How I make my own buttons!

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Last month I shared a free crochet pattern featuring one of my handmade buttons.

I have had quite a few requests asking me how I made them – so here is your quick and easy button making tutorial 🙂

button tutorial

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I am very new to working with polymer clay, in fact this is only my 2nd time using it!

I would definitely say this is a beginner level project 🙂

Here we go!

How I Make My Own Buttons!

Step 1

  • Take a small piece of polymer clay and roll it into a ball (similar in size to the hole in the mold you wish to fill).
Step 1 Polymer Buttons
Take your polymer clay and work it with your hands to make it softer. Roll it into a ball.

Step 2

  • Note: See how the polymer clay ball is similar in size to the hole in the mold?
Step 2: Polymer Clay Buttons
Note: See how the polymer clay ball is similar in size to the hole in the mold?


  • Press the ball of polymer clay firmly into the mold.
Step 2b: Polymer Clay Buttons
Press the polymer clay firmly into the mold.

Step 3

  • Scrape the excess polymer clay off the top to make the button the same height as the mold. See the first completed one on the top right? you need to make the new one the same height. I used a tool I received in my Wholeport Package. You can alternately use the dull side of a knife or a large paper-clip.
Step 4: Polymer Button
Remove the excess polymer clay to make it flat to the surface of the mold.
  • Next pat the polymer clay neatly into the mold.
Step 3b: Polymer Buttons
Pat the polymer clay into the mold neatly.

Step 4

  • Now take a tiny piece of polymer clay and roll it into a tiny ‘snake’. This is how I added the button back and necklace ring to my roses.  You can alternately purchase some metal clasps and links and fit them into the clay to bake.
Step 4: Polymer Buttons
Tap the snake-like pieces to the back of the buttons.

Step 5

  • Turn the mold over and pop the flower buttons out! Now they are ready to bake.
Step 5: Polymer Button
Pop the flower buttons out – they are ready to bake!

Here is a quick peek of how I make the flat buttons too 🙂

Step 1

  • Roll small balls of the polymer clay to fit inside the holes in the mold. Note these balls are slightly smaller as there is very little depth to this mold.
Button Tutorial
Roll small balls of clay to fit the approximate size hole in the mold you wish to fill.

Step 2

  • Press the polymer clay firmly into the mold.
Button Tutorial
Firmly, press the clay into the mold.

Step 3

  • Pop the buttons out of the mold and tap them gently to make them flat.
  • Place the buttons on a piece of parchment paper on a baking tray.
  • Using the flat end of a wooden skewer, press firmly to create button holes. I like larger button holes to allow me to use my darning needle and yarn to attach my buttons to my crocheted projects.


Button Tutorial
Using a wooden skewer, I create button holes large enough for my yarn needle to fit through in the buttons. I use the flat end of the skewer (not the pointy end!).

Step 5

  • Cover the flat buttons with a 2nd piece of parchment paper.
button tutorial
Cover the flat buttons with a piece of parchment paper.

Step 6

  • Place a 2nd metal tray gently on top of the parchment paper covered flat buttons. This is to keep them flat while baking.
Button Tutorial
Place a 2nd small baking tray gently on top of the parchment paper covered flat buttons.

Step 7

  • Bake for 15 minutes at 230°F (110°C)
  • Remove from oven and let cool
Button Tutorial
After Baking

Step 8

  • Embellish your projects with your hand crafted polymer buttons!
starlight summer shawl
Here is one of the flower buttons in use!


For a great chart outlining baking times and temperatures for polymer clay projects please visit: Baking Polymer Clay Perfectly Every Time

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  2. Hi Gramm, I’m sorry the links do not work for you. I’m wondering if perhaps they only work on the computer? Not on mobiles, or tablets? So strange since they seem to work for those using the computer. I’m happy though that you found the post inspiring 🙂 Have fun making buttons! Rhondda

  3. Tho the links do not work for me either this tutorial is great!! I love working with clay and have not been able to find buttons I LIKE for some of the hats I have been making. Never made the connection. Oh, the possibilities….thank you thank you thank you!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I have always wanted to try my hand at doing that!

  5. this is so cool! I might just make my own instead of buying them! thank you 🙂

  6. Hi Anarii,

    Thank you 🙂 I’m not sure why the links aren’t working for you – I just tried them again and they seem to be going to the correct pages. I wonder if the Wholeport site was down when you were trying?


  7. I love your buttons and the tutorial is great. Thank you for the links, however they aren’t working for me.