I love my new Furls Crochet Hook!

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fantastic furls hook


Furls recently sent me a 5.00 mm, Blackwood Crochet Hook.


I have to tell you I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these beauties for a while now.


To me – Furls Crochet Hooks scream elegance.


Like any new crochet hook – it did take me a little bit of time to get used to the unique shape and cut of the hook.

It is extremely lightweight and holding it in my hand in a knife-grip feels effortless.

I can crochet for longer periods of time without having to stop because of the tingling in my hands and fingers and I can spend more time doing what I love to do – crocheting 🙂


When I am crocheting with my Furls crochet hook I feel empowered to create – the way the yarn just glides over the hook – so smooth and effortless…the hook feels like magic!

To celebrate the arrival of my Furls Blackwood Crochet Hook – I have designed this Fantastic Curly Flower pattern –

Free pattern flower

You can get this free crochet pattern here:

Fantastic Curly Flower

Now I need to decide which Furls Hook to get next!

I’m leaning toward the Cocobolo


…although the Purpleheart is also begging for my attention…


Which hook would you choose?

You can see the full selection of Furls Crochet Hooks here:

Handmade Wood Crochet Hooks – once there if you click on Build Your Furls Hook you can see all the beautiful wood options available!


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  1. They are just lovely, but unfortunately WAY out of my price range at the moment. But, I will enjoy the pattern! Happy hooking with your new Furls.

  2. Hi Domonique 🙂 I took about 10 days to receive my hook. I use a knife grip but I have tried to use a pencil grip and it seems to be comfortable holding where the mid indent is (half way point) on the hook. It rests comfortably in my hand in either grip and is very light weight. Hope this helps! Rhondda

  3. Lovely post!! I’m seriously considering purchasing a furls hook due to slight pain in my hand/wrist. How long did it take to receive your hook(U.S. Shipping) and have you experimented with different grips while using your furls hook? I’m a pencil grip crocheter and I’m concerned that I may have to change my style of crocheting in order to use this particular hook. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hi there Rhondda, i’m so jealous!,since i saw this exceptional, stylish beautiful crothet hooks on your website, i fell in love with it, showing the pictures and tell everyone about it, i wish i could own all of them!, i love to crothet and make beautiful things, it complete my hardworking days and gived mea sense of satiety, if i could help make your choice easier, the cocobolo is stylish and a must have, how did you order, and how much did you pay, since i live in South Africa, love your post’s and talk to u soon, have a beaitiful Sunday, X.