How to Make A PDF from Any Post Online

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Learn how to convert any webpage into a FREE PDF! Perfect for saving insightful articles, interesting blogs or even your favorite recipes for later.

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to make a FREE PDF from any page on the internet. You can use this TIP to make any of my posts into a PDF that you can print, or save for later. It also works on almost any webpage online.

How to Make A PDF from Any Post Online

How to Make A FREE PDF from almost any Post Online

So first let’s start with a post of mine that you might want to save for later.

We will use this one: Roll With it Hat Pattern

You can make a great condensed PDF file of this huge post easily by copying the URL for the post: (to copy this you can right-click with your mouse on the text of the link and selecting “Copy Link Address” with your left-click button).

OR if that left/right mouse thing is a bit too tricky on the device you are using, visit this link and once the post opens, you will see the following link populate at the top of the browser bar (this is the URL for the post).

How to Make a PDF of any Post Online

Copy the link (outlined in yellow above) from the bar on your own browser. You can highlight using your mouse (or tap and select it with your finger if you are on a mobile device).

Now we are going to visit this site: Print Friendly & PDF

You will see the following screen when you get there:


Now, paste the URL you copied into the space that reads “Copy & Paste a URL and Click Preview” (you can use the right-click button on your mouse and choose ‘paste’). It should look like this once you’ve completed this step.

Print-Friendly-PDF with link

On your own screen, click the “Preview” button.

You will see this screen show up (without all my pink arrows and tips written on it!):

Print Friendly Example Post

P.S. You may notice in the example above, that Print Friendly has automatically removed all the Ads that might have been showing up in the post and on my blog sidebars.

Things you can do with Print Friendly before you save your PDF

  1. Change the text size to make it larger, or smaller. Simply change the percentage to a different value to make the text on entire post change size.
  2. Change the size of the images in the posts.
  3. Click (or tap) on paragraphs in the post to remove them completely.
  4. Click (or tap) on images in the post to remove them completely.
  5. Click the ‘undo’ button on the top right to reverse any changes you make if you accidentally remove something you need.
  6. Print the PDF.
  7. Save / download the PDF.
  8. Email the PDF to a friend.

If I were to create the PDF just as it is (without removing or changing anything), it would take 13-pages to print on my printer.

If I remove the images, it will take 8-pages to print.

I’m sure you can get it down to a single page if you only keep what you need to make the project in the post!

I hope this quick step-by-step tutorial to show you how to make a PDF from any post online was helpful!

I have only come across a couple of sites that this does not work for, but they are few and far between.

If you love using this option, you can add a browser extension to your own browser bar. Then all you will need to do is click on that little green printer icon when you are on a website and it the PDF will be made for you in a single step!

Here’s the link to the available browser extensions:

PIN it for later

How to Make A free PDF from Any Post Online - OombawkaDesign

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  1. You’re welcome Verna. I’ve actually been having trouble with the plugin on my site that let’s my print button do the print friendly thing automatically so I wanted to have the post there for the days when they hit print and it doesn’t link up! Sometimes the coding messes up and crashes my blog (happened last weekend and I had to remove the plugin and find a way to enter the code manually instead). I hope it keeps working this way (with the other code I added). Have a lovely weekend, Rhondda

  2. I found this PDF website a couple of years ago. I’ve heard people with blogs say that this hurts their blog page, but I disagree with their reasoning. There are a few pages that I frequent that is set up to not accept this print-friendly program, but I have a workaround for that too….lol
    The Print Friendly always keeps the URL and it can’t be removed so there’s always a way back to the original blog post.
    Thank you for this tutorial Rhondda for those that don’t know about it.