How to Make Buffalo Plaid

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Hi Crochet Friends, this week we have a crochet tip from Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs.

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How to Make Buffalo Plaid Crochet Tip of the Week

How to Make Buffalo Plaid

Plaid Moose Pot Holder Blackstone Designs Crochet

In textiles, Buffalo Plaid would be made by taking a bright color and making a solid square, black and making a solid square, and then another square that mixes the black and bright color in diagonal striping.

Making a Buffalo Plaid pattern in crochet is actually quite simple once you understand the colors and the necessary arrangements of those colors.

Simply put: you need black, a bright shade of your chosen color, and a dark shade of that same color.

For instance, when making a Red Buffalo Check pattern you would use Bright Red (Like Scarlet), Dark Red (Like Burgundy), and Black.

Using the dark shade of the color (Burgundy) creates the illusion that the Red (Scarlet) and Black have been mixed together, so it has the same visual effect.

The thing to remember is that the dark shade (Burgundy) is the key color to making the plaid work and also the color used most. It will appear in every row.

For instance if the first row is Black and Burgundy, then the next row will be Burgundy and Bright Red. Burgundy will be in every row of the project.

For a more in-depth look at Buffalo Plaid, visit Sonya’s post here.

Have you ever crocheted plaid before?

I have used Buffalo Plaid a ton! It’s my absolute favorite for the colder months and even at Christmas!

Plaid Moose Pot Holder Blackstone Designs Crochet


If you’d like to try to crochet something in Buffalo Plaid, Sonya recommends her Plaid Moose Pot Holder. This free pattern is perfect for the colder months and holiday season.

Access the FREE pattern here:


Hi, I’m Sonya! I’ve been designing crochet patterns here in Maine for a decade and have more to come! You can find anything from garments to home decor to toys and more!

How to Make Buffalo Plaid Crochet Tip of the Week


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