How to Add Your Project to Ravelry

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How to Add Your Project To Ravelry -
So you have finished your fabulous crochet project and you want to share it with the crochet world … here is how you can add it to Ravelry –

How to Add Your Project To Ravelry

When you click on the photos below it will make them larger 🙂

The Project Page on Ravelry is very useful 🙂

It is the page that you create to document your project and it is viewable to other members of Ravelry.

It can be the deciding factor to whether someone tries a pattern they see online.

The notes, ratings and reviews often sway a crocheter to try a pattern, or to avoid a pattern – it is a very powerful tool! I will be the first to admit – if I see too many people frogging a project – or giving it low ratings – I will search for something else to crochet – or to share with my Facebook Friends.

Step 1

Go to Ravelry and access your account.


Step 2

Once on Ravelry, select My Notebook and then, Projects.


Step 3

Select:  add project.


Step 4

Next, you need to complete a little bit of information. I’ve highlighted the fields below in pink –

Name your project
Which Craft?
Name of Pattern
Pattern Source

and you can select where the pattern can be found from the list of options; or if it isn’t available because you improvised you can even select the “not available” option.


Here is an example of a completed page:


Step 5

Next you will be selecting a possible pattern match from the database options.


…or if the project isn’t listed on Ravelry you can select the link at the very bottom of the page shown below:


Step 6

There are a number of spots to complete on this page but don’t be overwhelmed – many people only complete the status, progress and ratings – some add notes and yarn and hooks – others complete the page fully – it depends on what you use Ravelry for.  I like to complete as much as possible – in case someone has a question for me about it later 🙂

You can add more than one hook by selecting the small green circle with the plus sign inside.

When you add your yarn it will give you options to select from for the yarn you used. If it is not listed – you can always select “none of the above”.

Here is what you will see when you go to the ‘add photos’ page:

Here is an example of a completed project.  Remember you can go back and make changes, add new information and remove information whenever you want 🙂 For the one I am completing – it is still in progress and I do not have a photo to add yet.

Another way to add a Project Page is directly from a pattern on the Ravelry site.

Here is a second way you can view your Projects –


I hope you found this tutorial helpful 🙂

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about the process or noticed something I missed!

As always – feel free to send me questions, comments or suggestions 🙂 if you need me to write a tutorial for something? Just let me know 🙂


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