Free Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

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Do you love Halloween? We do! and we are planning to celebrate the occasion (even with Covid-19) and to have a Halloween Party with our ‘bubble family’. We are thinking some ‘scary’ movies (good ole Hocus Pocus from 1993), candy (yep good old fashioned sugar treats!) and some traditional Hallowe’en activities (bobbing for apples anyone)?

My children are hoping that the houses in our small town will be covered in Halloween decorations and lights so we can drive through and experience the spooky from the safety of our vehicles.

10 Free Crochet Pumpkin Patterns - Free Pattern Friday

10 Free Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

Part of our Halloween Tradition is carving our Jack-o-lanterns for outside. Decorating DIY inside is easy when we can make fun Pumpkins with our yarn!

This Free Pattern Friday post includes free crochet patterns for pumpkins of different sizes and shapes.

We must start early if we want to use yarn to decorate! What will you be making for Halloween this year? Feel free to leave me ideas in the comments!!

You may also enjoy crocheting these free Halloween Themed Projects!

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20 Halloween Crochet Pattern Freebies!

Pumpkin Post Topper - Pia Thadani - Featured Free Pattern Friday

Pumpkin Post Topper

This smart Pumpkin Post Topper was designed by Pia Thadani. It is designed to fit a 3.5 inch diameter ball post but does stretch to fit larger sizes too. You will need Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 5 mm (H) hook.

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Lil Velvet Pumpkin - Erangi Udeshika - Featured Free Pattern Friday

Lil Velvet Pumpkin

This Lil Velvet Pumpkin was designed by Erangi Udeshika. This little cutie measures 3.5 inches diameter and 2 inches tall.

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Crochet Pumpkin House - LHH - Featured Free Pattern Friday

Crochet Pumpkin House

Designed by The Lazy Hobbyhopper, this Crochet Pumpkin House measures approximately 7 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall. You will need Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 4 mm (G) hook.

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Modern Pumpkins - Jennifer Dickerson - Free Pattern Friday

Modern Pumpkins

These soft and squishy Modern Pumpkins designed by Jennifer Dickerson are crocheted in Super Bulky Weight Yarn [6] with an 8 mm (L) hook.

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Amigurumi Pumpkins - Joanne Loh - Free Pattern Friday

Pumpkins Amigurumi

This festive amigurumi Pumpkins were designed by Joanne Loh. You will need DK Weight Yarn [3] and a 2.5 mm hook. The pattern includes 3 sizes (3 inch, 4 inch and 5.5 inch).

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Super Chunky Pumpkin - Sara Sach - Featured Free Pattern Friday

Super Chunky Pumpkin

Sara Sach designed these Super Chunky Pumpkins. I love the yarn she chose to make these! You will need Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 9 mm (M/N) hook. The finished pumpkin is 10 inches tall and 30 inches around.

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Fuzzy Pumpkins - Marias Blue Crayons - Free Pattern Friday

Fuzzy Pumpkins

This Fuzzy Pumpkin Pattern was designed by Maria's Blue Crayon. They were crocheted with DK Weight Yarn [3] and a 6 mm (J) hook.

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Pumpkin Crochet Pattern #CALCentralCrochet #HalloweenCAL2020

Halloween Crochet Pumpkin

Today I am pleased to share with you my free pattern for a cute amigurumi pumpkin container. This little cutie has a removable lid.

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Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Last Minute Crochet Pumpkins

This very easy pattern works up super quick using Super Bulky Weight Yarn and simple crochet stitches. Even a new crocheter could master this pattern with ease.

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Little Pumpkin Earrings Crochet Pattern Oombawka

Little Pumpkin Earrings

These Pumpkin Earrings are very easy to make so you may find yourself making them for friends and craft table items too! You can make one pair in less than an hour!

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Easy Crochet Pumpkins by Gina Michele

Gina Michele gives you the basic instructions with a video to crochet some easy pumpkins. She uses Medium Weight Yarn [4]/

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Farm House Chic Pumpkins by Chrissy Allison

Chrissy Allison designed these Farm House Chic Pumpkins using Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 5.5 mm (I) hook. Three sizes are included in the instructions.

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Farmhouse Pumpkins

Melissa Hassler designed these pumpkins using Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 4 mm (G) hook. These lovely Farmhouse Pumpkins measure approximately 4 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height.

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Modern Pumpkins

Super Chunky Pumpkin


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