Social Media Tagging – How To Tag Responsibly

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Do you know how to use social media tagging?

Social Media Tagging

To “Tag” or “Link” to someone on Social Media use the following symbol(s) and without a space, the first character(s) of the person’sname/business name.

A drop-down list of matches will appear.

Select the person you want to “Tag” from the list.

For some of the social media sites you must be a personal contact, friend or follower to show up in the list.

I have only included the sites I use on a daily basis here – if you have more you’d like to share please leave the information in the comments!

Social Media Tagging How To - as seen on

Use the @ symbol for:


For Google+ you can also use the + symbol to tag 🙂

Super simple and super effective !

Remember to only Tag relevant information – too much tagging of irrelevant information can be considered spam!

So “Tag” Responsibly!

Hope this helps someone 🙂

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Social Media Tagging How To as seen on

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