Free Pattern Friday Round Up! Huggable Crochet Friends

Here are 10 fabulous free patterns for you to crochet for your Littles 🙂 or for yourself…I am fortunate I have someone to make these for – otherwise I might have a hidden stash of crochet toys as well as yarn!

I have crocheted Emma’s Crochet Giraffe – three times now – it was a CAL project for Jen’s group (Jam Made) during the summer – it is a fabulous pattern and when worked in worsted weight yarn gives you a huggable lovey – my daughter adores hers and it still has a place on her bed and as one of her ‘favorites’.

Blue Bear is on my list to crochet for Drew – and I love what Vanja has done with the pattern – she provides instructions on how to convert the bear into other animals in this post Blue Bear Friends.

Hermione the Unicorn is another one on Darla’s list – she loves horses and is fascinated by Unicorns now – I feel it is only fair I make her one of those since I made one of Dawn’s patterns for Drew earlier this year 🙂

To be honest, each of these already has a place on my endless Bucket List – and one day I plan to crochet them all!

Which are your favorites?

This Free Pattern Friday:

Huggable Crochet Friends

PIN these patterns for later:

I hope you enjoy these free patterns.
All photos are the credit of the Designers specified in the individual pattern links.
Huggable Crochet Friends - Free Crochet Patterns for Amigurumi Toys and Stuffed Animals

All patterns were free at the time they were added to this post. If any of the patterns are no longer available, or are now premium (for sale) patterns, please let me know so I can update the post. Thank you!

1. My Free Hobbes Pattern – Ann Stiver-Balla
2. Extra Large Monkey – Sharon Ojala (Amigurumi To Go)
3. Hello Kitty – Kelly Powell (The Summer Opossum)
4. Lil’ Classic Teddy – Rachel Hoe (Little Yarn Friends)
5. Amineko Crocheted Cat – Nekoyama
6. Crochet Giraffe – Emma Dent (I Love Buttons by Emma)
7. Blue Bear – Vanja G (Amigurumi BB)
8. Granny Square Kitty Cat Softie – Julie Harrison (Little Woolie Blog)
9. Hermione the Unicorn – Dawn Toussaint
10. Monty Moo – Anna Beckett (A Bunch of Buttons)

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  1. I actually made the cow in this set for my new grand baby as her nursery theme is a farm theme!