How To Measure Everything

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Learn How To Measure Everything with this fantastic board book!

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Title: How To Measure Everything
Published By: Dorling Kindersley, 2018
ISBN: 9781465470300

How to Measure Everything

How To Measure Everything is a fun and interactive book that will help teach young children how to measure time, temperature, length, volume and weight.

Learning how to measure different things can be overwhelming for some children. At least it has been overwhelming for my daughter.

She finds it difficult to decide which unit of measure to use for different items. I am hoping that this book will intrigue her into understanding more about measuring things.

It has already grabbed my son’s attention and he and I have read through the book twice. He struggles with a few of the measurement units, for example: to measure a bucket of water, he often chooses that we should measure that with pounds or kilograms; rather than pints or liters. I totally understand why he thinks that too because he is most familiar with our bathroom scale as a device to measure with and you definitely could put that bucket of water down on the scale and find out how much it weighs. We are working on differentiating between volume and weight with the help of this book.

He also has a lot of trouble remembering the short-form “lb” stands for “pounds”. He tends to call it the ‘libs’ the first few times he sees it in the book…which I think is rather adorable.

How to Measure Everything takes the topic of measurement and with bright colors, fun illustrations, quick quizzes and pull-up flaps explores each unit of measurement.

The book begins by explaining what measuring is and how to measure.

It starts by using objects to compare the length, width and height of other objects.

For example, using an image of reference it asks how many pink pencils do you need to make up the green pencil. 

To find out if they have answered the question correctly they have to open a flap (which my children love to do!!).

Next we work with weight and compare the weight of an object based on the visual size of the object.  As with the first section, they are asked different questions (easy ones!) and then to find out if they are right they get to lift the flap to check the answer.

Each topic is addressed with easy then more difficult questions. Flaps are included for each section to engage the reader and make the learning process more interactive.

The topics included are:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Time
  • Telling Time
  • Temperature
  • Measuring Quiz
  • Measure this Room (pop-up scene!)

I especially like the Time and Telling Time Sections. There is a spinning wheel on these pages that explores the months and seasons of the year and on the reverse side of the page, compares analog and digital clocks.

If you are looking for a fun, interactive way to help your children understand how to measure everything, then How to Measure Everything is perfect. It is geared to younger readers and I’m happy to say both my 7 year old and 9 year old are enjoying it. I think it is partially because it reminds them of the books we used to read together when they were babies. The hard board books with flaps were always their favorites and this is no exception. The flaps appeal to them and are a familiar concept so I feel it has helped them become immediately more comfortable with this challenging topic.

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  1. What a great concept! A book instead of using ‘the screen’. Seems to be a must-have book for people of all ages learning the weights.

  2. I think this would help adults also. I have problems sometimes with what is what