Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket Pattern

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Last weekend was my Grandma’s 90th Birthday and we had a small family gathering in the Retirement Home where she lives. I crocheted her this Textured Lap Blanket using the trinity stitch. I wanted her to be able to use her cozy blanket when she is sitting in her chair watching television, or when she is coloring (she loves to color and she’s quite good at it too!).

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Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket Crochet Pattern

Grandma's Textured Lap Blanket

I didn’t want her crochet lapghan to be too large, or too heavy, but I did want it to provide warmth and comfort. I also wanted it to be something she could fold up and place in her carry bag on her walker so she could use it in other areas of the Retirement Home if she was joining in group activities in the main room. It would also be suitable to bring with her to use for a bit of extra warmth when she is a passenger in a vehicle.

I designed this easy crochet lap blanket using simple stitches so you can make the perfect gift for your loved one’s too.

Learn how to make Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket in any size.

The Trinity Stitch

This blanket is crocheted using the Trinity Stitch and the finished fabric does not have any large spaces or holes. Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket is warm, soft and sized to fit a lap comfortably. The finished blanket used 2 balls of Caron Big Cakes and a 5 mm (H) hook.  The finished size is approximately 29 inches by 39 inches. This is the perfect blanket size for her and I think it will be the right size for those who are wheelchair users too.

I LOVE the texture of this blanket (the trinity stitch creates little bumps) and I found myself running my hand over the finished rows of stitches as I worked because it has a slight bumpiness to it. To me it is calming to slide my hand over and I hope Grandma will find it calming too.

If you are making a handmade blanket for someone who lives in a retirement residence, or nursing home, be sure to include the care instructions for the finished throw with your gift. For example, for Grandma’s Lap Blanket the Caron Big Cakes Yarn I used is machine washable and dryable; so the finished lap blanket can be washed just like her other clothing items. This is a durable and warm blanket, which will stand up to daily use. Different washing instructions would be needed for cotton blankets and for wool blankets and the home may not be able to accommodate those cleaning requests.

The Stitch Multiple

The pattern is very easy to modify to any size using the stitch multiple. If you are beginning with a starting chain row you will need to chain a multiple of 2 stitches. If you are working within an established pattern and just adding a section, or if you are making something and you are working a foundation row of single crochet stitches instead of the beginning chain row, you need to work a multiple of 2 stitches plus 1. For other blanket sizes that you can make, include throw blankets and kids blankets please see this post: Common Blanket and Afghan Sizes

Grandma's Textured Lap Blanket. Trinity Stitch Blanket Pattern.

Learn how to make this blanket with a different yarn and hook.


  • Yarn: Caron Big Cakes. (affiliated link) 10.5 oz (300 g) and 603 yds (551 m). 100% Acrylic. Medium Weight Yarn [4]. Machine washable and dryable
  • Color: 2 balls Nightberry
  • Crochet Hook: 5 mm (H) Furls Lime Odyssey.  (affiliate link)
  • Finished Project Yardage of sample (size throw): Lap Blanket: 21 oz (600 g) / 1206 yds (1102 m)
  • Scissors, Yarn Needle

Difficulty Level


Finished Size

39″ wide by 29″ long with the edging

Before the edging the blanket measures approximately 37 inches wide X 27 inches long


Approximately 14 rows per 4 inches and 15 sts per 4 inches

You can substitute any yarn and hook for this stitch pattern – just remember when you substitute if your tension is different, the finished size of your project will also be different.


US Terminology used

Our Crochet Translation Project offers translations in many languages.
Check out the Basic Crochet Terms in 10 languages here.

  • ch – chain
  • R – row
  • rem – remaining
  • rep – repeat
  • sc – single crochet
  • sc3tog – single crochet 3 stitches together
  • sk – skip
  • st/sts – stitch/stitches
  • * – Repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times indicated. This repeat will contain of multiple instructions.
  • () – Repeat the instructions between the parentheses the number of times indicated.
  • [] – at the end of the row – the total number of stitches

Helpful Tutorials

If you are new to crochet, you can always refer to my How to Crochet Guide and Crochet Stitches and Symbols for more information. For my crochet video tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.


Grandma's Textured Lap Blanket. Trinity Stitch Blanket Pattern. #yarnspirations #crochet #crochetpattern #blanket #lapblanket

I’ve tried to create a stitch diagram for you for the trinity stitch. I’m a beginner at this so I hope this makes sense!

Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket Stitch Chart:

Grandma's Textured Lap Blanket. Trinity Stitch Blanket Pattern.

Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket Crochet Pattern

Grandma's Textured Lap Blanket. Trinity Stitch Blanket Pattern.

R1: Ch 142. 1 sc in 2nd ch from the hook, beg in the same ch as you worked your prev sc and work a sc3tog over it and the next 2 chs. *Ch 1, sc3tog by inserting your hook into the same ch as the 3rd leg of the previous sc3tog and then into the next 2 chs.** Rep from * to ** across. Work 1 sc in the same ch as the 3rd leg of the previous sc3tog. Turn. [141]

R2: Ch 1, 1 sc in the first st, beg in the same st as you worked your prev sc and work a sc3tog over it and the next 2 sts. *Ch 1, sc3tog by inserting your hook into the same st as the 3rd leg of the previous sc3tog and then into the next 2 sts.** Rep from * to **across. Work 1 sc in the same st as the 3rd leg of the previous sc3tog. Turn. [141]

R3-R92: Rep R2

Proceed to Simple Edging Instructions.

Simple Edging Instructions

The edging I used is a simple single crochet (sc) edging. I worked under one loop only for each row-end. 

R1: 1 sc in each st across to the corner, 3 sc in the corner, rotate your work to continue along the side-edge. 1 sc in each row-end to the corner, 3 sc in the corner, rotate your work to continue across the foundation row. 1 sc in each st across to the corner, 3 sc in the corner, rotate your work to continue along the side-edge. 1 sc in each row-end to the corner, 3 sc in the corner, rotate your work to begin R2. 

R2: 1 sc in each st across to the corner sc, 3 sc in the corner sc, rotate your work to continue along the side-edge. 1 sc in each row-end to the corner sc, 3 sc in the corner sc, rotate your work to continue across the foundation row. 1 sc in each st across to the corner sc, 3 sc in the corner sc, rotate your work to continue along the side-edge. 1 sc in each row-end to the corner sc, 3 sc in the corner sc. Finish off with an invisible join

Proceed to Finishing Instructions.

Finishing Instructions for Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket

  • Weave in any remaining ends.
  • If gifting this to a retirement home or nursing home be sure to provide the washing and drying instructions.
Grandma's Textured Lap Blanket. Trinity Stitch Blanket Pattern.

How to Make Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket in Any Size

You can make this easy textured blanket in any size, with any yarn and hook combination by following these instructions:

  • Chain to the width blanket you want to make, with your chosen yarn and hook.
  • Add 2 extra inches of chain stitches.
  • Follow Row 1 of my pattern below and stop when the blanket you have is the width you wanted. Ignore those extra chain stitches for now.
  • Follow R2 and the repeat rows of the pattern.
  • Stop when your blanket is the length you want it to be.
  • Let’s get rid of those extra chain stitches. Watch this quick video.
  • Follow the simple edging (just single crochet in each stitch and row end and make 3 sc in each corner).

Other free crochet patterns that provide extra warmth for Grandma are:

#yarnspirations #crochet #crochetpattern #blanket #lapblanket

Grandma's Textured Lap Blanket. Trinity Stitch. Caron Big Cakes X 2 cakes and 5 mm Furls Lime Odyssey Crochet Hook.
Grandma’s Textured Lapghan Pattern (Trinity Stitch Blanket)

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Crochet Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket with Caron Big Cakes

Create a cozy, textured lap blanket with two balls of Caron Big Cakes and a 5mm (H) crochet hook! Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket is soft and warm, measuring 29 inches by 39 inches. Get started with this easy-to-follow crochet pattern today.

Create the perfect lap blanket for her and wheelchair users with Caron Big Cakes and a 5 mm (H) hook using Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket pattern. Enjoy the warmth and softness of a 29″x39″ lap blanket crocheted using the Trinity Stitch. Get started today!

This Easy Crochet Lap Blanket Pattern is available for free and includes detailed instructions to make your Granny this cozy lapghan, PLUS how you can make it in any size AND with any yarn and hook!

This beautifully crocheted Trinity Stitch lap blanket is soft, snug, and just the right size for you or a loved one. Ideal for wheelchair users too! Crafted using 2 balls of Caron Big Cakes and a 5mm hook, it measures around 29×39 inches. Want to make this your next DIY project? Free pattern and instructions included! #CrochetLove #Diycraft #HomemadeComfort

Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket is everything you’ve ever dreamed of – warm, soft, and perfectly sized for comfort! Crafted using the Trinity Stitch, there’s no room for cold winds to sneak in. 🤗 Get your free crochet pattern today and start creating your own comfort corner! 💗 #CozyCrochet #HandmadeWithLove

Experience the magic of crochet with Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket. Expertly crafted with the intricate Trinity Stitch, this blanket offers lasting warm comfort without any large holes or spaces. Using 2 balls of Caron Big Cakes and a 5 mm (H) hook, the final product measures at a thoughtful 29 by 39 inches – the perfect lap blanket size. Appropriate for all, including wheelchair users, this lap blanket offers textured softness in the perfect size for ease and comfort. Discover an affordable luxury with this free crochet pattern that allows customization to any size, yarn, and hook, ensuring a bespoke blanket experience for all.


