Hello Summer! 25+ Lightweight Crochet Patterns

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Lightweight Crochet Patterns

Say hello to summer crochet with 25+ lightweight styles for sunny days!

Hello Summer I Like Crochet August

You need to check out the August issue of I Like Crochet because it’s full of this summer’s hottest new crochet patterns, including the Rose Resort Tee, Allons-y Bag, Sand Dollar Earrings and the Fresh Air Scarf.  Back to School patterns, like the Play it School iPad case and the Purr-fect Backpack, will help your little ones gear up for a new school year; while the collection of on-the-go patterns will help you crochet during the rest of your summer vacation. Whether you’re ready for the summer days, or you are just looking to crochet something bright and new, this issue has what you need.

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This month’s features include:

  • 25+ Lightweight Styles for Sunny Days
  • Motif Series: High Tide Cardi
  • Back to School: New Gear for a New Year
  • Out-of-Town Getaway: 5 Patterns for On-the-Go

View the full Table of Contents for this Issue HERE.

I Like Crochet August Collage

My favorite designs include:

  • Farm Stand Watermelon Basket ♥
  • Watermelon Placemat & Napkin Ring ♥
  • Adventure Cowl (pictured on cover)
  • Allons-y Bag
  • Owl See You At School Backpack (center image in collage)
  • Up and Away Tank (image top right in collage with balloon)
  • Artist’s Vest ♥
  • Great Heights Cardigan ♥

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  1. I always see this magazine around, even after all these years. Unfortunately I am not much of a magazine person. So many patterns in one magazine would definitely be worth the purchase. Thanks for your review of this edition.

  2. This is fantastic! Esp as I find it hard sometimes to find summer projects as I’m in the southern hemisphere.

  3. Loved the review of summer weight crochet – always on the lookout for summery suggestions! These definitely fit the bill!

  4. I love going through crochet magazines!! So much inspiration!! 😀

  5. I love that you give chances to win prizes…… I love making scarfs and hats but hard with not having the right materials

  6. It looks awesome but where I live you can hardly wear clothes during the summer imagine anything around the neck or crocheted!!! It would have to be for the autumn.

  7. I like all crochet items, but the owl backpack is my favorite!

  8. Thank you for the review. Seriously considering subscribing Rhondda XXX

  9. I’ve always enjoyed your reviews, for their honest opinions. I would love to have the “I Like Crochet” , magazine, but I’m on a fixed income, and this month is just too tight to order it. But thanks for the review.

  10. I think this would be a great book to add to my collection.

  11. Looks like a great publication! I’ll have to put it on my wish list!

  12. I’m glad to know this book exists. I need to add it to my collection.