Free Patterns Crocheted in the Color Green

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This week’s category is: The Color GREEN! In this week’s collection you will find crocodile stitch projects like pillows, scarves and purses as well as other pretty green projects like bracelets and bags!

All images are the credit of the Designer specified in the individual Pattern Links unless otherwise noted.

Free Patterns Crocheted in the Color Green!

1. Crocodile Scarf by vampireweasel – Cult of Crochet
2. Crocodile Stitch Pillow by Knit A Bit, Crochet Away
3. Alligator Boutique Bag by Sara Freisberg – tangled happy
4. Crocodile Stitch Bag by Tejiendo Historias / Shanti Ordoñez – Wires & Yarns Blog
5. Crocodile Stitch by Yarn Muse
6. Peachy Green Purse by Holly Oyster – Jazmynoy’s Crochet Stuff
7. The Adelaide Market Bag – Bobbles & Baubles
8. Emerald Isle Scarf by Jennifer Fayard
9. Sea Anemone Bracelet by Sue Perez – Mr. Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness
10. Bracelet Purse in Cotton-Cashmere by Fatima Lasay via Internet Archive


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  1. 🙁 #10 from fatima is not there 🙁 just a heads up!