Furls Candy Shop Crochet Hook | Review and Giveaway

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If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I love my Furls Wood Crochet Hooks (Alpha Series).  I have a 3 of them now – each in a different wood species and hook size.

I currently have a 4.5 mm Bloodwood Alpha Series Crochet Hook, a 5.0 mm Blackwood Alpha Series Crochet Hook and a 6.0 mm Cocobolo Alpha Series Crochet Hook.

I love crocheting with my Furls Hooks.

Each hook fits perfectly in my hand. It is easy to hold onto – and very lightweight. The surface is so smooth it feels like my yarn glides magically off my hook.

I have carpal tunnel and tendinitis in both my hands and arms and I can typically crochet for 20-30 minutes before I need to stop. If I do not stop when the tingling sensation in my fingers begins, my hands will actually go numb and I will drop my hook (or whatever it is that I am holding!). Then it takes some time for me to regain the sensation in my hands and to be able to use them again.

When I crochet with my Furls Hooks I am able to crochet comfortably for hours.

Here is a little video explaining the Furls Crochet Hook Design differences:

I have been wanting to try a Furls Candy Shop Hook for some time now – I adore my wood hooks but sometimes I yearn for colour – I am not sure why colour matters to me but honestly it does!

I requested a Furls, Candy Shop (L-7 mm Lemon) Crochet Hook because I did not own a 7 mm hook – I received my hook on Monday and I plan to create a pattern using it soon!

When I crochet with my bright yellow Candy Shop Hook – it is comfortable and FUN! 

I have had time to ‘test-drive‘ my Candy Shop Hook and it is perfectly balanced and fits like it was made for my hand. The finish is super smooth – almost like glass and if you turn the hook in the light you will notice a subtle shimmer in the colour.

The Candy Shop Hooks come in the following sizes and colours:

Furls Candy Shop Hooks @OombawkaDesign

F- 3.75 mm Blue Raspberry

G-4 mm Grape

H-5 mm Strawberry

I- 5.5 mm Blackberry

J-6 mm Apple

K-6.5 mm Mango

L-7 mm Lemon

Aren’t they beautiful?

How would you like to have a Furls Candy Shop Hook?

Furls has generously donated 1 Candy Shop Hook to be given away to one of my lucky readers!

Start Date: July 1, 2015, 12:00 am ET

End Date: July 6, 2015, 11:59 pm ET

This Giveaway is Open Worldwide where allowed by law.

Giveaway | Furls | @OombawkaDesign
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I would like to Thank Furls for providing me with my Candy Shop Crochet Hook and for offering a 2nd hook to be given to one of my readers in a giveaway! If you would like to see the other gorgeous products available from Furls, please visit them on their Website or Facebook!

Read the 7 Ways Your Furls Hook Will Take Care Of You and learn about their money back guarantee!


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  1. They’re all gorgeous! I tend to use H-5mm hooks the most and would love one to start my Furls collection.

  2. I love alllllll the candy hooks, but the strawberry or blackberry would be best for my uses!

  3. I would love the size H hook that seems to be the one I use the most.

  4. Love the different colors of the hooks, I would use blackberry the most but would love green apple or lemon too!

  5. I’d love to have the E – the thinner the yarn, the more you need FURLS!

  6. They all look so gret how do I choose just one ? hhahah thanks for the amazing contest

  7. Thank you!
    I love all of them, but I would probably choose the 3.75mm hook because it is the one I use most of times.
    Good luck for me!

  8. Whew! I have been so sick this month I almost missed your great month of giveaways. Even if there were not giveaways I always read your newsletter. I would love to have a candy shop hook in my favorite size, H or I. I agree with you, color matters! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Most of the patterns that I have use a H hook. I am thinking about venturing into something with a smaller hook, so any hook smaller than an H would be fine. Thank you so much for the giveaway. Love getting your emails.

  10. They are all so nice but I would like F- 3.75 mm Blue Raspberry 😀

  11. Mi piacerebbe avere il 3,75 millimetri Blu Lampone !! Grazie per questo grande omaggio !!

  12. What an awesome prize! Even better that everyone may enter from anywhere 🙂

  13. I would prefer the 3.75mm. I use lots of small hooks and work with lace and fingering weight.

  14. J or K are my go to hooks. Love the colors and would love a sample to try for myself.

  15. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I would like the apple or the mango. I use a J or a K all the time for doing chunky scarves for presents.

