Honoring Our Veterans – REVIEW

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Honoring our Veterans eBook Review and Giveaway Ends Feb 9 2016

Title: Honoring Our Veterans
Author: Carolyn Pfeifer (with 1 bonus design by Linda Daley)
Publisher: Leisure Arts, Inc., 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4647-0937-1
Photographer: Ken West

Honoring Our Veterans – Review

Cover - Honoring Our Veterans Leisure Arts dot com

Choose from 13-crochet designs to make patriotic throws and lap robes for Veterans and Active Members of the Armed Forces and their families. Each of these patterns has been designed using yarns made in America (Red Heart Super Saver® and Red Heart With Love®) and the throws are crocheted in patriotic colors, or camouflage prints.

Also included is a section explaining How You Can Help our Veterans – topics touched on include Community Outreach and National Programs such as Soldiers’ Angels.

Bonus Technique Video Instructions are available for these patterns. Each time you see the ‘camera’ icon and orange text written throughout Honoring our Veterans there is a video available for assistance.

Written instructions have been provided in U.S. Crochet Terminology and are color coordinated: blue font for the throws and pink font for the lap robes. The instructions written in black font apply to both sizes.

Patterns included in this publication are:

  • American Hero – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart Super Saver®
  • American Inspiration – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart With Love®
  • Badge of Courage – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart With Love®
  • Camouflage – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart Super Saver®
  • Desert Ripples – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart Super Saver®
  • Dress Blues – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart Super Saver®
  • Earth & Sky – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart Super Saver®
  • Stars & Stripes – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart With Love®
  • Independence Day – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart With Love®
  • Gratitude – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart With Love®
  • Pink Camo – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart Super Saver®
  • Platoon – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart Super Saver®
  • Urban Camo – EASY – 5.5 mm hook – Red Heart Super Saver®


Color coded placement diagrams have been included for assembling any throws or lap robes which are created using different sized blocks. Diagrams have also been included for the patterns requiring assembly with different shaped blocks.

The General Instructions section is included at the very end of the publication and includes abbreviations, symbols and terms used and written instructions with diagrams for the following basic techniques used to create the projects:

  • gauge
  • joining with a sc
  • joining with a dc
  • back ridge
  • back or front loop only
  • free loops
  • post stitch
  • changing colors
  • whipstitch

The specific Yarn Information, including the colors used to create each sample project shown in Honoring Our Veterans, is located on page 48.

There are many reasons to love Honoring our Veterans – it is filled with patriotic blankets perfect for veterans and the men and women who serve, as well as, their families.

It also has a number of designs perfect for anyone looking for a more masculine style blanket – the stitches used in American Inspiration, Badge Of Courage, Dress Blues, Earth & Sky, Gratitude, Platoon and Urban Camo could easily be crocheted in different colors for gifts and charitable donations – who people and organizations who are asking for blankets for Men and Boys.

From Honoring Our Veterans, my favorite Patriotic Blanket is American Hero and my favorite Camouflage Blankets  are Badge of Courage and Earth & Sky.

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I’d like to thank Leisure Arts, Inc. for providing me with the review copy of Honoring Our Veterans and for the giveaway copy for my readers!

All images are used with permission from Leisure Arts, Inc. For more information about Leisure Arts, Inc. visit their website, Facebook or Twitter!


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  1. WOW!!! What a great book with fabulous patterns. Besides the Patriotic Afghan as a favorite, I really like the Gratitude afghan as well but maybe in red, white & blue colors.

  2. This is such a wonderful idea for a book. Thank you for reviewing it, otherwise I might not have heard about it.

  3. Thank you for reviewing this book. I did not know that they made a pattern book for Veterans!

  4. I love this book! I got married on the 4th of July and I have an older Brother who was in the Army and went to Iraq twice for 13 months the first time and 12 the second time and I made him and his boys a few items out of here. Awesome book

  5. I picked this book for all that our troops have, do and will continue to give to us as a nation, to the world at large, and closer to home, each and every one of us individually. Not just their families, tho that is indeed true, but to each of us they lay down their literal lives to protect our way of life! To do things to honor them and their families is so little, and the very least we can and should do! I appreciate that camo is included, tho I don’t particularly personally care for it, I know those who serve do!

  6. Leisure Arts has so many good books. I would love to see a review for Cuffed Shawls. Thank you for everything.

  7. I would like you to review “Quilt Inspired Throws” from Leisure Arts.

  8. Please review “CUFFED SHAWLS” next. Thanks for all the stitch tutorials, they have really been a blessing to me !

  9. thank you for such a great giveaway, I would love to win this. My Dad was in the Marine Corps for 27 yrs my husband was in the usmc for 20 My son was in the USMC also and another son in the Navy and 2 of my uncles were in the Navy and I had a Uncle killed when he was in the Air Force. He was my Dads oldest brother. I saw my Grandmother struggle all my life because of that. he was only 20 yrs old. I am a very pround Daughter of the USMC and my Daddy is my Hero!!!Thank You!!!for this giveaway!!!

  10. I love all the Patriotic blankets in this book. For your next review, I’d like to see blankets for every baby or one skein baby projects.