Five More Crochet Tutorials to Add to your Collection –

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Here are five more fabulous crochet tutorials to save for later 🙂

1. Crab Stitch – Wooly Wonder
2. Folding Single Crochet (Stitch) – Sewing Daisies  no longer available

2. Folding Single Crochet Stitch – Crystals and Crochet

3. Surface Embellishments – Crochet Dots – Renate Kirkpatrick’s Freeform Crochet~Knit~Fibre Designs
4. Sewing up knitting or crochet with an invisible stitch – Do You Mind If I Knit?
5. Clamshell Tutorial – Cherry Heart

Please note: The photos above are the credit of the Designer/Writer specified in the original tutorial links. I found each photo while browsing Pinterest and tracked them back to their original source.

I love learning new techniques and experimenting with new stitches – although I will be the first to admit the Crab Stitch is one of my least favorite stitches (probably because I have yet to conquer it!) this tutorial from Wooly Wonder is an excellent one to follow to try to perfect the stitch.

I love the texture and depth created by the folding single crochet stitch – demonstrated by Sewing Daisies.  I think it could be used for so many designs! There is a video available too 🙂

I have visited Renate Kirkpatrick’s Freeform Crochet site numerous times – I am intrigued by the stitches shown and used in freeform crochet – this tutorial page includes multiple surface embellishment options – with instructions.  I encourage you to visit and browse his site – especially the tab ‘Crochet Tips & Tricks’.

The magic of an invisible stitch is clearly demonstrated in the tutorial from Do You Mind if I Knit? I also love the finished scarf design – I found her photo while visiting Pinterest and saved it for later 🙂

Earlier this year I stumbled upon Cherry Heart – the designs and colour choices in her photography and crochet are undeniably beautiful – her tutorial is also outstanding. At the end of the tutorial she has provided the written instructions to crochet the clamshell stitch.

These are five more crochet tutorials I have saved for later – will you be saving them too?

When you visit these fabulous folks please leave a comment – or share their posts 🙂 That’s how we know you appreciate the work we do 🙂

Have fun with your yarn!



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  1. The crab stitch looked so nice on the basket I made thank you for your post!

  2. Very nice selection of stitches. I love using the crab stitch around edges. Many thanks <3

  3. Thanks for these! I have wanted to try the crab stitch, but I could never get it right. I think I will use the clamshell tutorial, too!