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  1. Hi Sylvia, I didn’t join or chain 1 at the end of the round but if you want to you can 🙂 If you plan on finishing the blanket with a slip stitch instead of the invisible join method that I use, then I would recommend the sl st join, ch 1 at the end of Round 1 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed making the blanket – it is a nice weight and my Grandma still uses it. She finds the weight comforting. I’m sorry to hear you friend has to have chemotherapy. I do pray that the therapy works quickly for him/her/them! Best wishes, Rhondda

  2. Hi Rhondda. I love this pattern — a beautiful blanket for your sweet grandmother! Thank you for taking the time to provide such clear instructions. This is my first time working the trinity stitch, and I am loving the weight and texture it creates. I am making a lap blanket for a dear friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. I’m in the home stretch, and have just completed round 1 of the border. I feel as though I should join the first and last stitch of the round, and then chain 1 (counting as 1 sc) to start the second round. Is this correct, or am I over thinking it? Thanks in advance. All the best.

  3. Thanks so much for your help, Rhondda! The stitch calculators are a GREAT resource that I will continue to use in the future!

  4. Hi Diana, the stitch multiple is 2 + 2. Mikey has an Afghan Size Calculator available that you could try. You would need to do a gauge swatch in your chosen yarn and hook and enter in the stitch multiple for the pattern you want to make and it will tell you the starting chains you need. Or, what I do when I am designing is I chain my chain to be 6 inches longer that the dimension of the blanket I want to make, then I work the pattern across until the pattern stitch measures the size blanket I want. I then cut some of the excess chain and undo the last 5-7 extra chain stitches and continue on my way. I think Super Saver Ombre may be a bit heavier than the yarn I used and comes in smaller balls. Here is my post that includes some of the online calculators I have found online: Mikey’s afghan size calculator is here: and he has a yarn substitution one too that should work for you for your project I think: All the best, Rhondda

  5. Hi Rhondda,
    I’m a newbie crocheter and wanting to make a queen or full size blanket with Red Heart super saver ombre, and I’m having trouble trying to figure out how many skeins it would take and how many chains I should have to do your pattern here. Could you possibly help, or is there a good converter somewhere online?

  6. Hi Eunice, that is with the single crochet edging I added. The blanket is approximately 27 inches long and 37 inches wide before I added the edging. Hope this helps! Rhondda

  7. Hi:

    I am getting ready to start the lap blanket my question is the 29 inches length does that include the edging? Thanks for the pattern.

  8. HI



  9. Love this! Using same yarn, different color. It has become my “in between” pattern project as it is very time consuming. I use it to take a break from other projects i have going on. I love the way it is coming together and the trinity stitch is perfect for this. I don’t have anyone who needs it so i will donate when its done. thank you for this lovely pattern!

  10. Hi Diane, 141 sts including the ch1sp in the rows. I’ve added the extra information. Thank you for letting me know I’d missed that! All the best, Rhondda

  11. It would help to know how many stitches I should have ar the end of row 1. If we start with 142 chains, shold we have a stitch count of 141from here on out?

  12. Hi Grandma Joyce, I’m so happy you like this project and will be able to make use of it with your excess yarn 🙂 Wishing you the very best, Rhondda

  13. Sorry for my mistakes. I hope you correct the spelling of Trinity, etc. That’s what happens as we age! Grandma Joyce

  14. Thank you you so much for a lovely early Labor Day Birthday gift! I’m a Grandma too, living in a Retirement Home, turning 89 on Labor Day I’m trying to use up my excess yarn so love these perfect laptop patterns I can use to share with others at my church. The “Trinity Stitch” is a perfect name for my projects!

  15. Hi Laurie, No I’m afraid I don’t have a video for the edging. I crocheted 1 sc in each row end on the 2 sides and 1 sc in each stitch on the top and bottom edges. The 4 corners I worked 3 sc into (to let it go around the corner to the next side). After I worked that first round around the outside I just did it again, 1 sc in each st around – in each of the 4 corners I worked 3 sc stitches.