  16. I would love to try these. My arthritis is such that I feel deep aching in my elbow and shoulder with regular hooks. (Of course, I keep hooking anyway…)

  17. Having carpel tunnel nerve damage I think these would be great! I would love to try the L (Lemon) Hook!

  18. Would love the opportunity to try a Furls hook. Thank you for having giveaways.


  20. I would love a strawberry or blackberry, i’ve been looking at these hooks for so long!

  21. I absolutely love the colors! I have been dying to try these for the love of my hands.

  22. Apple bc J size is my fav and I love the green, but would find something to use with any size hook! Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Apple bc J size is my fav and I love the green, but would find something to use with any size hook! Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Hmm, I’m new to crochet so I’m not sure what size I would use most often. In the few items that I have done, seems like I used J. So that’s probably what I would choose. 🙂 Congratulations on 2 years!

  25. I love them all but I would love the Blue Berry size f that is beautiful!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  26. I would so enjoy winning one of theses hooks. I have 2 trigger fingers on my right hand. If I crochet for very long it is a if they lock up a and very painful to straighten out. The most common hook size in the majority of patterns is an H. If I were to win this would be the size I would want to get. Thank you so much for your blog each week. For some reason I haven’t been getting them and I have Re subscribed. I check my Spam mail and its not there either. I am going to Re subscribe today.

  27. Congratulations, thankyou for chance to win gorgeous hook, such lovely colours

  28. I would love either an I or J hook. They are the 2 sizes that I use the most. One of these days I’ll own a Furls hook (or two!). Thank you for the chance to win!

  29. I’d probably use the K-Mango the most, but love them all! So beautiful!! Thanx for the chance!!! <3

  30. Ooh, you’re so generous! And congrats on another big busy year! I’d love to win one of these, preferably 6mm, cos I lost my fave one in that size (and the replacement is never as good as a favourite hook, is it?)

  31. I am so exited by the thought of winning a Furls Crochet hook. I am a self-learned crocheter, from Oslo Norway. I am so glad to get your newsletter and i Can understand why these hooks are helping you when you have that diagnose. I love to see what you are making, and you are really good. Thanks for giving me inspiration to learn more! Of course i hope i will win this Furls crochet hook. They are truely art by looks but more important they are made perfectly to fit in our hand at the same time. Sorry, my english is not good enough to write exactly what i want, but i hope you’ll understand.
    I wish everyone good luck as well.

  32. I love the color of the Mango, unfortunately, I don’t use that size hook very often….. Therefore, I’d have to go with the Strawberry 5.00…. Thanks for the chance, I’ve been drooling over these hooks for quite a while!

  33. Blue raspberry . . . although I’d be grateful to win any as they are all lovely colors and I use every size hook depending on the pattern and/or project . . . and it would certainly be delightful to try a hook that is made to fit my hand more comfortably!

  34. I would love to have the Strawberry Furls hook…that’s the size I use the most and I’ve never tried a Furls but would love to.

  35. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a Furls hook…I would love to win one! Thank you also, for all that you share!

  36. They’re all so pretty, but I’d love to win the “I”/Blackberry one!

  37. Ooooh! wiould love any…but the Blackberry & Apple are size I use most…and a Yellow….because I have never seen an “L” hook before! 🙂 Thank you for chance to win one..they are Beautiful!!!

  38. I would love to have the G Grape one for I use that alot, thanks. I would like something better than the one I got.

  39. I’d would love to have a hook in size 4.50 mm or 4.00. They look delicious in the candy colors.

  40. I would love to have any of these hooks ,your choice if I should win !

  41. All the Furls Candy colors are so beautiful, but I think crocheting with the Strawberry hook would keep me smiling from first stitch to last. I could never afford on of these hooks, so winning one would really be a gift as I crochet daily. Thank you for the chance to win one!

