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Title: Idiot’s Guides: Crochet
Author: June Gilbank
Publisher: Mike Sanders, Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Photos: Excerpted from Idiot’s Guides Crochet – copyright 2014 Alpha Books
ISBN: 9781615644599


Excerpted from Idiot’s Guides Crochet – copyright 2014 Alpha Books

Idiot’s Guides: Crochet

This a fantastic resource to have in your crochet library.

The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and accompanied by detailed colour photographs of each step you need to complete. You can use this book to teach you everything you need to know to crochet – it is an excellent educational resource and provides practice projects after each section to ensure you understand what you have been taught.

You will learn:

Part 1:

  • Crochet Basics (choosing yarn, crochet hooks, other tools, how to hold your hook, crochet for left-handers)
  • First Steps (slip knots, yarn overs, drawing up a loop, foundation chains, how to work into the foundation chain, working subsequent rows)
  • Common Stitches (single crochet, half double crochet, triple crochet, double crochet, turning chains, slip stitches)
  • Finishing (fixing mistakes, fastening off, basic edgings, weaving in ends)
  • Crochet-Speak (how to identify and count stitches, gauge, reading a pattern, crochet abbreviations)

Part 2: 

  • More Crochet Know-How (joining new yarn, changing colours, reading charted stitch diagrams)
  • Increasing and Decreasing
  • Crochet in the Round (chain start, magic ring, working in the round, standard increases, invisible finish)
  • Finishing Techniques (blocking, joining, caring for your work)
  • Easy Stitch Gallery (single crochet ribbing, granite stitch, mesh stitch, up-and-down stitch, filet squares, ripple stitch, grit stitch)

Part 3: 

  • Decorative Stitches (Shells, Fans, V Stitches, Crossed Stitches, Post Stitches, Spike Stitches, Chainless Foundations, Linked Stitches)
  • Combination Stitches (Cluster Stitches, Bobble Stitches, Puff Stitches, Popcorn Stitches)
  • Squares and Motifs (Granny Squares, Solid Squares, Circle in a Square, Granny Triangles, Granny Hexagons)
  • Edgings and Adornments (Flowers, Fringe, Reverse Single Crochet, Scalloped Edging)
  • Intermediate Stitch Guide (Diamond Fans, Popcorn Squares, V Bobbles, Post Rib Stitch, Waffles, Basket Weaves, Diamond Overlay Stitch, Triangle Spaces, Tumbling Blocks, Mini Picot Mesh, Offset Arches

Idiot’s Guides: Crochet also includes more than 15 crochet projects for you to try, to practise your newly acquired skills.

  • Basic Washcloths (Practice Project 1)
  • Colourblock Potholder (Practice Project 2)
  • Triangle Bunting (Practise Project 3)
  • Circular Coasters (Practice Project 4)
  • Pretty Headband (Practice Project 5)
  • Puff Stitch Scarf (Practice Project 6)
  • Flecked Scarf
  • Cozy Cowl
  • Phone or Tablet Slip Cover
  • Handy Baskets
  • Placemat and Coaster Set
  • Rolling Waves Blanket
  • Solid Stripes Bag
  • Double Diagonals Shawl
  • Front-and-Back Hat
  • Front-and-Back Fingerless Mitts

I definitely recommend this book for the instructions and tutorials – and the patterns included are also lovely. I especially like the Flecked Scarf, Puff Stitch Scarf and Double Diagonals Shawl.

Flecked Scarf Idiots Guide
Flecked Scarf – Excerpted from Idiot’s Guides Crochet – copyright 2014 Alpha Books
Puff Stitch Scarf
Puff Stitch Scarf – Excerpted from Idiot’s Guides Crochet – copyright 2014 Alpha Books
Double Diagonals Shawl
Double Diagonals Shawl – Excerpted from Idiot’s Guides Crochet – copyright 2014 Alpha Books

This book is like taking a course in crochet – with everything you need right at your fingertips.

I especially like the troubleshooting included right in the instructions. You will see photographs throughout the book with a green box with a “check mark”, or a red box with an “x”; in the top right-hand corner. These demonstrate the “right” way vs. the “wrong” way to complete an action – for example the right way to yarn over has a “check mark” in the top right corner and the wrong way has an “x”. This is an excellent way to identify common crochet errors and correct them before they become ‘habits’.

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  1. Love review! Thanks!! Definitely plan to purchase this one!! Such a great reference to have! 🙂