French Crochet Terms and English Translations

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Do you have a crochet pattern you really want to crochet but it includes French Crochet Terms? Check our Crochet Translation Project list below to find English Translations for common crochet terms.

French Crochet Terms and English Translations

French Crochet Terms and English Translations

Please remember this is a work-in-progress and if you have any suggestions, corrections or terms to add – please send me a message or leave a comment so we can update the chart!

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Searchable French and US English Crochet Terms

Use the [CTRL] button and the [F] key on your desktop computer to search the terms below. They are arranged in the chart in alphabetical order for the U.S. Terms

U.S. TermsFrench Crochet Terms
back Loop (BL)Le brin arriere (de la maille)
back loop only (blo)
back post (BP)double bride en relief arriere
back post single crochet (BPsc)
back post half double crochet (BPhdc)
back post double crochet (BPdc)
back post triple (treble) crochet (BPtr)
before (bef)
beginning (beg)commencer / Au debut de
between (bet)entre
chain (ch)maille en l’air / maille chainette (ml / mch)
chain space (ch-sp)maille chainette Arceau au espace
cluster (CL)grappe
continue (cont)continuer
crochetfaire du crochet
decrease (dec)diminuer / diminuant /diminution
double crochet (dc)bride (br / b)
double triple (treble) crochet (dtr)2 brides rab. ens
fasten off / bind off (fo / bo)Diminuer, rabattre, arreter, fermer
follow / follows / following (foll)suivanta
front loop (FL)
front loop only (flo)
front post (FP)double bride en relief avant
front post single crochet (FPsc)
front post half double crochet (FPhdc)
front post double crochet (FPdc)
front post triple (treble) crochet (FPtr)
half double crochet (hdc)demi-bride (demi-br / db)
increase (inc)augmenter (augm)
insert hook
join / join into ringformer un rond
loop (lp)boucle
magic ring (MR)
pattern (pat / patt)Modele, point fantaisie
picot (p)picot
place marker (pm)placer marqueur
remaining (rem)restant(e)
repeat (rep)serree
repeat from * to **Serree De * a *
reverse single crochet (crab stitch)ms inversee
right side (correct side) (RS)Endroit (de l\’ouvrage)
right side (opposite of left)cote endroit
round (rd)Rang , tour
row (R)rang
single crochet (sc)maille serree (ms)
skip (sk)passer
slip stitch (sl st)maille coulee / petite maille (mc)
space (s) (sp (s))Arceau espace
stitch (st)maille (m)
stitches (st(s) or sts)maille
times (x)fois
together (tog)ensemble
triple ( or treble ) crochet (tr)double bride (d-br / dble b)
turn the workTourner (l\’ouvrage)
work / makeravailler un multiple de
wrong side (WS)Envers (de l\’ouvrage), env
yarn over / yarn over hook (yo / yoh)tourner jeter le fil (1 jete)
1st chain 2 space (hole)1 er jour de 2 chainettes
8th chain 3 space (hole)8 jours de 3 chainettes
French Crochet Terms - Crochet Translation Project

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  1. knitting a wool hat for your loved one by yourself is very meaningful! Thank you for the very detailed instructions.

  2. Hi Saee, I reached out to someone I know who speaks French and this is what it translates to. I’m not sure if this will help though as it is a bit confusing to me. “before picking up the hook, put the beginning of this row in the back”.

  3. Hello Rhonda! I’m stuck in a step of a crochet pattern that says “Avant de reprendre le crochet, mettre le début de ce rang dans le dos”. Does this mean that I should slip stitch? Could you please help?

  4. Hi Beth,
    You are welcome 🙂 maille chainette (ml / mch) means chain and maille serree (ms) means single crochet
    Hope this helps!

  5. Thank you for doing this it has been a great help. I am trying to translet what I belive is french key to a universal graph. i have never worked off of a graph. I could use your help what does: m,chianette mean? also M.S? I can not seem to upload a picture of the key here.

  6. Hi Gracie, This is a tough question because the UK and US both have a numbering system for hooks. UK 3 Steel hook is 1.9 mm (or US 5 Steel). US 3 Steel hook is a 2.1 mm (or UK 2 Steel). Then if the fiber you are using is not thread there is also a US D/3 aluminum hook which is a 3.25 mm hook. If the pattern is written in UK terms you and you are using thread I’d think it was the UK 3 Steel hook or 1.9 mm. If it is not crocheted in thread though I think it will be the 3.25 mm. Hope this helps a bit! Rhondda

  7. Zut! It looks like the quote didn’t go through correctly. My pattern says “1 crochet no. 3”.

  8. Bonsoir, Rhondda! I have a question about translating hook sizes. I have a French pattern which says <>. Does this mean a 3mm hook, or does it mean a size D/3 hook (which would be 3.25mm)? Or does it mean something completely different?? Thanks in advance!!

  9. bonsoir, j’ai acheté un fichier en anglais, qui est bloqué et je ne peux le traduire en anglais. pouvez vous m’aider merci

  10. Hello,

    My first language is French. I’ve read your translations and a lot of them could use some improvment. I took the liberty to copy your list in and Excel file and did all the changes that are required, for you to improve your blog.

    Can you contact me in private please, so I can send you the file? With that, all your list will be complete!

    By the way, I like your blog a lot. You have lots of technical information that I really appreciate!


  11. Hi! I came across a few terms in a papillon (butterfly) pattern. The closest translation I found for: “rang de jours” is a row of holes. Also in the pattern, was the expression “1er jour de 2 chainettes” which means the first chain 2 space (hole). Thus, “8 jours de 3 chainettes” would mean 8 chain-3 holes/space.

    Hope this helps. ( I am rather fluent in French but not when it comes to crochet!) 🙂

    P.S. I’ll post a picture when I finish my butterfly! A bientot!

  12. 1.decrease – to work stitches together – example 2 dctog – 2 brides rab.ens

    2. increase – example make 2dc in one stitch – faire 2 brides dans 1m

  13. Thanks so much for this Rhonda, I have a French written pattern I want to try and this will be very useful. If I discover anything not on your list I will let you know 🙂