  42. I would love the strawberry Furls hook. Thanks for the opportunity to win one, I love all the colors.

  43. Would love to win that furls hooks. I love the colors. Thanks for the chance

  44. Would love to have them all, but one would do for a start. The reviews are great.

  45. I would lovee to try the size J Apple hook. That size is the one I am working with now.

  46. Strawberry! OK really I want them all…they are lovely. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  47. This is one of my favorite Blogs! and Rhonnda is AWESOME! Have a question? She’ll reply — and usually very quickly! The weekly stitch feature is wonderful – can learn so many new stitches – right here.
    I’m hoping the Furls Fairy is listening! I really, really, really want one of these hooks…have put them – and a Furls yarn bowl on my Christmas/Birthday wish list! (Actually want more than one, of course, but will take one at a time….)
    Just in case, I probably use the H hook more than any – at least currently…but I’ll be happy to take whatever size you like…PLEASE!
    Good luck all.
    and thank you, Rhonnda, again for all you do for all of us!

  48. If I could choose, I would pick strawberry. My favorite fruit and hook!

  49. Beautiful, beautiful hooks – I would LOVE blackberry please, please, please xxxxx

  50. Wasn’t sure I would ever get to the end of the comments. I would love to own one of those hooks, a 5.5 please. I use that size more than any other. I have MS, and my hands seize on me, so a hook like this might help. Right now I’m using one I “designed” by wrapping the handle with bake lite clay, so it fits easily in my hand, but still I drop it frequently and work has to stop while I wait for someone to come to help me find it and pick it up. Being confined to a power chair is really the pits, but things could be so much worse I really have nothing to complain about.

  51. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! l have been following you for some time on Facebook and on your blog – thank you for your inspiration and the lovely patterns. I already have 2 Furls wooden hooks in 4mm and 4.5mm – they are as good as they say they are – I love using them. I would therefore pick the Strawberry hook, 5mm, as this is my next most used size of hook. Oh – and many happy returns!!!!!

  52. Love to own one of the Furls hooks. How can you not be inspired to hook when you have any one of these colorful hooks 🙂 I adore your site and love all the free patterns that are made available. Good Luck Everyone !!!

  53. My choice would be the K hook…. this seems to be the size I use most often!!

  54. I would love to try one of these hooks! Mango would be my choice!

  55. I love the wooden Curls hook I have and would love to have a Candy Shop one too.

  56. awesome giveaway! i do not own one of these hooks, they are so beautiful! thanks for the chance to enter.

  57. They are all so beautiful but I think I like the G the best! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  58. I absolutely adore the Furls Hook. To start my collection, I wouldn’t mind the Mango one

  59. i would love to be able to crochet with one of these hooks. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  60. Ooh, I’d love to try the Furls Candy Shop G (grape) Hook! It’s not only my favorite color, but the size I’ve been using the most lately.

  61. I would love the size I hook. That is the size I use the most.

  62. Congratulations on your 2nd Year Blogaversary! I have enjoyed making many of your patterns:)
    I would love to win the Grape Furls hook… but would be happy to receive any one of them. They are gorgeous.

  63. Any hook would be great since I have never had a chance to try furls yet. But probably grape G. Thanks

  64. I would love the grape hook – fun colour and my most used size hook 🙂

  65. Wonderful review…

    Enjoyed the video!

    Thank you very much for the giveaway!

  66. I would love to win the Grape size G Furls crochet hook. Thank you for running these giveaways.

  67. Congratulations! I’ve made so many lovely things since I discovered your blog. I’d be happy to win any of them, but the Grape one would probably be the one I’d use most.

  68. I love the colors of these , if I have to choose a hook size E or F and in any color they are all so Pretty .. Thank you so much for a chance to win one of these lovely hooks 🙂 so grateful for the chance to win

  69. I would love any, but am partial to F, G, or I!! Great giveaway, love the review!

  70. Thank you for the giveaways! My choice of Furls hook would be J!!!!!

  71. What an awesome giveaway! I have loved Furls hooks since the first time I saw them. The Furls hook I would love most is the grape (G) because I might actually use it, since it has a thicker handle it wouldn’t hurt my hand (the one I have now I don’t ever use because it hurts).

  72. They’re all beautiful! I heard about the hand health guaranteed last night at my lys’s Wine and Stitch night. If I win, I would like the Blackberry 5.5mm. Thank you!

  73. I haven’t tried a Furls hook, but these are so pretty, I would love to try one!

  74. I think all of these hooks are just lovely!! I’d love the chance to create something beautiful with one of them.

  75. Would LOVE to win that Blue Raspberry one… though they are all awesome!!!! Thanks for throwing this awesome giveaway! xo

  76. They are all gorgeous! I like the color of the F, but I use G and I most often. I’d be grateful to receive any of them though! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  77. I’d really be thrilled with any Furl’s hook, but the J is gorgeous!

