Have you heard of Scoop.it ?

A few days ago I came upon this website by accident…and I fell in love – have you heard of scoop.it?


I love how you can scoop items from other pages and save them to your boards – but what makes this website special is that I can add RSS feeds from other websites and blogs to curate ideas and Scoop them onto my boards.  It works like an RSS feed reader where I can collect and gather what I love and want to share, all in one place.

So instead of just re-Scooping ideas, or manually searching online to find my Scoops, I can add feeds from my favorite sites and Scoop.it does the ‘work’ for me – I just have to show up and scroll through the recent posts and Scoop.it!

But an added bonus is that if you are just browsing the web and you find a post or pic you want to Scoop, after you Scoop.it you will see the option to add the available feeds to your collection!

You don’t have to go looking for RSS feed information and manually add it – you just have to visit and Scoop one item from the blog, or website for the option to appear magically at the top of your page!

This is my Scoop.it topic: Just Crochet

When I first visit my topic I see my curated posts and at the top right corner is a little blue suggestion box – this is where my RSS feeds and other topics I follow show up.

All I need to do is click on it and it will load the newest feeds for me to view:

Then I can scroll through them and pick and choose what I want to read and/or share AND SCOOP.IT to my topic 🙂  and you can share it with almost any other social media site!

They have a lot of different apps too – for android, ipad, picmonkey, chrome, iphone….you can see them here.


Hope to see you there!


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