Free Crochet Pattern Friday Round Up – Orange!

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This week’s Free Crochet Pattern Friday category is the colour: Orange

We are on the fourth colour in our Crochet Rainbow 🙂

If you would like to see the other colours of the rainbow I have curated here are the direct links:






If you have a suggestion for a future round up  you would like me to curate, please leave a comment below.

All images are the individual copyright of the Designers listed below, unless otherwise noted.

1.  Adorable Mister Fox by Sharon Ojala (Amigurumi To Go)
2.  Amigurumi tiger by Justyna Kacprzak (Cute and Kaboodle)
3.  Slimey the Worm by Claudia van K.
4.  Manuel the Monkey by Dawn Toussaint
5.  Ludwig Lion by MyGurumi
6.  Amigurumi Fox by Timea Venter (Timic’s Home)
7.  Modified Roly Poly Cat Amigurumi by Savannah Mitchell
8.  Simple Cat by Suzanne Alise (Strings of Light)
9.  Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion amigurumi doll by Book People Studio
10.  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic School Age Ponies by Knit One Awe Some

What is your favourite project to crochet?

For me it really depends on the season – with summer approaching (soon I hope!) amigurumi starts gaining my attention, more and more!

Manuel The Monkey by Dawn Toussaint

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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  1. Hello there

    What lovely, sweet little animal patterns – I am particularly in love with the cat pattern. I make items to sell for cat charities, Mayhew in London, Paws and Claws in Combe Down, West Sussex and Cats Protection league.

    I would like to ask permission to use the cat pattern (full body and tail) to make items for sale to raise money for the above charities. I would be delighted to send you photos of my finished toys, giving you credit for the pattern if course on the labelling.

    Kind regards

  2. I am collecting patterns for my crochet book and all the patterns i have to print out at work, cause my printer at home don’t work anymore. I am afraid my boss will notice so i am doing it either early in the morning or when i am working late 🙂 note; i only print out the ones i am going to make!
    Sharing is caring – thanks a lot 😀

  3. My 2-year old LOVES orange! I’ll have to try some of these for him.

  4. Thanks, It is really nice for giving us free patterns, it really helps a lot of us to get patterns because we can not afford to buy them. Thanks so much for the help, love, support and most of all the LOVE .