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When I established Oombawka Design (many moons ago) one of my favorite things to do was to share the projects other crocheters made with my groups and social media readers.

Become a Guest Designer @oombawkadesigncrochet

For 2-years I accepted Guest Post Contributors who designed and shared exclusive free crochet patterns with my readers. Their fantastic patterns are still available on Oombawka Design and they are still being shared across my social media channels to this day.

I’ve continued to promote and share patterns on social media, through my Wednesday Link Party each week and by sharing featured free patterns in my Free Pattern Friday roundups (if you want me to include you in these roundups let me know!).

The members of my Facebook Group (with 199,600+ members) especially enjoy seeing new content and finding new Designers to follow online.

Over the past few years I’ve started to get busier and busier managing my blogs, my own developing crochet career and my social media accounts (not to mention my family and my home) but I really miss sharing and promoting new and aspiring Crochet Designers.

I’ve always believed creativity is better when shared with others and there are so many amazing Designers who never get noticed because they haven’t broken through on social media yet. It is hard to get started online, especially when there are so many voices clamoring for attention.

In an effort to help, I’ve decided to reopen my Guest Designer Program.

Reasons to be A Guest Designer

  • you have a brand new crochet blog and you are trying to grow your audience
  • you design and sell crochet patterns but you do not have a website of your own
  • you have designed patterns and made things for friends and family and are considering online publishing
  • you publish your content as free PDFs on Ravelry, LoveCrafts or another site
  • you want new eyes to see your work but struggle with social media marketing
  • you can’t break through on social media – you know your designs are great but no one sees them so you aren’t getting any traffic to your blog
  • you’d like to tap into my established reader base to gain new followers of your own

How I Can Help You

If you publish on Oombawka Design Crochet your pattern will be shared with:

  • readers of my Crochet Blog (8+ years) with 3.5 million pageviews + / year
  • my social media followers (Facebook 148,000+; Pinterest 108,000+, Instagram 10900+, Twitter 8045+)
  • my Free Crochet Pattern Group on Facebook (199,600+Members)
  • my Weekly Newsletter Subscribers with >40% open rate
  • my Social Media Scheduling and Marketing tools (to ensure your post is reshared online after the initial publish date, on repeat)
  • My Crochet Friends’ (I’ve met a lot of Designers in the last 8-years!) readers, social media boards and groups online

Guest Designer Opportunity

If you are interested in working with me, I’d love to have you share your work with my readers!

Looking forward to working with you!


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