10 Free Granny Square Patterns

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If you are searching for a small project to work on and learn new stitches and techniques, granny square patterns are the perfect answer. This post includes a collection of 10 pretty granny squares for which tutorials and free written patterns are available. Each square is approximately 9 inches in size. These have been created as part of a CAL event called the Crochet A Block Afghan 2017 taking place at Creative Crochet Workshop.

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All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.

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10 Free Granny Square Patterns

Ten Free Crochet Granny Square Patterns

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Four Heart Petal Granny Square by Joanita Theron

Four Point Butterfly Granny Square by Joanita Theron

Dragonfly Granny Square by Joanita Theron

Split Granny Square by Joanita Theron

Spiked Row Granny Square by Joanita Theron

Chrysanthemum Granny Square by Joanita Theron

Interlocked Granny Square by Joanita Theron

Victorian Flower Granny Square by Joanita Theron

Eight Petal Flower Wheel Square by Joanita Theron

10 Fancy Clover Granny Square by Joanita Theron

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