  78. I would LOVE to try a Furls hook, I crochet daily and have noticed increasing levels of pain. As a hockey mom, I can’t afford to gibble my hands, but I crochet to donate to others in the community. If I was selected, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for the chance, :D.

  79. I would love a 7mm Lemon! I don’t own this size, and I’d really like to try a Furls hook!

  80. i would like strawberry hook if i win. would come in handy to make baby items before the grandbaby comes. need something new for these achy hands.

  81. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. A few of my hooks need replacing. HINT, HINT Pick me please! Happy 4th to all of you!

  82. Awesome giveaway!! I would love K hook-Mango
    Looks like these hooks would be a great help to my hands while crocheting all my favorite things!

  83. I like the green apple hook – so bright and cheery – also my favourite colour!

  84. I would love just one of these beautiful hooks!! My favorite size to work with is an H

  85. this would be the only way I can ever own a Furls Hook….they are so lovely…but a bit out of my price range…this would be cherished!! Love all the colors!!

  86. I have heard so many exciting things about the Furls that I would love to win one!!! This is an awesome contest!!

  87. I’d love to try the 5.5 mm black berry! Love the colouring and it’s the size I always turn to whenever I get the chance ^_^

  88. I’d love to win the grape, or wait, the mango! Maybe the lemon, strawberry, definately strawberry. Oh gosh, any of them would be wonderful!

  89. I’ve been a hooker since I was 8! I’d love any/all of these!

  90. I would love to own a 3.75 mm (blue raspberry). Thank you so very much for hosting <3 Your designs are beautiful!!

  91. Oh so yummy! I’m not even picky, I just want one 😀

    On a side note, I used your Catherine Wheel tutorial, and it was fantastic! Very easy to understand.

  92. Lovely colors! If I could win one, I’d want a 5.5mm hook because it’s the one I use most of the time.☺

  93. I would love to try one of these hooks, size 4 or 3.75 here please 🙂

  94. I would love a size H Furls hook. Every time my hands cramp and hurt from arthritis, fibro, and carpal tunnel-type pain, I wish I had one. I haven’t tried one yet but if they work as advertised, I will have one of each one day!

  95. I would love any of them, but G & I are my hooks of choice at the moment. The green one is lovely.

  96. I love my one furls hook I have, my hands cramp up pretty fast with any one. I don’t even care which one I get because I want to own them all one day 🙂

  97. I would love to have the Blue Raspberry 3.75 mm hook, blue is my favorite color, blue raspberry is my favorite flavor, and I don’t own a 3.75 mm hook!

  98. I crochet footbags (aka Hacky Sacks), I use an F hook ad it kills my hands. I have to take allot of breaks. I would love to give one of these a try!

  99. I would love the Strawberry H hook I use that size A LOT and it’s such a happy looking hook don’t cha think! lol Thanks for the chance!

  100. what an awesome giveaway!!! probably the blackberry 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!!!

  101. All these crochet hooks are lovely. I would be happy to win any of them. Thank you for the giveaway! Happy anniversary to you!

  102. Would love a Strawberry hook as that’s the size I seem to use most often 🙂

  103. I think I’d have to go with I- 5.5 mm Blackberry. It’s one of the sizes I use most often, but honestly they’re all on the list!

  104. I would like any one of them. They are so beautiful. Looks comfortable to hold and crochet.

  105. i think they are all beautiful and I would be ecstatic to win any one of them. I use an I or H most of the time when I crochet.

  106. Thank you for the great opportunity! I am crossing my fingers and toes here. I’d love to be the lucky winner, any hook would make me happy!

  107. Would love to win one of these hooks. I have looked at them and the yarn bowls. Thanks for giveaway.

    P.S. I love your patterns.

  108. I crochet every day. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. But I crochet to bring in a little bit of extra money we really need.

  109. I would be happy to win any one of these great crochet hooks 😀

  110. I would love to win a Furl’s hook! Even more so since reading the review regarding the tunnel carpal and arthritis since I am effected by those as well

  111. I would love to win an “I” Furls Hook. I have been following your posts for over a year now. I love your patterns. It is great to hear that Furls may make it easier for someone like me and you to crochet when we can’t. I have times where I can’t even hold the hook, thanks to Lupus and Fibro, or my arms up to crochet, so this would be a wonderful asset! Either way, thanks for the inspiration!