    When I work the first round of stitches I worked under one strand of the side edge of each row. I didn’t work under all the strands on the edge, I worked under a single strand (loop). This makes the edges a little bit neater and flatter.

    I hope this helps a bit!

  16. Hello! I have just finished Grandmas textured lap blanket. Loved it. But I do not understand the instructions for the border. Is there something that you could direct me to to help me finish my border. I am a visual learner.

  17. Hi, I am a senior who has never learned to crochet. I have been knitting preemie hats for the hospital here in Edmonton Alberta Canada; but after 2 dozen made, I needed a bigger challenge. After calling our Cross Cancer Clinic I was informed that they need lap blankets. I have looked for simple granny squares unsuccessfully but this Gramma’s blanket I think will do nicely. I have completed 2 rows of this blanket and so far so good.
    Thank You so much for sharing I find your tutorials are excellent for a beginner and plan to make purchases as I progress. Thanks again

  18. What a lovely lady! I love the pattern in this lap blanket – is rich in texture and will crochet for a donation. Also will crochet pillow.
    Thank you for sharing!

  19. Hi Cindy! Thank you for letting me know!! I’m so happy you found the pattern easy-to-follow and that it worked well with the Bernat Blanket yarn too 🙂 Have a lovely week, Rhondda

  20. I made this blanket in Bernat Blanket variegated shades of red and it came out fantastic. Of course I upped the hook size to match the yarn and the blanket came out bigger but just what I was hoping for. It stays on the foot of my bed for impromptu naps. It has become my favorite blanket and go to pattern for quick gifts. Thanks Rhonda!

  21. Hi Angela, The stitch pattern is based on a multiple of 2 stitches plus 2. So this means you can crochet your chain to the width you want it to be with any yarn and hook combo you would like to use, just be sure to chain a multiple of 2 stitches before you stop (so any number of chains that divides by 2 will work). Once you have that width and that chain number that is divisible by 2 then add 2 more chains (this makes up for the first turning chain) and follow the pattern from that point forward. You may want to make a small sample in the bulky yarn before deciding to make an entire blanket with it though because this stitch is quite dense (thick) with medium weight yarn – it may be too heavy for you with the bulky yarn – best to try a couple shorter rows first to see if you like how thick it ends up being than chaining a whole blanket width and a few rows and then deciding. Best wishes, Rhondda

  22. Hello, I like this pattern and would like to make a lap blanket with it. However, I have bulky yarn with a total of 763 yards of it. Do you know how I should alter the initial chain length to make an appropriate lap blanket?

  23. OMG! Thank you for this pattern! And when I looked down at the diagram pattern, I think for the first time ever…..I understood the stitches by ‘reading the symbols” I’m excited.

  24. You are very welcome 🙂 I really love that blanket too the stitch makes a fabric that is perfect for keeping out the chill 🙂 It would make a great pillow too!

  25. I just love the weight of this lapghan. I took your pattern and made it into a window cushion for my kitties by folding a longer length in half and crocheting the whole thing all the way around. It made the finished “cushion” nice and thick and comfy. Thank you for sharing this pattern.

  26. Hi Lucie-France, I’m so happy the diagram was helpful and you were able to complete the blanket for your Mom 🙂 Thank you for letting me know – I will try to provide them for more patterns where I can. If you ever do have questions though, please let me know so I can try to help. It has been a very long winter hasn’t it? I’m in Ontario, Canada – it is cold here which means it is even colder where you are! Today it is beautiful though – I was very happy to finally see the sun shining! Have a lovely weekend, Rhondda

  27. Hello Rhondda,
    I hope you understand my bad English, I’m French Canadian … I just want to say a big thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern. At first, I had some difficulties because most of the time I have to watch the video before reading the pattern, but there I had to read before and I did not understand where I was wrong, I always finished with a stitch more or less …..🤔
    I looked at your diagram More Carefully and the Click in my head is done and I understood the beginning and the end of the row …. Without your diagram, I would not have arrived! So if you are at your beginning with the diagrams, I wanted you to know, that for me it was like a Magic Key, which allowed me to succeed. 😘💙
    It’s more work for you, but for someone who speaks little English like me, it’s like the Wheel of Fortune 😉
    Strangely, I am rather nervous, hooking it, I felt more relaxed, it was only happiness. Me, I did it for my mom, who is in the same situation as your pretty grandma.
    I LOVE everything about this blanket, I start another this weekend but for me this time, because here in Quebec, it is still really cold at night (-25) and the day is not better. I have so much snow in front of my house that I can not see the cars passing in the street.
    I’m sorry about the length of the message, maybe I had the taste to practice my english 😉
    Once again, Thank You Very Much Rhondda, because my mom had star-filled eyes and a big smile …..
    Friends of Quebec, Lucie-France ST-Pierre 💙😘

