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Sew Happy Karin Ziegler Book Review

Title: Sew Happy
Author: Karin Ziegler
ISBN: 9781465451248
Published By: Dorling Kindersley, May 17, 2016
Photographer: Ulrich Hartmann

Sew Happy

The author of Sew Happy is Karin Ziegler, she is the Head of Design at Blutsgeschwister (German Fashion Label). The designs included in Sew Happy follow the same distinctive style Blutsgeschwister has become known for, since it was founded in 2001 – you will find bright and bold colors and exuberant fabric selections. The designs included use bold combinations of colors and styles to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind finished projects.

Included in Sew Happy are 25 stylish projects:

Fairy-tale fabrics ~ Soft things from jersey, fleece, and sweatshirt material

  • Diva Headband
  • Elegant Reversible Gloves
  • Cowl in Jersey and Fleece
  • Cuddly Reversible Hat
  • High Waisted Leggings
  • High Waisted Undies
  • Striped Boatneck T-shirt
  • Stylish Top with Three-Quarter Length Sleeves
  • Cheerful long-sleeved top
  • Bell and heart dress
  • Swinging Sixties Mini Dress
  • College poncho
  • Jogging pants with heart pockets
  • Hoodie with reversible option
  • Long roll-neck tunic
  • A bagful of joy

A poem, stitch by stitch ~ Woven fabric creations

  • Highland rose dress
  • Charming Fifties circular skirt
  • Flared skirt from Aunty Margaret’s curtains
  • Mixed fabric slip-on blouse
  • Heart-shaped pillow
  • Peter Pan collar
  • Hammock
  • Plaid fleece blanket with applique rose
  • Fabric-covered Hula-Hoop

Other sections which are included, which I find of particular interest are:

  • My friend the sewing machine: shopping for fabric, needles and thread; the sisterhood’s fabric know-how, pattern making, cutting tips, let’s start sewing.
  • Adapting Patterns. What to do if a garment doesn’t fit.

Sew Happy Karin Ziegler Book Review A Little Guide to Necklines

  • A little guide to necklines.
  • Own-brand labelling
  • Upcycling – turn old and fusty into new and funky!
  • Applique, embellishments and texts

Also included are pull-out patterns – these are contained neatly in a little pouch attached to the back cover. The paper these patterns are printed on is not the super-thin paper I am used to receiving. It is much more durable and the lines are printed in multiple colors – bold and bright – just like the rest of Sew Happy.

While I am more reserved when it comes to my color choices and fabric choices, I do appreciate and love the variety of projects included in Karin Ziegler’s: Sew Happy.  Remember, just like with anything in life: paint color in a house, yarn color in a crochet design; fabric color and style can be modified to suit any personal preference.

The sizes included in the patterns are: S/M and L/XL. This translates to:

  • S/M = 6/8/10 US Size
  • L/XL = 10/12/14 US Size.

A detailed section has been included to assist you with modifying patterns to different sizes. This is found on pages 44-45.

The difficulty levels are also included with each pattern. Colored in dress-forms/mannequin on the first page of each pattern will illustrate the difficulty level for the design.

My favorite designs are:

  • Bell and Heart Dress
  • Cowl in Jersey and Fleece
  • Cuddly Reversible Hat
  • College Poncho
  • A bagful of joy
  • Hammock
  • Mixed fabric slip-on blouse

Here’s a quick peek inside at some of the projects:

Sew Happy Karin Ziegler Book Review Hoodie with Reversible Option

Sew Happy Karin Ziegler Book Review Cuddly Reversible Hat

Sew Happy Karin Ziegler Book Review Cuddly Reversible Hat 2

The unique designs included in Sew Happy are sure to catch your eye! Full patterns and step-by-step written instructions are included for all 25 projects. Helpful tips and tricks are included throughout; along with visual examples of the steps you need to take to create your chosen project. Being an absolute novice at sewing, Sew Happy is slightly outside my ‘comfort zone’ for sewing. The instructions; however, are clearly written and I do think I will be able to tackle some of the beginner level designs like the Diva Headband, the Cowl in Jersey and Fleece and even the Cuddly Reversible Hat. I am not ready to resize garments yet but when I am I may just come back to try the pretty Bell and Heart Dress!


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  1. I only have basic abilities without just ‘winging’ it. I have no idea what needles and feet to use, much less which material. I should use my machine more often because it’s endless the makings, just like most any other hobby.

  2. This book would be great for a beginner like me. Learning about what needles to use with what fabric and all the step by step pictures are exactly what I need. Thanks for the review!

  3. I am returning to sewing and this looks like the perfect book for me. I am interested in upcycling clothes and learning how to resize my grand children’s clothing.

  4. I really want to get into sewing more and this looks like the perfect book to get me started! Thanks for reviewing it.

  5. I love the look of the 2 pages you’ve shown us lots of info with out overwhelming us!

  6. I love this book! This breaks it down with photos and clear directions so it looks so easy to follow.

  7. This has some really cute patterns that I would love to try, just might get me back to sewing!!

  8. I found this review quite interesting. The section on collars was especially informative for me. I am currently repairing a dress I made a few years ago and have been looking for a better way to do the collar. The book appears to be well written and full of helpful information. Another book I’d like to add to my collection.