Fun Tools To Check Your Crochet Gauge!

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When anyone says the word ‘gauge’ it seems like many crocheters run for the hills!

I am the first to admit it is one of my least favorite jobs when I am crocheting – right alongside weaving in these pesky yarn ends.

I do know though it is a necessary evil for any project I want to ‘fit’ so I grit my teeth and get on with it and when I am designing something for you to make it is part of the process so it is becoming less and less of a chore for me.  I guess it is true – when you do something you dislike enough – it does become a bit easier…and now it can also be a bit more fun because there are so many cool tools you can use to check your gauge and your wraps per inch!

If you are unfamiliar with wraps per inch I recommend you check out this post here: WPI Project

Using WPI is a great way to check in the yarn store if a yarn you have fallen in love with might work for a pattern you want to crochet – BEFORE you buy the yarn and make you gauge swatch 🙂

I thought I’d share both the fun and the practical options with you 🙂

My tools are a simple 12 inch metal ruler and a pencil I have drawn lines on to mark my wraps per inch.

The tools below are the ones I’ve saved to my favorites online. Sometimes I like to buy fun gifts for myself – and these have made it to that list! 

10 Fun Tools to Check Your Crochet Gauge and WPI

10 Fun Tools to Check your Crochet Gauge and WPI

1 Cream White Sheep WPI – TheClaySheep

2 Black Kitty Cat WPI Tool to Check Gauge – TheClaySheep

3 White Bunny Rabbit WPI Tool to Check Gauge – TheClaySheep

4 Wraps Per Inch Card With Slots – Succaplokki

5 Gauge Checker 4 Inch – Succaplokki

6 Susan Bates Gauge Grabber – luthvarian

7 Needle and Crochet Gauge Checker with Cutting Tool – Pitanga Yarns

8 Knit Chek Gauge Tool – YarnShop4U

9 Nancy’s Knit Knacks Scarf Fold Up Ruler and Stitch Guide – DiVintageBlessings

10 The Essential Needle and Hook Gauge and Ruler Tool – The Velvet Acorn

I think I’ve decided I am going to order #4 and #5 and then #2 just because I can add it to my key chain and it is so darn cute!  Which one(s) would you order?

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  1. Thanks for all the information. It brings to my attention that this needs to go into my tool chest.
    I only have seen #8 but I’ve never paid much attention to gauge as it’s a moot point for me while making amigurumi and blankets. However, this year I am wanting to try a sweater so I may invest in one of these.
    Any patterns that I’ve made using a gauge for reference, a ruler has worked fine, up to this point.

  2. I was only familiar with tool number 8. Thank you for the thorough review.

  3. I love the Knitters pride elephant gauge tool. It’s practical and adorable.

  4. I recognized #6 and #8 right away, as my local Shopko carries Susan Bates yarncraft notions (so I probably own those already). Some of those others look very cute, though!

  5. Thanx for the list! I’m definitely going to check into #2! 😉

  6. I never knew these things were out there! Thanks, Rhonda! Now I have something else to add to my husband’s list of ‘Gifts You can get me!’

  7. I found this a fun, cute and informative post. I like to have my options. Sometimes getting something strictly to serve a purpose that is functional and affordable is all that matters. Yet other times I enjoy splurging and cutesy tools for the same job.

  8. Thank you so much for this post – I have been looking for a source.

  9. I need to learn how to use the essential hook and needle guage tool from the velvet acorn, I have on just like but its plastic and Im not doing something right and I love that gadget!!

  10. Thank you so much for showing all the different tips and tools available to gauge a project. This is something I struggle with.