  112. Any hook would be nice to win but if I had to choose I would like the Blue Raspberry F hook!! Thanks!

  113. I’m totally in love with the tulipwood! Hope i could win it!

  114. I would love to win the H hook in Strawberry. I haven’t tried these yet, but they look amazing!

  115. I would love a Furl! They are all beautifull, I would love any of them!

  116. I love the colors of the hooks! Totally reminds me of Skittles; Yum! The Blue-raspberry 3.75mm looks like it would be great for working with lighter weight yarns without killing my hands

  117. The furls hooks are so gorgeous! And they look like they’d be so comfortable to work with…I’ve been wanting these for so long now since I tend to get tendonitis in my hands when I crochet too much.

  118. I love the lemon, I would use it to make my rugs and over sized blankets

  119. It’s so hard to choose one! I’d probably get the most use out of a 4mm or 5mm though. 🙂

  120. Atually, The blackberry one might be even better. I use I hook most often it seems.

  121. I would LOVE to own the grape one. I suffer from nerve damage in both arms/wrists/hands. I cannot crochet more than a row or two at a time before I have to rest. I would also love to try these hooks but am unfortunately on a limited income. I would be blessed to be able to win one…might even be a dream come true for me since it could change my life and be able to do what I love without pain. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  122. The I- 5.5 mm Blackberry is my most coimmonly used size, but the G-4 mm Grape is so lovely!

  123. Dear Ms Rhonda,
    It is very difficult to give you a reason that I would be appreciative of winning or being chosen to win a Furls Hook. They are the best of the best but just not in my budget to purchase. I want to tell you like I think I have before that I am grateful for your site and all the work you do to deliver a quality service to the creator crocheter. Thank you!

  124. It seems that I am constantly reaching for my US 5.5mm I hook, and it just happens to be in my favorite color, AND my last name is in the color name, so…

    I – 5.5mm – Blackberry

  125. I would love to try out a Furls hook, but so far the cost has been prohibitive. 🙁

  126. It’s very hard for me to pick my favorite… but I’ll go for Blackberry 🙂 thank you for the giveaway!

  127. I love all of the gorgeous colors! I currently have the H hook in Strawberry and it was amazing. I’d love to have the L-Lemon one, to make all of my big blankets with!

  128. I love the look of these hooks. So beautiful and bright. Thanks for such a great giveaway 🙂

  129. I would pick the Strawberry 5.0 because that’s the hook I use the most, but I want them all!

  130. The colours of these are all beautiful however the strawberry is in a size that I would use a lot. Actually I could use any of the sizes. I have arthritis in my right arm so perhaps these could help me. By the way, I love your patterns. Keep up the excellent work you are doing. Thanks to both you and the participating companies for the giveaways

  131. I would love a Furl. The one that always catches my eye is the I-Blackberry!

  132. I would love the G. The G is my go to hook that I use 90% of the time.

  133. I would love to have the 3.75 mm Blue Raspberry!! Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  134. This is a fantastic giveaway. I would love the grape hook. I use the 4mm one the most for my babies

  135. I would really like to win a Furls hook. J-Green Apple would be the one I want to add to my hooks next. I have G & H and I am slowly going to have to replace all my hooks with Furls because they DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in how my hand feels.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  136. I would love to add an F hook to my collection. I have a few already and they are freaking awesome!

  137. Wow, these are all so beautiful!! I would have to say I’d love the: H-5 mm Strawberry.
    Thank you for the op to win 🙂

  138. I haven’t noticed the colored hooks before now and I love them! I’d love to have an H hook.

  139. I love the idea of Furls hooks I have not bought any new hooks in ages as I am on fixed income and disabled but as soon as I can I will be buying these. I have recently had lots of pain in my hands ..now after seeing your video on Furls hooks..I know why, I use “J” hook mostly but would love to save to buy a whole set. Thanks for all your great work and sharing on your blog..YOU ROCK!

  140. What a gorgeous set of hooks ! I’d just love to have the J and H hooks : Mango and Green Apple , but they all look so relaxing to use.

