Hook and Yarn – Crochet Tip

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Do you ever forget which hook and yarn you were using to make a WIP (work-in-progress)?

I know from personal experience, when I have more than one project on the go, it can be difficult to keep track of which hook goes with which yarn.

The easiest way to remember this important information is to write it down; however, I rarely have a pen and paper with me when I need it and to be honest even when I do write it down, I never remember where I wrote it down when I go looking for it!

One thing I almost always have though is my cellphone.

Hook and Yarn – Crochet Tip

Pull out that phone and snap a quick pic of the yarn label, hook size and pattern name (if you printed it out). It will be saved on your phone and you can always scroll back to find it later!

Crochet Tip Yarn and Hook Keeping Track of your Supplies

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  1. During hot humid days, sprinkle baby powder on your fingers that the yarn is passing through
    It keeps the yarn from sticking plus it smells good!