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Welcome to Free Pattern Friday! I asked my daughter what type of pattern I should look up and she said PIGS so, there you have it! This free pattern roundup includes 12 cute pig crochet patterns. You will find fun amigurumi projects to make, as well as, pig hats! This week’s category (chosen by Darla) is: Crochet Pigs!

Free Crochet Pig Patterns

All images are the credit of the Designer specified in the individual Pattern Links unless otherwise noted. 

  1. free amigurumi baby pig-Willy by jennyandteddy
  2. Little Peppa Pig Crochet Pattern by Dedri Uys
  3. Wednesday the pig by Dawn Toussaint
  4. Crochet Pig Hat by Repeat Crafter Me
  5. Pass The Piggies by Brigitte Read
  6. Little Bigfoot Piggy Crochet Pattern by Sharon Ojala
  7. Penninah Pig by Katherine Crombie
  8. Amigurumi Piggie Holiday Ornament by Karla Fitch
  9. Amigurumi Piggy Bun by Margaret Richard Mason – Craft Passion
  10. Lil’ Piggy Cupcake by Rachel Hoe
  11. Ami baskets – panda, piggy and frog by Handy Kitty
  12. AMIGURUMI – Seanna, the girl in the pig happy hoodie by Sweet N’ Cute Creations
  13. Little Lucky Pig Amigurumi by Lucy Ravenscar

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  1. Realized I was doing the giveaway entries wrong. Oy! This is my fav roundup. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this round up of pigs 🙂 I absolutely LOVE Alice In Wonderland and have wanted to crochet a pig for “furniture” (pillow – hehe)

    I love your blog and have signed up 🙂 pinterest, faccebook, google+ and email. woot!