  141. I would love to try one. I have carpel tunnel too but not quite as bad as you have it. But I have noticed if I crochet for long with smaller hooks it starts hurting which sucks because I love to crochet. I just taught myself how this past Christmas and I am hooked. Lol

  142. I’d love the G or H either one. Actually I’d love to have one of each… 😉

  143. I would love to try one of these. I would go for the size H. I probably use that size more than any other.

  144. Love these hooks! I would most likely get a Grape 4mm one, that’s the size I use most often, but who am I kidding I would get them all if I could!

  145. I would love any of them! But “H” has got to be my fav size!

    thanks for the chance!

  146. Thanks for the contest! If I win, I’d like to start my Furls collection with a Strawberry hook.

  147. I’d love to try one of these hooks! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  148. Thanks for doing an international giveaway! The Furls hooks are beautiful.

  149. The grape and blue raspberry are the ones I would use most but I love them all!

  150. Oooooh I’d love that Lemon hook, especially since I don’t have an L hook at all.

  151. I love the Mango hook! Not sure I need another K, but it’s my favorite color, lol!

  152. I am a mom-at-home and I love crochet. But my hands get ache especially when I need to wet my hands in the mid of my crocheting. My husband bought me an ergonomic hooks because I am complaining, it lessen the pain but I cant crochet for long hours. Then I saw this furls hooks through Fb page that I followed and told my husband that I want them for Christmas and he just stare at me,lol
    I love the colors(esp blue Raspberry) and the glossy effect. I want to try them all..

  153. I’d love to try a Blackberry hook, it’s my favorite size and the colour is beautiful.

  154. I would love to have an h hook. I need these hooks because I have a chronic pain and nerve disease which affects my hands.

  155. I have been drooling over these hooks for so long!! They are so beautiful.

  156. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how delightful it would be to win a new hook, any color, I am not picky =)
    I am sure my carpal tunnel infested hand would be so very happy! Thank you the great giveaway!

  157. These Furls hooks are gorgeous! One of these days I will get one to see if they are worth all the praise. It would be nice to win one though. 🙂

  158. thankyou for sharing your patterns ( which I really love ) and holding a give away , fingers crossed

  159. How awesome would it be to win one of these delicious looking hooks.

  160. I want them all! Unfortunately I live in Mexico and they are expensive because the exchange rate is bad for us…

  161. I probably use my H hook most often, so Strawberry would be great for my first! I recently have been diagnosed with arthritis in my wrists, so I would love to try out some new brands for improved comfort.

    Congratulations on your 2 years! And THANK YOU so much all the wonderful information and giveaways!

  162. oh goodness! I love them all! But I would pick either the grape or the apple. They are my 2 favorite colors! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! Happy Anniversary!

  163. Congrats on your anniversary! Your blog is the first thing I read each day! Any hook would be wonderful! Enjoy your last few days with your little one before school starts.

  164. I would love to have these hooks in my collection! Best of luck to all the entrants.

  165. I would love to win one in size H-strawberry because that is the size I use most often. But all of them are gorgeous!!!

  166. I would love to win! I own 2 Furl’s wooden hooks and really want to try the candy shop hooks.

  167. I would love to have the Mango K hook. It’s my favorite size.

  168. I would love to have size 5mm or H. Winning this would really make my day since I am from the Philippines and there are no Furls hook available here. Thank you for opening this worldwide

  169. I could totally use the size G!!! I use that size most often when making amigurumis and this tight little stitches really exhaust my hands and make them ache. Thank-you so much for this giveaway!!!

  170. I would like a size “I” curls. I have carpel tunnel and would like to try one, would love to be able to crochet more!

  171. I would love to win either a H or I hook. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but buying them in no possible for me at this time.

  172. I would love any of these hooks, but the grape and strawberry are gorgeous!

  173. i would like the G hook, please.
    Something is very slow on site.

  174. I would just love the 4mm hook in the beautiful grape colour please.

  175. i would love to have any of these,no matter which one.i can’t find in my city or my country hooks from furls.thank you fo all the nice patterns you offer us.

  176. i would love to have any of these,no matter which one.i can’t find in my city or my country hooks from furls.thank you fo all the nice patterns you offer us.