  28. Hi Colleen, I definitely used the Nightberry from Caron Big Cakes Yarn. This one here: The only thing I can think of is that there are different dye lots that have changed the colors slightly. I only used this yarn in this color. Sorry I can’t be of more help, Rhondda

  29. I bought night berry yarn and it is not what I wanted the colour in the original pattern with the light colours in the yarn. Night berry does not have the colours depicted in pic ture. Was there another colour used. If there was would you let me know! Thank you.

  30. Hi Tricia, Yes! You can add length to the blanket. The starting chain is the width for the blanket. The number of rows is the length. Hope this helps! Rhondda

  31. I am making this pattern now as a baby afghan using 3 weight sport variegated baby yarn. Yarn label calls for a G hook, but after making a test swatch, I decided to use an I hook. It makes a softer fabric and is easier to get your hook into the chain stitch that locks your 3tog sets. It helps also to work somewhat loosely. If you have the wrong number of stitches at the end of any row, you have probably missed one of the chain stitches, so you need to pull out that entire row and restitch it. I know, I know – nobody likes doing that ! But with this particular pattern it’s hard to find your missed stitch so reworking an entire row is less time wasting. I’ve been crocheting for more than 50 years and if I had $1 for every row I had to pull out, I’d be able to spend the winter in Hawaii and still have money to buy more yarn ! Hope these comments will help get your project back on track.

  32. Hi there, I was wondering if I could add more yarn balls to make the Afghan longer? Which is the width and the length measurements?

  33. Hi Peggy, You can work into the space instead of the loop of the chain. It will change the look slightly but it will work 🙂 Hope this helps! Rhondda

  34. I like this pattern. But I can’t seem to keep my chain one loose enough and struggle to get the hook in on the next row. It slows me way down. I’m trying to use Lion Brand Mandela. I changed to a bigger hook but that didn’t help. Any other suggestions?

  35. Hi Judi 🙂 She is and she is 91 now and doing quite well. We just spent some time with her at Christmas and she is learning to use a tablet so she can see photos of her great grandchildren and send us messages. She is a wonderful lady. I hope you enjoy making the pattern 🙂 Rhondda

  36. Rhondda, that woman in the photo is 90 years old? She looks to be no older than say, 75. Holy cow, she looks fabulous. The photo of her with your lap blanket is beautiful. Thank you for the pattern and I hope you have more years with her.

  37. Hi Pearl, I’ve added the video to the post or the end of Row 1 and moving into Row 2 and Row 3. Hope this helps! Rhondda

  38. Hi. I love this pattern but the start of row 2 seems to be confusing for me.
    Is there any way you can do a video showing the end of row 1 and the start of row 2.
    Thank you – Pearl

  39. Hi Sheri, I never changed colors in this pattern. This is one variegated ball of yarn. When I ran out I just added the new yarn to my continue on the last yarn over of a stitch and continued crocheting. Hope this helps, Rhondda

  40. Hi Lisa, they should be matching up exactly as we are using the same number of stitches in each row. I will see if I can make a video for you tomorrow. I’m just getting over the flu (since last Wednesday) so playing catchup today and tomorrow on my messages. When you chained to turn to begin the next row did you work into that chain? All the best, Rhondda

  41. Is there a video tutorial on how to end R1 and begin R2 and then how to end R2? I’m stuck.

  42. I’ve got the stitch down but at the end of R2, I have one stitch left. I’ve tried it twice now and get the same result. If I do one sc into the last leg of the last sc3tog, the second row falls short of the first. Can you plz help! I really want to make this for my 99 year old aunt. Thanks!!

  43. Hi Carol 🙂 I created a short 1 minute 20 second to help you understand what I mean in Row 1. It is immediately above the information in the post and shows you how to work R1. Hope this is helpful, Rhondda

  44. Hi Diane, The video cut off – here’s the new link: Let me know if this doesn’t help 🙂 Thanks! Rhondda

  45. We are having trouble starting this pattern at row 1. It seems to go into a circle. Specifically work a sc3 tog over it and the next 2 ch. please demonstrate with a video because we want to make these to donate to hospice. We

  46. Hi! I normally struggle to make sense of crochet charts – yours is brilliant, I am looking forward to making the lapghan.
    Fyi, I am a 73 old grandmother and plan to make this one for myself!!