How To Add a Simple Fringe to Your Crochet Project

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Create a Simple Fringe Tutorial @OombawkaDesign


How To Add a Simple Fringe to Your Project

Adding a simple fringe to your scarf or project is very easy! Here is a quick photo tutorial to show you the steps:

  • Cut scraps of yarn into similar lengths – do not worry if they aren’t exact as you will be doing some trimming at the end to even them all out!

Create a Simple Fringe Tutorial @OombawkaDesign

  • Bring your ‘fringe’ loops and your ‘crochet project’ together – so the ends are lined up like so:

2 Create a Simple Fringe Tutorial @OombawkaDesign


  • Insert your hook through your project (make sure the right side of your project is facing DOWN) and under the loop of your ‘fringe’ yarn


3 Create a Simple Fringe Tutorial @OombawkaDesign


  • Hold onto the end of your fringe yarn so it doesn’t pull all the way through and pull fringe loop back through your project like this:

4 Create a Simple Fringe Tutorial @OombawkaDesign


  • Now using those yarn ends (from the fringe), yarn over and pull them through the loop on your hook.

5 Create a Simple Fringe Tutorial @OombawkaDesign


  • Pull the ends all the way through the loop and pull to tighten!
  • Now a quick note, see in the image below and the fringe we just finished. See how it looks visually different from the bottom 2 I created? You can see the ‘open’ side of the fringe ‘knot’ on the top example. By placing the ‘right side’ (good side) of the project face-down when creating the fringe you will see the ‘closed’ side of the fringe ‘knot’ on the front of your project (as the bottom 2 fringe knots appear) instead of the ‘open side’ (as the knot on the top). When I add a fringe to a project OR ties to an earflap hat it is important to me that they are all facing the same direction. I just wanted to point this visual difference out to you 🙂 I prefer the ‘closed look’ on the front of my project (‘right side’).

6 Create a Simple Fringe Tutorial @OombawkaDesign


  • Once you have added as many pieces of fringe as you want to your project, place the project on a flat surface and straighten out all of those ends. Using sharp scissors, snip the ends to one length.

7 Create a Simple Fringe Tutorial @OombawkaDesign

You can use this technique to add the yarn to the ends of an earflap hat too 🙂 Just use a very large hook and multiple ‘fringe’ strands of a longer length and thread them through the end of the earflap as shown in the tutorial above. Then braid them and tie the ends!


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  1. Hi Deborah, You are very welcome! My husband actually bought those for me and I LOVE THEM! He picked them up at the Lee Valley store in Waterloo, Ontario. I’m not sure if you have a location near you but I believe they ship? All the best, Rhondda

  2. Thank You Rhondda for this helpful tip on how to add a fringe:)

    By the way, may I ask where you bought your scissors? I LOVE THEM!

    I live in Calgary, Alberta