How To…Add a Simple Search Box Tool to your Blog

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Here’s how it works.

Apparently, the Custom Search Box is not working on Blogger Blogs at the moment.  Here is a quick way to add a basic search box to blogger.

Add a Simple Search Box to Blogger

Simple Search Box How To - as seen on

I thought, at first, this was an issue only I was experiencing as I have recently updated my blog with a custom domain.

I checked the forums for a workaround and discovered it is apparently a problem with the Custom Search Box – not related to me adding a custom domain to my blog.

I also located this post from The Real Blogger Status. It explains how to add a simple search box tool to your blog using the html/javascript “Add a Gadget” tool in the Layout Tab on Blogger.

Here is the code you need to paste into the html/javascript gadget box:

This will give you a simple and functioning search box – you can use it forever, or replace it with the Custom Search Box once it is fixed.

So if you are on Blogger, you may want to try to search your own blog to see if your Search Box is working – and if it is not working – you can use the fix above too 🙂

All credit for the code goes to The Real Blogger Status – you may want to pop over and see what other fabulous tips are available from the site!


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