Gently Reminisce Wrap Free Crochet Pattern

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Wrap yourself in a soft and gentle hug while you gently reminisce of days long past.

Gently Reminisce Free Crochet Pattern Wrap

This wrap was designed for the warmer weather during the spring, summer and fall. It is lightweight and super soft. Lacy and playful. Simple to crochet and the added fringe, makes it fun to wear.

Designed using 3-colors of The Cotton Wool (100% Pima Cotton Yarn from We Are Knitters), with an easy to remember stitch pattern repeat, basic crochet stitches and zero ends to sew in! This design is soon to be one of your very favorites.

Gently Reminisce Wrap Softly Tied up front

As an added bonus, I have provided the stitch pattern repeat to allow you to make your wrap to any size you wish.

The completed design is 16-inches wide and 60-inches long (before the fringe). The fringe adds an extra 10-inches in length (5-inches on each side) for a total length of 70-inches.

Gently Reminisce Wrap Back

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  • Yarn: The Cotton Wool – 100% Pima Cotton from We Are Knitters (1 ball Natural, 1 ball Light Salmon, 1 ball Aquamarine); 100 g/212 m per ball; worsted weight yarn

  • Hook: 5.0 mm (H)
  • Scissors, Yarn Needle, Stitch Marker (optional)

Difficulty Level


Finished Size

Length: 60 inches; 70 inches including fringe
Width: 16 inches wide


approximately 2 st sets (*Ch 2, sk ch2sp, sk Cl, (Cl, ch 1, Cl) in next ch1sp, ch 2, sk next Cl, sk next ch2sp, 1 dc in next dc** Rep from * to ** two times) = 4 inches; 9 rows = 4 inches


US Terminology used

beg – beginning
ch – chain
Cl – 2 dc cluster stitch (see special stitches)
R – row/round
rem – remaining
rep – repeat
sc – single crochet
sk – skip
sl st – slip stitch
st/sts – stitch/stitches
* – Repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times indicated. This repeat will contain of multiple instructions.
() – Repeat the instructions between the parentheses the number of times indicated.
[] – at the end of the row – the total number of stitches

Helpful Tutorials

Back Bump

Invisible Join

Stitch Anatomy

Special Stitches

2 Double Crochet Cluster Stitch – Cl

*Yarn over, insert your hook in the stitch (or space) indicated. Yarn over and pull up 1 loop. Yarn over and pull through 2 of the loops on the hook.** Repeat from * to ** one more time. Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on the hook.

Stitches - Gently Reminisce Wrap


  • The final ch stitch does not count as a stitch in the totals at the end of the row
  • Do not work into chain stitches unless specified.
  • Color A: Aquamarine, Color B: Natural, Color C: Light Salmon

Stitch Multiple: 8 + 5

Pattern Instructions

R1: Using Color-A, leave a 5.5 inch tail of yarn and ch 205. (Cl,  ch 1, Cl) in ninth ch from your hook (Note: the 8 skipped chains count as 1 dc, ch 2 and 3 skipped chs). Ch 2, sk 3 chs, 1 dc in next ch. *Ch 2, sk 3 chs, (Cl, ch 1, Cl) in next ch, ch 2, sk 3 chs, 1 dc in next ch.** Rep from * to ** 24 times. Finish off with a ch 1 leaving a 5.5-inch tail of yarn. 25 repeats [26 dc, 50 ch2sp, 25 (Cl, ch 1, Cl)]

R1 is the RS of your project. You may wish to mark R1 with a stitch marker in the front of a stitch to remember this. If you forget, you can tell because it will have 2-tails of yarn on the left-hand side and zero tails of yarn on the right-hand side (if you are crocheting right-handed).

R2: Turn. Join Color-B with 1 dc in first dc, ch 2, sk next ch2sp, sk next Cl. (Cl, ch 1, Cl) in next ch1sp, ch 2, sk next Cl, sk next ch2sp, 1 dc in next dc. *Ch 2, sk ch2sp, sk Cl, (Cl, ch 1, Cl) in next ch1sp, ch 2, sk next Cl, sk next ch2sp, 1 dc in next dc**. Rep from * to ** 24 times. Finish off with a ch 1, leaving a 5.5-inch tail of yarn. [26 dc, 50 ch2sp, 25 (Cl, ch 1, Cl)]

R3: Rep R2 using Color-C.

