks & I love them. My only problem is finding a hook case/organizer that has pockets they fit in.

  12. Thank you for giving me the chance to win one of these gorgeous hooks, i would so love to own a set of different designs for each size of hook and this would make a wonderful start xxx

  13. I would love to own a set of these hooks they are utterly gorgeous and have great detail, i don’t think i could pick one design though so i would have a different design for each size, love love them xxx

  14. I have never tried a clay-handled hook, but I sure would like to try one! I have seen so many positive reviews on these hooks !

  15. I have never tried a crochet hook with a clay handle, but I like my hooks to feel smooth in my hand and so I’d love to win one of the fabulous hooks.

  16. I would love to win one of these beautiful hooks I have arthritis and fibromyalgia so it is difficult at times to even hold a hook. I have tried the foam things that fit over a hook but they do not work well for me

  17. I have not tried clay handled hooks before but would love to try. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. I haven’t tried it before, but as I get older I can definitely see how a thicker handle would be helpful. Also, they’re really pretty

  19. I have been itching to try these hooks for a while now. I have a neuripathy and specially made tools help make things easier for me.

  20. I have never used a hook with a clay handle or any other type of special handle!

  21. No, I’ve not used a clay hook before, but I would love to try one! They are so beautiful!

  22. I have never had the opportunity to use a clay handled hook, but I sure would love to try it. That is such a gorgeous hook! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter this contest. You have such wonderful giveaways.

  23. I have not had the opportunity to try one of these hooks but they are absolutely gorgeous and would be more than thrilled to win one and use it regularly!

  24. I am so excited about all the projects, lessons I my future that I could make and learn using this hook. Thanks

  25. I thought I would try again to win. These handles are very pretty and I have never tried to use one before. I usuall use a g or h hook when I crochet. Love the site.

  26. i have never use a hook with a clay handle before, i have seen them and they are beautiful. i would love to have the chance to try one of the clay handle hooks, they look like they would be easier on my hand than a regular crochet hook. thank you for giving us a chance to try one of these clay handle crochet hooks.

  27. No I haven’t tried one yet!! Would love to give it a go!! Thank you

  28. Thank you both for this opportunity! I think I would love to have a Boye hook, maybe a size g or smaller would be great. Beautiful styles!

  29. No…have never used a hook like these before. Actually is first time I even saw one. They are Gorgeous!!!

  30. I have never tried anything but the generic hook. some of them are so thin that i cannot use them! It would be great to use one with a not only bigger, but a beautiful handle!

  31. Oops! forgot to mention – if (wish I could say when) I win, I’d LOVE an H hook and love the color shown above…as is…don’t really care which brand, but if I have to choose, would probably choose the Bates.

    Thank you again for everything!

  32. Congratulations, Rhonnda! two years! WOW! That’s awesome! you have shared so much and helped so very many of us!

    I know how much time and work go into these – and just want to let you know it is very much appreciated! You work – and GIVE – tirelessly of yourself and have truly helped so many!

    A sincere THANK YOU! for all that you do!
    And best wishes for ten times two years – of increased success!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  33. I have never used a hook with a clay handle. I would sure love to win this one — it is GORGEOUS!!!

  34. I have not yet tried a clay-handled crochet hook…. Maybe it will help with my arthritis.

  35. Beautiful hooks are so much nicer to work with – constant inspiration!

  36. The ladybugs are adorable! I never crocheted with any handle that had something extra on it, just with bare hooks.

  37. I have never used such hook but i would love to and they are so beautiful <3

  38. I have never used a clay handled crochet hook, but I would love to try one of these beautiful hooks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. I have never tried a clay handled crochet hook. I look forward to trying this beautiful crochet hook. Thank you for this opportunity to win one of your hooks.

  40. I have never tried a hook with any kind of material on the handle, but would love to have one. I’ve known people who have various kinds of hooks, and each person has their own preference.

  41. I’ve never used a clay-handle crocket hook, but I would love to try one!

  42. Love following you on Facebook. Always amazed at what you share(in a positive way

  43. Love following you on Facebook. Always amazed at what you share(in a positive way

  44. That is one gorgeous hook! I’ve just got plain metal ones in different colours. I need to get me some lovely hooks.

  45. i have never tried one before…right now i made a handle using the rubber bands and a wonder loom!

  46. Would love to try your clay hooks. The Boye ones I am using now just spin no matter how many times I glue them

  47. Yes, I have and I love it. They are great for the smaller hooks.

  48. I’d love to have one of these hooks but am disabled and on a limited income so choose to buy yarn, etc., rather than expensive books, sigh.

  49. I’ve never tried a clay-
    handled hook but would LOVE to! They are beautiful AND look like they’d be very comfortable!

  50. I have never tried one of these. They sure are pretty and I bet it would help these old hands crochet a little longer.

    Does she have any with butterflies on them?

  51. I have a day by day crochet hook and love it would love to get more

  52. I bought my first clay handled hook last month. I’ve “tested” it on a dishcloth and love it! Thanks for the opportunity to win a new hook!

  53. I have never used a clay handled hook or any fancy hooks… Just own basic aluminium hooks.. But I would love to use clay handled hooks.. It would b a treat to my hand 🙂

  54. I’ve never used a clay handled hook. Can’t wait to try one. They are beautiful pieces of art. Thanks for the giveaways.

  55. I have tried a clay handled hook….I love them! I am currently working on ‘collecting’ an entire set of clay handle hooks 🙂

  56. I haven’t tried a clay handled hook. Unsure if I would like it. You know, old dogs, new tricks?

  57. I have never had an opportunity to use hooks with clay handle. If I win this will be my first. since I really don’t have any way of having one .. so thank you for this giveaway. I hope I win.

  58. Love Jennifer’s hooks. I own several and they are AWESOME!!!!!!

  59. I’ve never tried a clay handled crochet hook – but would love to. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  60. Thank you and Jennifer for the chance to win one of her awesome hooks.