How to Make A Twisted Ear Warmer

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So you love the look of one of my ear warmer or headband patterns but you would prefer to make it a twisted headband instead?

No problem!

How to Make a Twisted Ear Warmer

Follow the instructions for the seamed pattern of your choice, then leave a 12-14 inch tail of yarn when you finish off, before you seam the two edges together.

How to Make A Twisted Ear Warmer

This will work on any ear warmer or headband project that is crocheted in rows!

STEP 1: Thread your yarn end onto a yarn needle.

STEP 2: Place your headband on a flat surface with the two edges folded into the center down the front (facing you).

STEP 3: Now pick up those 2 edges and fold them in half so the edges cup into each other.

STEP 4: Fold the side edges (short edges) in half to create little open V shapes that can be layered together flat. Like this:

How to Make a Twisted Ear Warmer

STEP 5: Now grasp all four layers firmly in one hand (the one you don’t sew with) and begin the seaming process.

STEP 6: Then using your yarn end and sew through all four layers to the opposite side (straight across the folded section and be careful not to miss any of the layers!).

How to Make a Twisted Ear Warmer

STEP 7: Now sew through to the opposite side, being sure to go through each of the 4 layers. 

STEP 8: Continue working this way, back and forth. Once you reach the other end of the folded section, chain 1 to finish off and weave your end in securely. We will be flipping this inside-out so be sure to seam on the side facing you so you don’t disturb the twist 🙂

STEP 9: Finish off and weave in any remaining ends.

How to Make a Twisted Headband

Watch the twist-front seaming technique in my
video tutorial for Karen’s Twisted Headband here.

If you are new to crochet, you can always refer to my How to Crochet Guide and Crochet Stitches and Symbols for more information. For my crochet video tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

Headband in photos: Subdued Twisted Earwarmer Free Pattern


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