R4: Turn. Join Color-A with 1 sl st in first dc, ch 2, 1 dc in the same st. Ch 2, sk next ch2sp, sk next Cl, 1 dc in next ch1sp, ch 2, sk next Cl and sk next ch2sp. *(Cl, ch 1, Cl) in next dc, ch 2, sk next ch2sp, sk next Cl, 1 dc in next ch1sp, ch 2, sk next Cl, sk next ch2sp**. Rep from * to ** 24 times. Work Cl in final dc. Finish off with a ch 1, leaving a 5.5-inch tail of yarn.  [25 dc, 50 ch2sp, 24 (Cl, ch 1, Cl), 2 Cl]

R5:  Rep R4 using Color-B.

R6:  Rep R4 using Color-C.

You will repeat the above sequence. *Rep R2 three times (changing color every row in the same order) then rep R4 three times (changing color every row in the same order)**. Rep from * to ** 4 times. Then repeat R2 in Color A, 1 final time, for a total of 31 rows.

Just in case you would like it written out I have included it below:

R7: Rep R2 using Color-A.

R8: Rep R2 using Color-B.

R9: Rep R2 using Color-C.

R10: Rep R4 using Color-A.

R11: Rep R4 using Color-B.

R12: Rep R4 using Color-C.

R13: Rep R2 using Color-A.

R14: Rep R2 using Color-B.

R15: Rep R2 using Color-C.

R16: Rep R4 using Color-A.

R17: Rep R4 using Color-B.

R18: Rep R4 using Color-C.

R19: Rep R2 using Color-A.

R20: Rep R2 using Color-B.

R21: Rep R2 using Color-C.

R22: Rep R4 using Color-A.

R23: Rep R4 using Color-B.

R24: Rep R4 using Color-C.

R25: Rep R2 using Color-A.

R26: Rep R2 using Color-B.

R27: Rep R2 using Color-C.

R28: Rep R4 using Color-A.

R29: Rep R4 using Color-B.

R30: Rep R4 using Color-C.

R31: Rep R2 using Color-A.

To complete this project you will need to cut some extra lengths of yarn to add the fringe.

You will need to cut 11-inch lengths of yarn. One easy way to do this is to cut a piece of cardboard to a width of 5.5 inches (and long enough to allow you to wrap your yarn around it multiple times) before cutting the yarn on one end only.

You will need the following number of 11-inch pieces:

Color A: 44
Color B: 40
Color C: 40

Now here is how I added them to my wrap…I use 2 pieces of the same color for each row end of the same color for a neat finish. Be sure you work from the same side each time so they are attached the same way across the whole edge of the wrap. There is a little trick to making this look super neat and finished and here it is:

1 Adding Fringe - Gently Reminisce Wrap

2 Adding Fringe - Gently Reminisce Wrap

3 Adding Fringe - Gently Reminisce Wrap

4 Adding Fringe - Gently Reminisce Wrap

5 Adding Fringe - Gently Reminisce Wrap

5 Adding Fringe - Gently Reminisce Wrap

7 Adding Fringe - Gently Reminisce Wrap

Finished Edge - Gently Reminisce Wrap

Nice and neat – with the added bonus of having secured that row-end a bit more too!

After you have added your fringe you need to trim them to the same length. I trimmed mine to 5-inches on each side. Remember it will be difficult to notice small differences in length – so please do not worry too much about having a perfectly straight edge.


Gently Reminisce Wrap 7


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  1. Hi Lillian, I’m sorry that coupon would not work. The coupon expired 2 years ago. This post was written in 2016.

  2. I went to the site to get the yarn, but your coupon did not work

    Coupon code “OombawkaWAK” is not valid or all requirements are not met. Please check your coupon.

  3. Your work, ideas are beautiful. I live in India. Love to crochet.
    Will look for more patterns and tutorials from you. You are so generous. May God bless you.

  4. Such a beautiful pattern, I an’t wait to try it out. Would look lovely in brights for the summer.

  5. so pretty! you are one talanted ,clever young lady, coming up with these cute designs!

  6. Wow! Really gorgeous, Rhondda, I love it! I’ve got some cotton ready for a colourful wrap like this… So this will be it! And Ill start it ASAP 🙂 (The big basket will have to wait, spring is just a few a days from now and here in Spain it won’t be useful in a a couple of months, you know. It’s hot here from May onwards). One more time: thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful work.
    By the way, Have you got more than 2 hands? 😉

  7. Thank you Lori 🙂 I’m so pleased you like it! If you do work one up I would love to see it – you can even add a project page on Ravelry if you use Ravelry and I can add your photo to my listing 🙂

    Have a lovely week!

  8. This is beautiful! I’ve been looking for a shawl pattern and this wrap would work beautifully! Thank you 🙂