  177. that’s a difficult choice, I like the wood grains and the bright colors, I think I’d choose fruitwood

  178. I love all of the colors. I think that the blackberry is my favorite.

  179. I love your site! It has inspired me to create my own items and write out patterns for them. So far all I have is 1 on my site, but working on others. =) The hook I would love to be able to have would be the strawberry, but I would be happy with any of them. =)

  180. Congrats on your anniversary and Thank you for the opportunity! Although purples are my fav color, I’d pick the lemon because it’s an L and I don’t have an L.

  181. I would love to win the Furls H hook (my favorite) so I can give a review!

  182. I would love to win the yellow L-7mm hook as I don’t have that size. The green J-6mm hook is nice too because it’s my favorite color. All the colors are beautiful though.

  183. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these hooks! I have wanted one so very much! I have tennis elbow and a torn tendon in my thumb and I am hoping these hooks will help me to keep crocheting!

  184. I would honestly like to have them all, but if I had to choose only one…. it would be G-4 mm Grape since it is a size I also use often. Good Luck to all you crafty peeps out there!

  185. I would love a mango hook. My favorite blanket pattern uses a K hook and I love the idea of being able to crochet with carpal tunnel pain making me stop after 30 minutes! I wish I could afford a furls hook. Someday, when I’m finsihed with school I’m going to buy them all I hope!

  186. Congratulations on two years! Thank you for your hard work!
    If I had to absolutely choose a Candy Shop hook, I can only narrow it down to Apple, mango, or lemon!
    I could decide on size alone, but then I get caught up in the gorgeous colours!
    I love Furls and own a precious Blackwood, but have not been in a position to try any more. They all look so delectable!

  187. I too have Carpal Tunnel and have problems with my fingers going numb. These sound amazing, and would love the opportunity to try them!!!

  188. I love all the Furls hooks! I own a Blackwood 4.5mm, but have never been able to make up my mind on which Candy Shop hook I like the best! I would go purely on size, but then get all caught up in their gorgeous colours! So hard, I want them all!! (But if I absolutely had to choose, I would say the apple, mango, or lemon…that’s the closest I can narrow it down 😉

    Congratulations on two years! I love your blog and emails! Thank you for all your hard work 🙂

  189. 5mm seems to be my go-to hook for the majority of my projects. According to the webpage, a 5mm is a strawberry, which happens to be one of my favourite fruits!! It would be very interesting to use a Furl’s hook! No doubt once you try it, there will be no going back! LOL!

  190. I love the blue radpberry color but would also love a size 7 hook!

  191. Grape! I love everything grape, so it’s great that grape is also the size hook I use most!

  192. I love girls! I have two wood series. I have been eyeballing the candy shop hooks! I love the colors!

  193. I would love any of the Furls Candy Hooks, but I love the Blackberry or Strawberry as I use them the most!! 🙂

  194. i would sooo love to win one of these to try them! my hands are hurting so bad! i had severe bilateral carpal tunnel in the late 90’s and after suffering for almost 2 years, surgery was finally done, but too late and suffered nerve damage. i discovered crocheting 6 months ago and love it and am obsessed with it… i want to make everything is see, lol :D! but for the last couple of months my hands, fingers, & arms hurt so bad, the burning, tingling, pain, & swelling that i suffered with the carpal tunnel is back. i had also a few years ago, ripped both biceps and rotor cuffs and a couple of car accidents to boot gave me neck and back issues, so this, from what i have read, seems like it would help so much! i gave up being a productive creative person with the carpal tunnel and would hate to have to give this up!! that would just be so sad for me. my soul has soared again with creating!! i dont want its wings clipped again!
    i LOVE the colors!!! esp the purples, pinks, teal/green/blue! u use G and H most of the time, but would be happy with any of them!!
    thanks for the chance Rhondda and congrats, happy anniversary, and as a g-mom of two (teen and 1st grader) i remember when each one of my kids ‘left’ the nest to go to school! oh i was a wreck, lol, but after ‘letting go’ of my 2 babies growing up, i quickly found so much extra time to create!! 🙂 (and working more hours too!) enjoy it…before you know it, you will be a g-ma too!! dont blink, lol 🙂 is soo true! 🙂

  195. I’ve really enjoyed the free patterns and tutorials you’ve shared on facebook!!

  196. I have been drooling over these hooks for awhile but can’t afford them. I would love to win one.

  197. I just bought my first crochet hook yesterday and hope I can learn from all the wonderful links and tutorials provided. I’m starting with a dishcloth and could use a 4mm hook.

