Guest Post – Sara Duggan – Crocheting A Business – Blog Tour – August 1 – November 7, 2013

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I’d like to introduce you to Sara Duggan; Author of Hooking for Cash : 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Crochet Blog 2nd Edition.
Earlier this summer I participated in her very organized 31-Day Crochet Business Blogging Challenge and honestly, participating in the challenge was the real ‘start’ to my blogging journey.
I learned a lot from Sara – her Blogging Challenge motivated me and her book provided me with knowledge to help me apply new ideas to my blog and business.
I reviewed Sara’s book Hooking for Cash: 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Crochet Blog – you can read about that here.
I’d like to thank Sara for sharing the below Guest Post with us -the free pattern and the chance to win a copy of her book!
From Sara:

It started out innocently enough with Professor Oh’s Korean classes for my 5th grader.

Little did I know when he asked to learn Korean that 1-year later I would be a Korean Drama addict.

Yes it’s true this mom with a hook is now a mom with a k-pop addiction.

Why am I mentioning this you may ask?

This is the inspiration for the pattern I’m sharing with you today.

The Drama: Heaven’s Postman with Han Hyo Joo (my favorite actress) and Jae Joong.

Jae Joong is a postman to the dead.

It’s a melodrama and a love story.

What caught my attention? The crocheted and knitted designs used in wardrobe.

In this particular movie the lead actress wears a cherry necklace and bracelet throughout.

Pattern: Sweet Cherry Crochet Necklace

  • Scraps of yarn about 2 o.z. each Red, Green, and Black
  • Fiber Fill
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • G-(4.25mm) hook
  • single crochet, decrease, half double crochet, slip stitch
  • work in the round (spiral)

Make 2 Cherries – Red

Start with a magic ring (see video tutorial by June Gilbank) 6sc in ring, pull to close
Rnd 1: (1sc , 2sc (increase) in next st) repeat 2 more times [9sc]
Rnd 2-4: 1sc in each stitch around (repeat for rows 3 and 4)
Rnd 5: skip a stitch, decrease, skip st, decrease, skip, decrease, end off leaving long tail for sewing up

Add stuffing Weave in top to close

Make 2 Leaves – Green

Start with chain 6 sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sc, hdc, sc, sl st, working on the opposite side of your work sl st, sc, hdc, sc, sl st, end off leaving a long tail

Stems – Green

Attach green to top of finished cherry (1) chain 5, end off.
Attach green to top of finished cherry (2) chain 5, attach with a slip stitch to 3rd chain of cherry (1)

Sew Leaves to the stems where they intersect.

Necklace – Black

Chain 100, sl st to join, end off
Attach cherries to necklace with sl st using green yarn.


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