  198. I think that I would go for a 5mm hook. It’s a size that I use a lot…

    Thanks for the giveaway !!!

  199. Very very excited to have a chance to win these ergonomic crochet hooks so that my crafting can be less painful.

  200. Tough decision!!! I think I’d go with Grape in a size 5.5mm because I use that most often. 🙂

  201. I would love to have the G4 Grape. Who am I kidding? I am drooling over all of them hahaha!

  202. I’d love the lemon one. I could do with some cheering up right now. *starts saving pennies to buy one*

  203. Thank for the great blog. Would love the hook! New to crocheting and looking at getting better hooks!

  204. I would love to have a size six or seven hook, as I use these often. Thanks for the giveaway!

  205. I’d love the Lemon (because I don’t have a 7mm hook) or the Blue Raspberry (my favorite size hook and I love the color).

  206. Autocorrect changed furls to fuel and I didn’t notice it until after I hit enter.

  207. I’d love the G/6 Hook! Because 1) it’s a a trusty size and 2) it’s purple! 🙂

  208. The fuels hooks are so beautiful! I would love to be able to win one.

  209. It’s very hard to choose…maybe an H or J. Would love to try these hooks to see how they help with aching hands.

  210. Congrats on your blog-versary! What a great giveaway – I would probably like the 5mm (H) as I would probably use it the most but I love the Grape colour!

  211. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! I’m in love with the color of that blue raspberry hook!!!!

  212. I love the grape (g) hook but would probably get the most mileage out of the strawberry (h). It’s so beautiful!!!

  213. I love the look of the Furl’s hooks and would love to try one but can’t afford one at this time. Love the patterns on this blog!!

  214. Yellow is my favorite color, so the one that you are giving away would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  215. Congratulations on your Webiversary! And thank you for hosting these lovely giveaways. I love green, but I don’t use size J that often, so I guess I would go with the Blue Raspberry. Even if I don’t win (which in all reality and considering the odds, I won’t), I will order one, just because of your endorsement. I am having CTSurgery on the 10th and when I finally get to crochet again, I don’t want to risk further injury to my wrist.

  216. Would love to try one of these hooks purple is my fav.!!!

  217. I would love any of these! I’ve never tried a Furls hook, but they all look lovely!

  218. ooooo i love the blue raspberry and the grape! thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  219. I got the 6mm/J hook from the Furls Candy Shop line as a birthday present this winter, so any of the other sizes would be good (especially the K or L hooks).

  220. Thank you for this contest! Your patterns and designs are wonderful! I LOVE the Furls hooks. I have a Purpleheart size H hook. I would love to have a Candy Shop I hook, the blackberry. I am obsessed with anything purple!

  221. I would probably use the Grape 4mm Furls hook the most, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. I would be grateful for whatever I got. They really are beautiful.

  222. I love the design of these,I don’t have any as of yet but if I had to pick one it would be the grape colored hook .

  223. I would be happy with any Furls hook. Just to start my collection.

  224. Oh, I need some of these! I also have carpal AND tendonitis. I bought a “holder” for my hooks and that helps a lot, but I have to change out rubber sleeves for the hooks to adjust the size to fit snug in the holder every time I change hooks. These seem easier and much, much more fun looking with the bright colors!

  225. I would like to have the Strawberry-Hook, cause most of the time I’m crochetiing with a 5-mm-hook.
    My favourite colour is bright green… Then it would be the Green Apple-Hook.

    They all look great!!!

  226. Nice idea having this giveaway for your blog-anniversary.
    I love your crochet tutorials!

  227. So cute! I have always wanted one. The candy shop collection is to die for. I like the Grape the best, because purple.

  228. I would love any of these hooks, but my favourites (in colour) are mango and lemon!

  229. Would loooove a FURLS hook. Have learned so much from so many giving, sharing people since becoming hooked on crochet, including you. Thank you.

  230. This could be the answer for the arthritis that is making its presence felt in my hands now. I would get most use from a Grape Furls, its the size I use most often. I’d love to give one a try.

  231. Love this site. So inspirational and I get so many ideas. Thank you so much.
    Neva with love,.

  232. What an awesome giveaway. The Furls Candy Shop crochet hook I would love to have would be the Strawberry hook. But they all are so very pretty.